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Impact Wrestling Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks

Posted By: Thomas Lowson on Apr 30, 2019

Impact Wrestling Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks

The next two weeks of Impact tapings have been filmed, and here is what to expect thanks to Twitter user @loosejonnyt: 

- Impact opens with Michael Elgin cutting a promo. He says at Rebellion he made sure Cage couldn't be here to celebrate. He says Canadians are supposed to support Canadian athletes. He says he left Japan to come to impact and win the world title. Johnny Impact interrupts 

Johnny says he breaks one machine and you get another meathead. Johnny makes fun of Elgin for being bald. Elgin says at least his testicles are on his body and Johnny's are in his wife's purse. Johnny says he sent Cage to the hospital. Konnan interrupts 

Konnan says he now represents the Lucha Bros. And Pentagon has the best claim to the world title. Elgin threatens Konnan. Pentagon interrupts and brawls with Elgin until security breaks it up. Elgin beats up the security. 

- Ace Austin vs Petey Williams 

Ace wins with the Ace's Up 

- Rosemary w/the undead maid of honour vs Kiera Hogan 

the Undead Bridesmaids and Su yung interfere and beat up Rosemary for the DQ. They free the undead maid of honour. Keira teases helping Rosemary but just stands at the stage and watches 

- Eddie Edwards vs Fenix 

Fenix pinned Eddie after a distraction from Killer Kross 

- RVD out for a promo. RVD says he's glad to be back. Ethan Page interrupts. Ethan brought chairs to have a face to face sitdown. Ethan says RVD is no hero to him. RVD challengesEthan Page. Ethan says let's do it next week. RVD gives him a van daminator 

- Johnny Impact w/Johnny Bravo vs Michael Elgin vs Pentagon Jr 

Elgin pins Johnny with an Elgin Bomb. Michael Elgin is now the No. 1 contender for Brian Cage's title 

Pentagon may have injured his leg in the match and was helped to the back 
-Opening match for next week's Impact, Moose and Josh Alexander vs LAX w/Konnan 

LAX wins when Santana pins Alexander 

-Tessa Blanchard joins the commentary team for Taya Valkarye vs Madison Rayne in a non title match 

Madison submits Taya with a half crab. 

-Alexia Nicole vs Jordynne Grace 

Grace defeats Alexia with a pumphandle driver 

-Gama Singh insults Toronto and is out to introduce the Desi Hit Squad for their match a 4 way with the Deaners, BrentBanks and Aiden Prince and the Rascalz 

Rohit Raju pins Cody Deaner to win the match for the Desi Hit Squad 

-Ethan Page w/Josh Alexander vs RVD 

RVD wins with a five star frog splash 

-Main Event time, OVE vs Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Tommy Dreamer and Fallah Bah 

Sami Callihan pins Mack with a piledriver on some Legos to get the win for OVE

Source: Twitter Tags: #impact wrestling

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