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Roman Reigns "It Wasn't Samoa Joe"

Posted By: Damon Delmont on Aug 06, 2019

Roman Reigns "It Wasn't Samoa Joe"

Over the past week, Roman Reigns has been attacked by an unknown assailant. Speculation has run wild over who could be behind these heinous incidents. Samoa Joe, Buddy Murphy, and even The Viper Randy Orton have been among the Superstars suspected of carrying these events out.

Roman sat down with Kayla Braxton to tell his side of things. During the interview, Braxton asks Roman who does he think is behind everything that has happened. Reigns takes a moment and then says, "I know who isn't".

Reigns then goes on to say that he knows Samoa Joe is not the culprit. He knows that Joe was there when he was almost run over by a car. Reigns then issues a public apology to Samoa Joe for accusing him of being involved in the attacks.


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