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Jim Ross Reveals Vince McMahon Considered Buying NFL’s Minnesota Vikings

Posted By: WrestlingNewsSource.com on Jun 18, 2019

Jim Ross Reveals Vince McMahon Considered Buying NFL’s Minnesota Vikings

All Elite Wrestling commentator Jim Ross revealed on the most recent edition of his podcast that Vince McMahon once tried to buy the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings. Below are the highlights, courtesy of 411Mania.com.

McMahon trying to buy the Vikings: 

“Vince talked to me about that, because he knew — and sometimes begrudgingly — my love for football. I had a great deal with him in the sense that I didn’t have any hobbies. He knew I needed to have time to stick my head above water occasionally.

“So he would fly me and Jan, if she wanted to go, to the [Oklahoma University] games when we were living in Connecticut. So I would go to the OU games on Vince’s dime, fly first-class, took great care of me. I’m very appreciative of that. So he knew I was a football mark, for lack of a better term, so he talked to me about it. And not to get my blessing, just a general — because he had not kept up with football.”

How far things got:

 “I don’t think it ever got past the talking stage. I don’t think it ever got [to] major meetings with the Vikings. He may have had a casual meeting with the investors or something. But I think bottom line is that it was just a talking thing. They were on sale, they were for sale. I don’t know the seriousness of it. Long shot at best, but there was dialogue.”

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