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WWE Once Again Renames The Viking Experience

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Apr 22, 2019

WWE Once Again Renames The Viking Experience

Originally known in WWE as Hanson & Rowe: The War Raiders, the current WWE NXT Tag Team Champions received new names on last week's episode of Monday Night Raw. Warbeard Hanson was renamed to "Ivar" and Raymond Rowe was renamed to "Erik", collectively known as "The Viking Experience".

It appears as though WWE has now changed the name of the team again, as their respective WWE.com Superstar profiles now refer to Ivar and Erik as "The Viking Raiders".

Do you prefer "The Viking Raiders" over "The Viking Experience"? Give us your thoughts in the Comments section below!

Source: WWE.com Tags: #wwe #raw #sd live #wwe nxt #ivar #erik

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