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Update On 'Cold' Relationship Between AEW and NJPW

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Jul 12, 2019

Update On 'Cold' Relationship Between AEW and NJPW

The working relationship between AEW and NJPW has always been a frosty one, but apparently, according to The Wrestling Observer it is best described as "cold."  

Below is an excerpt from the latest Wrestling Observer:

"AEW/NJPW relations are non-existent. Jon Moxley was not only not allowed to appear on the show because it was in the U.S., but didn’t even appear the day before for the G-1 press conference. It’s a relationship that could benefit both sides. Essentially what happened is that well before the announcement of AEW, NJPW was told by The Young Bucks and others, what the plans were and that they wanted to work together. New Japan’s response was to pull all the Americans that they thought were going to AEW off New Year’s Dash and beat everyone at the Tokyo Dome. Still, a meeting was scheduled after the Tokyo Dome. New Japan’s reaction was they were working with ROH, and they had to given the agreed upon Madison Square Garden show. But from that point it was cold. Even though Kenny Omega contractually can work for New Japan, New Japan has not attempted to book him and it’s to the point that the subjects of AEW and Omega are not allowed to be acknowledged by anyone in New Japan. While things can always change, really with just one phone call, the idea that people think an Omega vs. Kota Ibushi match will be at one of the Tokyo Domes in January is simply not the case."

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter Tags: #aew #all elite wrestling #njpw

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