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22 Years Ago Today, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Stunned Vince McMahon For The First Time

Posted By: Thomas Lowson on Sep 22, 2019

22 Years Ago Today, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Stunned Vince McMahon For The First Time

On this day, September 22, in 1997, everything changed in wrestling.

For years, Vince McMahon had served as an on-screen commentator, and though many fans knew the announcer was actually running the World Wrestling Federation, this was never stated on-screen.

Inside Madison Square Garden on this infamous date, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin was once again running amok, and irate over not being physically allowed to compete, got into an altercation with NYPD in the ring. 

McMahon quickly leapt to action, trying to calm the Rattlesnake down, though after telling the future World Champion that need to work within the system, things quickly turned sour for the boss. 

In retaliation, Austin would level McMahon with the WWF CEO's first Stunner, and though it may not have been the prettiest move, there would be plenty more in the years to come.

The first altercation between McMahon and Austin, the pair would form arguably the greatest rivalry in history during the Attitude Era, which all started on this day in 1997.

Across enemy lines, arguably even bigger things were happening on Nitro, as this day in '97 also marked the debut of a new wrestler.

Built like a brick house with minimal flair other than his raw power, this new rookie would win his debut match against Hugh Morrus, and would become the man simply known, as Goldberg. 

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