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Sabu Gets Twitter Account Suspended For Homophobic Outburst

Posted By: Dustin Frisch on Feb 24, 2019

Sabu Gets Twitter Account Suspended For Homophobic Outburst

BodySlam saw that they were RT'd in a post, and went to check it only to find out Sabu's account was suspended for breaking Twitter's terms of service.  

He retweeted an old post the site made from September 2018 where they shared an article where Sabu had a Twitter disaster in which he went on a homophobic rampage. Sabu even called WWE RAW Commentator Renee Young a f*g. You will notice that the tweet isn't viewable, and that Twitter's community likely reported his account for the use of the word.

“Sorry Renee Young I was only jokin.. i know u not a f@g .but @BodySlamNet. May be ? I dont know never heard of them.”

“Best part about this, he’s talking shit to me about an article that wasn’t even ours. And, did you really just call me a f@g? It’s 2019 old man, being gay isn’t an insult. I am not gay however, but I have plenty of friends who are, many in the business and many not. smfh.”

Source: BodySlam Tags: #wwe #sabu

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