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WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 Live Results & Coverage (02/17) Houston, TX

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Feb 17, 2019

WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 Live Results & Coverage (02/17) Houston, TX

Welcome to the live results and coverage for WWE Elimination Chamber 2018.  Here is the card for the night:

  • WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match:  Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy
  • WWE Raw Women Championship:  Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Ruby Riott
  • WWE Women Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Match:  Sasha Banks/Bayley vs. Tamina/Nia Jax vs. The IIconics vs. Naomi/Carmella vs. Sarah Logan/Liv Morgan vs. Mandy Rose/Sonya Deville
  • WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships:  Shane McMahon/The Miz vs. The Usos
  • No DQ Match:  Braun Strowman vs. Baron Corbin
  • Intercontinental Championship Handicap Match:  Bobby Lashley (c) & Lio Rush vs. Finn Balor
  • Cruiserweight Championship:  Buddy Murphy (c) vs. Akira Tozawa


The Kickoff Show


The group of Booker T, Jonathan Coachman, Beth Phoenix, and Sam Roberts discuss the card before showing a video of Mustafa Ali.  Ali is somewhere outside as he says he's not medically cleared to fight tonight.  He says that the most painful thing isn't the injury that he's sustained.  He says that the biggest pain is just watching.  Ali says that he's watching and rooting for Kofi Kingston as there is no love lost for him.  Mustafa says that he knows more injuries will come his way, but he will continue to fight through it all.

Braun is shown in a dark place.  He walks up to the camera and says he has a story about a coward who thought he could challenge a monster.  Braun says that he's more like a snake.  Braun says that he did anything he could to stop him.  Braun talked about it only fueling his rage.  It shows Braun flipping a limo over after removing the door from it.  Braun mentions Baron recruiting others to do his dirty work for him.  Strowman says that they thought they had him down but he came back.  Braun says he didn't forget, and he'll make them all pay.  Strowman says that when the coward faces the monster, there will be no disqualifications, and he'll get these hands.

The Bar shows up and they say that it's like watching tv and listening to radio.  The Miz and Shane just don't work.  Sam accuses that they lost to them and talks about them losing to a child.  Sheamus says that the kid threw them off.  Heavy Machinery shows up.  They say that Shane and Miz have the wild card and that's all they need.  Coachman asks about them interrupting the former tag team champions.  The two teams begin bickering about which show Heavy Machinery will be on.

A video is shown next showing Becky Lynch attacking Charlotte at a live show in Louisiana before getting taken out by Charlotte.

Ruby Riott is shown backstage with The Riott Squad.  Logan and Liv talk about Houston having a problem.  Ruby talks about stripping Ronda of her title as well as Liv and Logan taking the tag team titles.  Charlotte walks up and talks about remembering their debut.  She says that she was at the wrong side of it.  Charlotte says that Ruby has an opportunity to be just like the Queen and win her first title in the same title that Charlotte did.

Mojo Rawley is shown backstage.  He says that no one cares about 'you.'  Mojo is looking into a mirror.  He says that they don't like the face that they see?  Mojo begins laughing.  He says that he doesn't either.  Mojo says that it's time to show them who...who...who...

Alexa Bliss is shown backstage talking about being the lucky charm of the women's division.  She says that tonight will be on fire.  She says Becky should have listened to her advice instead of getting herself suspended.  Alexa Bliss says that she's picking the winners to be Nia Jax and Tamina as she knows winners when she sees them.


WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Buddy Murphy (c) vs. Akira Tozawa


The bell sounds as Buddy tries for a wrist lock, but Akira blocks it.  Buddy transitions into an armlock.  Akira and Buddy exchange a few more chain moves before Akira chops Buddy.  Buddy just shrugs them off.  Murphy throws Akira into the corner.  Tozawa slips outside.  Buddy tries to chop Tozawa but he misses and chops the ring post.  They slide back into the ring where Murphy hits a flapjack.  Buddy is kicked out of the ring where Akira dives out onto him.  However, Murphy catches him in a suplex position before hitting a delayed vertical.  Tozawa is shaky as he rolls into the ring.  Tozawa keeps chopping, but Murphy nails him with one to floor him.

A picture-in-picture happens as someone is trying to find Kofi Kingston.  A knock is heard as Xavier slips out of the room.  Big E is also there.  They talk about Kofi being indisposed.  Big E jokes about Kofi having no issue with his endurance.  Woods talks about Kofi having a huge career before they even showed up.  Woods talks about Kofi lasting for nearly an hour in that gauntlet match.  Woods talks about the prophecy of New Day will be realized tonight.  Woods says that Kofi will become the new WWE Champion.  Big E says that Kofi Rocks... Kofi Rocks.

