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Steve Austin Gives Advice To Current WWE Superstars

Posted By: WrestlingNewsSource.com on May 31, 2019

Steve Austin Gives Advice To Current WWE Superstars

Steve Austin was recently a guest on “The Dale Jr. Download” to in which he talked about his advice for the current crop of WWE Superstars and how things have changed from his heyday.

Below are the highlights.

Advice for current WWE stars: 

“Given the platform right now, always keep your platform and your main job in the WWE. If you’ve got some feelers out there, if you’re trying to network other things based on the fact that you’ve got a high Q-Rating or a lot of television exposure, do it! Right now, this is your bread and butter, but start planting those seeds so when you spin out of this, you come out with momentum.”

How different things are today compared to during his heyday:

 “It’s a way more friendly setting and there’s a lot more control on television. Back in the day, I went to Brian Pillman’s house one time. I broke into his house with a baseball bat and he pulled a gun on me on Monday Night RAW. Shots were fired. There was a call from the network, there was some explaining to be done, but we’d done it. My point is, I don’t think anyone can push that envelope as hard as we did, and I really think that’s how it is.”

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