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Chris Jericho on Who He Wants to Face in AEW and NJPW, If He'll Take More Bookings Once AEW Starts

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Jun 09, 2019

Chris Jericho on Who He Wants to Face in AEW and NJPW, If He'll Take More Bookings Once AEW Starts

AEW and NJPW star Chris Jericho recently spoke with Uproxx.com via "With Spandex".

Who he wants to face in AEW:

“With AEW you have a roster full of guys who are all up and coming or established and I’ve wrestled hardly any of them… I think I had one match with Cody maybe ten years ago in WWE on a Saturday morning show. I think the Young Bucks, MJF, Jungle Boy, Hangman Page you mentioned — There’s so many guys that I’d like to work with — and Pentagon and Fenix – and that’s the exciting thing is that now when you have the stars, you have this roster of everybody. What Double or Nothing was was a real kind of coming out party for AEW because it showed… what this company is all about. There’s a lot of guys on that show that I’d enjoy working with, and the best part is there’s no rush. it’s just getting going. It’s just getting started… There’s two or three years of storylines already and we’ve only had one show, so I’m really excited about all the options.”

On wrestling in New Japan:

“I’ve wanted to wrestle Okada for years… I think Tanahashi’s another one. I think Minoru Suzuki and Kota Ibushi and Will Ospreay – I mean, as far as guys I’d want to have matches with, I think we’d tear the house down. I don’t know how many matches I will have in Japan once we get started on a weekly basis with AEW, but I think with what we’re doing right now, I’ll still have three, four, five months to go before the weekly television starts, and I think it gives me a chance to explore some of the options in Japan. I love Japan. I’ve been there sixty times. I love working with new opponents, especially ones that are considered to be the best in the world and the best ever like Okada is… I want to know, how good is he? Let me try and see what I can feel about him. Obviously, AEW is my home team and that’s where my loyalty lies at this point, but if I can have a couple matches in Japan to expand my creativity and expand my knowledge of wrestling and expand this plethora of great opponents, great rivals that I’ve had, this is the perfect time to do so.”

On if he’ll take other bookings once the AEW TV show starts:

“Nope. I mean, I’m not interested in taking other bookings. I work for AEW and that’s where the majority of my time will be and, you know, the only bookings I take will be something really interesting for me in Japan, but other than that I have enough work to do in AEW and enough great opponents there. Like I said, I think once we start doing the TV I doubt that I’ll be going anywhere else. Not that I wouldn’t go back to Japan for big shows, special shows, but there’s no – I’m not interested in doing 100 matches a year and working around the world because I’ve already done that. I’m interested in building AEW and making us into the biggest and best company that we can possibly me and continue all the momentum we have since we announced it in February and since we had our show this week, and continuing on to the TV show.”

Source: Uproxx.com Tags: #aew #njpw #chris jericho

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