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SmackDown Live: Kofi Kingston Defeats Kevin Owens

Posted By: Rhett Davis on May 28, 2019

SmackDown Live: Kofi Kingston Defeats Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens opens the show by saying that he has enjoyed his path of carnage.  He says that everyone can thank him for taking out Woods and helping Dolph win the title off of Kofi Kingston.  Kevin Owens says that he’s the show and the best.  Kofi Kingston interrupts him and says that Owens attacked Big E and he said he wanted to join The New Day.  He calls Owens a liar.  Kofi says that Owens will pay tonight even if he’s not at one hundred percent.  Kofi says that Owens will finally understand why he is the WWE Champion.

The match begins after this with Kevin Owens getting a plethora of near-falls before finally falling to the Trouble in Paradise seemingly pulled out of nowhere.  Kingston had an injured leg throughout the match.  After the match, Dolph Ziggler is shown watching him from backstage.


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