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Quick Results for SmackDown Live 06.11.2019

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Jun 11, 2019

Quick Results for SmackDown Live 06.11.2019

Here are the Quick Results for WWE SmackDown Live for 06.11.2019:

*The Miz opens the show with Miz TV where he interviewed Shane McMahon, Drew McIntyre, and Elias.  He said that he was forced to host the show before introducing the ‘Pest in the World’ as Shane.  They argue back and forth before Shane offers a match against Miz tonight.  But, Miz must defeat Elias and then Drew McIntyre to get that opportunity.

*The Miz manages to defeat Elias via the Skull Crushing Finale.

*Drew McIntyre defeats The Miz via the Claymore Kick following a distraction from Shane McMahon.

*Shane McMahon defeats The Miz via triangle choke.

*Backstage, Ember Moon is given some magazines with Mandy Rose on the cover.  Sonya Deville slaps the Nintendo Switch out of her hand.  Ember Moon screams and throws the magazines away before throwing the trash can across the hall.

*Heavy Machinery defeat Local Talent via The Compactor.  Daniel Bryan and Rowan were originally scheduled to fight them, but they offered the match up to Heavy Machinery to earn their contendership. 

*Carmella is backstage with R-Truth before hiding him in a rolling crate backstage.  She has to leave for a match, but Jinder hears Truth screaming.  Jinder imitates Carmella’s voice before offering to go get a crowbar since the box was locked.

*Sonya Deville defeats Carmella via the pump knee strike and thanks to distractions from Mandy Rose.

*Alexa Bliss is backstage with Nikki Cross.  She says that Bayley has been talking about Cross online after what happened on Raw.  Bliss talks about securing a match against Bayley for Cross.  She says that she needs to see the faces of the online bullies and not hold back.

*New Day come out to celebrate the return of Big E.  They talk about their opponents before Dolph Ziggler, Sami Zayn, and Kevin Owens interrupt them.  Dolph calls Kofi a cheat for letting Xavier help him at Super Show Down.  Sami says this is all a hypocrisy.  Big E says that Kofi wears the title because he deserves it.  Kofi says that he’ll show Dolph why he deserves to hold that title.  Big E says that New Day Rocks!

*Bayley is shown backstage.  She’s interviewed asking if she has a response to Alexa Bliss’s accusations.  She says she hopes Bliss enjoys watching her defeat Nikki to make this a moment to remember.

*Aleister Black is shown somewhere dark where he offers the opportunity for someone to call him out.  He tells someone to open the door.  The door opens off camera as he yells for someone ANYONE to pick a fight with him.

*Bayley defeats Nikki Cross via the diving elbow drop.

*Jinder Mahal is shown backstage looking for the crate that R-Truth was in.  It apparently has been loaded for Raw next week.  He storms off as Carmella steps into picture looking around for him.

*Firefly Fun House is back where Bray is doing a little handiwork.  Mercy The Vulture is threatening to eat the Bunny.  Bray threatens to get The Fiend.  The rabbit threatens to reveal what really happens in the funhouse.  Bray throws him across the room and splatters him with a mallet before licking the blood.  He then reveals that it’s actually jam.  Bray says that he lights the way and they just have to let him in.

*Apollo Crews is interviewed backstage.  She asks him about his match last week that never started thanks to Andrade attacking him.  Apollo says that Andrade might have been sending a message, but he’s not an afterthought.  Zelina steps in and says that Andrade is in a bad mood.  Vega says that he will make sure Crews never has a match again should he cross him.  Gable comes into picture taking notes.

*The New Day defeats Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Dolph Ziggler when Kofi Kingston nails Sami Zayn with a Trouble in Paradise kick.

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