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Buddy Murphy Says He Saw Rowan Attack Roman Reigns

Posted By: Damon Delmont on Aug 06, 2019

Buddy Murphy Says He Saw Rowan Attack Roman Reigns

This week's episode of SmackDown Live concluded with Roman Reigns confronting Buddy Murphy in a backstage locker room. We saw a photo earlier this week that showed Murphy leaving the scene when Roman had a forklift push a scaffold on to him in the backstage area.

Reigns asked Murphy to come clean, but the former Cruiserweight Champion "promised" that he knew nothing. He went on to say that even if he did, he still wouldn't tell Reigns a damn thing.

Roman then begins a full-on assault on Murphy. The altercation ends when Murphy finally decides to tell Roman that it was Rowan. He claims that he didn't see Daniel Bryan, just Rowan.

The show concludes with Bryan and Rowan in the ring, watching everything transpire on the titantron.

Could Murphy just be trying to save himself, or is Rowan and possibly Daniel Bryan the ones behind the recent attacks on Roman Reigns?

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