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Vince Russo Believes WWE & AEW Are Working Together

Posted By: WrestlingNewsSource.com on May 29, 2019

Vince Russo Believes WWE & AEW Are Working Together

Vince Russo has controversially taken to Twitter to claim All Elite Wrestling and WWE are in fact working together and are working their fans. He tweeted a series of tweets which have drawn a lot of attention. Below are some of his tweets.

There's NO QUESTION that @WWE & @AEWrestling are in bed together--NONE. Several things don't add up. When you look at the entire picture it becomes evident. I'm going to invite the @CnsprcyHrsmn on the new "Truth with Consequences" to lay this all out. Bro---YOU'RE BEING WORKED.

Don't misunderstand me-if @WWE & @AEWrestling are working together-as I believe they are-it's a GOOD THING if it makes the wrestling product better for the casual fans. I'm just saying-don't be worked. This has happened once before with ECW/WWE. History tends to repeat itself.

Watching RAW on DVR--Unless @WWE is IN BED with @AEWrestling they have ABSOLUTELY lost their minds by acknowledging them on THEIR FLAGSHIP SHOW. #1 NEVER acknowledges #2. Conspiracy? Not when you look at Paul Heyman/ECW being in bed with WWE from the jump.

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