Back to the ring as Akira nails Buddy with a huge superkick as he's holding his lower back.  Tozawa climbs up and nails a huge missile dropkick followed by a Helluva kick.  Akira nails a belly-to-back suplex followed by a shining wizard for a two count.  Akira lifts Buddy to the top rope, but Buddy pushes him off.  AKira hooks his head for a huge hurricanrana for a two count!  Akira climbs back up to the top for a crossbody, but Murphy rolls through.  Akira blocks Murphy's Law, but Murphy hits a big knee followed by a suplex for a two count.  Murphy begins kicking Akira mockingly.  Murphy continues attacking him, but Tozawa is firing up.  Akira nails some chops, but Murphy attacks him.  Akira dodges one and nails Murphy with a punch.  Akira nails a huge clothesline before hitting the dead weight German suplex for a two count!

The crowd is screaming along with Akira who pulls Murphy to the corner.  He climbs up to the top, but Murphy hooks his leg to stop him.  Murphy traps him on the top rope, but Akira reverses and nails a reverse hurricanrana!  Murphy falls out of the ring and is nailed by two missile headbutts through the ropes!  Akira rolls Murphy in.  He climbs up and Murphy comes to stop him, but he's caught between the ropes by a kick.  Akira nails a leaping Senton onto Murphy who is between the ropes!  He covers him for a two count!  Akira nails some big kicks, but Murphy counters with a kick.  Akira rolls up Murphy for a two count!  Murphy lifts him up and gets caught with an Octopus Stretch!  Murphy reverses it and nails Murphy's Law for the three count!

Winner:  Buddy Murphy

Kevin Owens is in a car talking about picking up a pizza, and he talks about never being in an Elimination Chamber match.  Owens says that he's believing The Riott Squad will become new champions.  He eats a piece of pizza and talks about how disgusting pineapple on pizza is.

Mark Henry is announced as he makes his way out onto the stage.  He's interviewed about the chamber and he says that he's happy to be back in Texas and he wants to give it up for the Cruiserweight Championship.  He says that everyone who enters that match will be forever altered.  Carly asks his picks and he says The IIconics will win and he picks Kofi Kingston.  Kofi gets some chants.  He says that if he was in the match, there would be a lot more people inducted into the hall of pain.


WWE Elimination Chamber 2019


A video package is shown for the elimination chamber matches as the demonic voice of Elimination Chamber is heard?  The rest of the matches are shown as well.


WWE Women Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Match
Sasha Banks/Bayley vs. Tamina/Nia Jax vs. Peyton Royce/Billie Kay vs. Naomi/Carmella vs. Sarah Logan/Liv Morgan vs. Mandy Rose/Sonya Deville


Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose are starting this match off against Bayley and Sasha Banks.  The bell sounds as Sonya and Mandy begin working over Bayley after blasting Sasha.  Bayley breaks free of them as Sasha and Bayley take them down with meteoras.  They throw Sonya and Mandy onto the apron before hitting DDTs onto the ring.  Sasha hits a big crossbody onto the outside onto both Sonya and Mandy.  Sonya delivers some big punches to stop them before hitting a big Alabama slam for a two count.  Mandy hits a DDT onto Bayley for a two count.  Mandy throws Bayley out of the ring.  Rose and Deville deliver some big knees before sending them into the steel cage.  They're lifted up before Mandy rolls Sasha into the ring and rolls her up for a two count.  Rose flings Sasha back outside as Sonya rams Bayley into the mesh wall.  Sonya tries to kick Sasha and hits the wall.  Bayley hits a big neckbreaker as Mandy's foot is hung in the cage!

The timer sounds... The Riott Squad enter the match!

Morgan and Logan begin wrecking havoc on them as Sasha is flung into the glass and Bayley catches a headbutt.  Then we have a standoff in the ring between the other two teams.  Morgan and Rose trade blows as does Logan and Sonya.  Liv stuns Mandy with a big blow.  Sonya catches a big slap from Liv that stuns her before decking Liv!  Liv rolls up Sonya for a two count.  Bayley comes back in a big way flooring everyone.  Bayley gets caught on top rope before they hit a big double suplex.  Everyone is down!

The timer sounds... The IIconics enter the match!

