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WWE Monday Night Raw Quick Results (6/17/19)

Posted By: Kenny Williams on Jun 18, 2019

WWE Monday Night Raw Quick Results (6/17/19)

Below are quick results for tonight's edition of WWE Monday Night Raw:

*Elias opens the broadcast and announces that Baron Corbin invited him to appear on the show. He then states that Corbin asked him to serve as the special guest referee for his match against Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship at WWE Stomping Grounds. Rollins then attacks Elias from behind with a chair and says that anyone else who may be considering siding with Corbin will meet the same fate.

*Ricochet def. Bobby Lashley, Braun Strowman, Cesaro, and The Miz in a Fatal 5 Way Elimination Match to earn the right to challenge Samoa Joe for the United States Championship at WWE Stomping Grounds. Joe attacks Ricochet after the match.

*Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch calls out Lacey Evans, who comes out and says that Lynch doesn't understand who Evans really is. Lynch mentions how she used to serve as a United States Marine, which Becky says she respects, but doesn't understand why Evans goes around attacking people from behind. As Evans enters the ring, Lynch attacks her and steals her hat, wearing it as she walks up the entrance ramp.

*Raw Tag Team Champions The Revival enter Shane McMahon's locker room, where he and Drew McIntyre are having a party complete with food and champagne.

*Backstage, Baron Corbin is interviewed and it's announced that Elias is no longer interested in being the special guest referee for his match at WWE Stomping Grounds. Corbin says he'll announce his new choice on a special edition of the Kevin and Sami Show tonight. Seth Rollins then attacks Corbin from behind with a chair.

*SmackDown Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan and Rowan come to the ring. Bryan says he understands why the McMahon family asked him to come to Monday Night Raw tonight, and it's because the show and Los Angeles both suck. Bryan says that tonight, he'll show everyone why he and Rowan are better than everyone on Raw.

*The Viking Raiders def. two local competitors.

*Carmella and WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth are spotted wearing disguises in the front row. A group of WWE Superstars rush to where they are, accompanied by a referee. R-Truth gets underneath the ring, and as the Superstars attempt to drag him out, they drag out Titus O'Neil instead. R-Truth and Carmella are able to escape as the Superstars follow after them.

*Heath Slater enters Shane McMahon's locker room and asks for a raise. McMahon says no, but that he's impressed that Slater walked up to him like a man. He says that because of that, he'll allow Slater to leave like a man. Slater walks out and calls his wife. Drew McIntyre follows and pulls some money out of his pocket, claiming that he wants to help Slater and his family. He drops it on the ground, and as Slater goes to help him pick it up, McIntyre attacks him. McMahon and The Revival break the fight up, McIntyre is led away, and The Revival pick up the cash.

*Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are in the ring to host The Kevin and Sami Show. They introduce Baron Corbin as their special guest, then announce that they will be withdrawing their names from consideration as special guest referee for Corbin's match against Seth Rollins at WWE Stomping Grounds. Corbin then reveals that his next choice for special guest referee for the match is EC3. As EC3 makes his way out, he is attacked from behind by Rollins. Rollins leaves, then The New Day interrupts. Zayn says that they weren't invited to appear, nor were they listed as being wild cards for Raw. Kofi Kingston says that as WWE Champion, he goes where he wants, when he wants, and that he brings his boys with him. A challenge for a Six-Man Tag Team Match is then made.

*The New Day def. Baron Corbin, Kevin Owens, and Sami Zayn in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Six-Man Tag Team Match. During the match, Zayn was accidentally taken down by Corbin, which led to Owens superkicking Corbin and leaving with Zayn, allowing Kofi Kingston to get the win.

*Backstage, AJ Styles is confronted by Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, who are both wearing doctor jackets. Styles tells both men that they've "gotten comfortable" in WWE, which he doesn't find funny, and asks them when the last time they won a match was, as well as the last time that they were on television. Styles says they need to get serious, to which Anderson responds that Styles can see how serious they are during their match with The Usos.

*Backstage, Nikki Cross is informed by Alexa Bliss that they will be challenging The IIconics for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship tonight.

*Paul Heyman comes to the ring and says he isn't comfortable being there because of Seth Rollins attacking people with a chair. Heyman also confirms that he will not be the special guest referee for Rollins's Universal Championship defense against Baron Corbin at WWE Stomping Grounds, nor does he want to be. He then says that maybe Brock Lesnar is in the building, and maybe he isn't. He doesn't know, the fans don't know, and more importantly, Seth Rollins doesn't know.

*Backstage, Baron Corbin asks Eric Young if he wants to be the special guest referee in his match at WWE Stomping Grounds. Young says he'll think about it, then shakes Corbin's hand. Young is then confronted by Seth Rollins and says that he plans on turning down Corbin's offer and only told him that he would think about it just to get him to stop talking. Rollins tells Young that they've been friends for years and that he knows Young would never do anything to jeopardize their friendship. Rollins walks away, but turns back around and attacks Young with a chair.

*The Usos def. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson.

*Roman Reigns comes to the ring and calls out Shane McMahon. McMahon then appears on the TitanTron and orders ring announcer Mike Rome to do the "Best in the World" introduction for him. McMahon then tells Reigns that he should feel no shame in losing to him at WWE Super ShowDown. Drew McIntyre then hypes their match at WWE Stomping Grounds, where he says he will physically disfigure Reigns to the point where his children will scream at the sight of him. Reigns immediately leaves the ring and heads to McMahon's locker room. Outside the door, he attacks The Revival before entering and attacking McMahon. Reigns then puts McIntyre through the food table before chasing McMahon out to the ring and attacking him at ringside. In the ring, McMahon is hit with a Superman Punch, followed by a Spear.

*Backstage, SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley is seen talking with Natalya and Naomi. Charly Caruso enters and asks Bayley about a rumor spreading online about her refusing to take a photo with a fan because she was wearing a Nikki Cross shirt. Bayley denies the rumor, stating that it was started by Alexa Bliss.

*WWE Women's Tag Team Champions The IIconics def. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross to retain the titles.

*Backstage, Alexa Bliss apologizes to Nikki Cross for their loss. Cross tells Bliss that had Bayley not been at ringside, they would have won their match. She tells Bliss that she wants to be in her corner at WWE Stomping Grounds.

*The latest installment of Bray Wyatt's "Firefly Fun House" is shown.

*Universal Champion Seth Rollins def. SmackDown Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan. Initially, Rollins won the match via disqualification due to interference from Rowan; however, the match was restarted with the stipulation that no one was permitted at ringside. Following the match, Rollins was attacked by Baron Corbin with a steel chair.


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