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SmackDown Live Kicks Off WIth Big Opening Segment

Posted By: Damon Delmont on Jul 09, 2019

SmackDown Live Kicks Off WIth Big Opening Segment

At the start of SmackDown Live, we see an interview with Dolph Ziggler as he is still in the parking lot area. His interview is quickly interrupted with Kevin Owens pulls in and begins blowing his horn at Ziggler.

Owens exits his vehicle and after a short exchange of words, a fight ensues. The fight is broken up by members of security as well as Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, the Singh Brothers, and Shane McMahon.

The two are pulled apart and McMahon tells Ziggler to get inside, and for Ownes to leave the arena. Owens is banned for the night and the main event is canceled. Shane is asked about the replacement match for the night and informs us that he will get back to us with that.

The camera cuts to the audience and Owens has made his way back to the arena and ring area. He jumps the barricade, grabs the mic, and cuts a very truthful promo. He explains his disdain for Shane McMahon showing up every week, declaring he's the best in the world. He is sick of the fact that there is a locker room full of talent and they are being wasted by those that are in charge.

Shane has Owens' mic cut and is once again banned from the arena.

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