They pin EVERYONE minus Sasha who is still outside of the ring.  They argue with the referee before teaming up on everyone.  They hit a big double kick to Bayley before pinning her.  Sasha breaks it up and is attacked by them as a result.  They pin her for a two count.  Royce hits a flip over the rope onto Bayley.  The IIconics attack everyone else!

The timer sounds... Fabulous Glow enter the match!

The Fabulous Glow attacks and takes down everyone.  They hit hip attacks and bronco busters to everyone.  Naomi kicks Morgan down as they rebound.  Carmella tries to climb the cage, but Kay pulls her down into a hurricanrana!  Carmella kicks Logan right in the head.  Naomi holds Morgan in place before Carmella kicks her.  Bayley nails a belly-to-back suplex.  Royce hits a gorey special!  Liv hits a big running knee!  Logan hits a fisherman suplex!  Logan eats a spear!  Super kick to Sonya!  Everyone is down.  Carmella applies a Code of Silence!  Mandy stops it.  Naomi and Mandy have a stand off before Rose nails Naomi before Naomi hits a Rear View!  The IIConics roll up Naomi right after this for a three count.

ELIMINATED:  Fabulous Glow

The IIconics begin celebrating as they're surrounded by the rest of the teams.  The timer begins as they just stop.

The timer sounds... Tamina and Nia enter the match!

Nia and Tamina begin just destroying everyone!  Nia just tosses Mandy into the ring with one hand.  The IIconics lock themselves in a pod as Nia and Tamina approach it.  Tamina and Nia just pry it open.  They yank them out by their hair before slinging them back into the steel cage wall.  Nia and Tamina hit double Samoan Drops for a three count!


Liv and Sarah attack Nia with hurricanranas and running knee strikes.  Liv hits a diamond dust on Tamina as she covers her!  Nia breaks it up.  Sasha and Bayley hit Lou thesz presses on Sonya and Mandy.  Bayley and Sasha hit a big slam on both Sarah and Liv.  Mandy is slammed onto the top rope by Bayley before launching Sonya into the corner.  Bayley sets Deville between the ropes as well as Rose before driving knees down into them.  Nia Jax and Tamina re-enter the picture by bulldozing Bayley and Sasha.  The Riott Squad climbs up on top of a pod.  Nia goes to pull them down, but Mandy attacks her.  She slams her face into the pod.  Liv and Sarah leap from the top of the pod onto Sonya, Mandy, Nia, and Tamina!  Sarah covers Sonya for a two count.  Nia Jax hits a huge Samoan Drop from the second rope on Liv!  Tamina hits a big Superfly Splash onto The Riott Squad for a three count!

ELIMINATED:  The Riott Squad

Nia Jax tries to charge Bayley, but Bayley sidesteps a huge spear as Nia goes through it!  Tamina looks concerned.  Sonya, Mandy, Bayley, and Bayley attack Tamina!  Bayley hits the elbow drop from the top rope as they all stack on top of them for the three count!

ELIMINATED:  Tamina Snuka & Nia Jax

The other two teams collide before Mandy is thrown into a kick from Sasha!  Sasha Banks hits a Bank Statement followed by a Bayley-to-belly for a two count as Mandy breaks it up!  Mandy Rose begins climbing the chamber as Sasha Banks chases her up.  Bayley chases her up the other side.  It's a mirror from last year.  Bayley and Sasha slam Mandy into the glass above the pod.  Sonya climbs up as well, but she's kicked down.  Mandy kicks Bayley down before Sonya hits a spear into the support beam of the pod!  Sasha throws Sonya into the cage wall before Mandy blindsides her.  Mandy nails a butterfly suplex for a two count!  Mandy throws Sasha into the corner turnbuckle.  Sonya accidentally spears Mandy as Sasha slips away.  Sasha applies the Bank Statement, but her shoulder is injured.  She uses her foot instead of her other hand and Sonya taps out!

Winners (and FIRST Womens Tag Team Champions):  Bayley & Sasha Banks

Carly enters the ring to interview them.  Bayley is tearing up as is Sasha.  'You Deserve It' chants begin.  Banks says that she's lost for words and how hard they fought to get these.  She says that they do this for the Womens division.  Banks says that more change is coming.  She says that they are the Boss-N-Hug Connection and they are your new WWE Tag Team Womens Champions!


SmackDown Tag Team Championship
The Miz & Shane McMahon (c) vs. The Usos


The Miz comes out and congratulates Sasha and Bayley before saying that he wanted to dedicate this match to his daughter, his dad, and his wife, Maryse.  Maryse comes out.  She announces that they're having another baby!  He kisses his wife after joking that he still has it.  Shane McMahon comes out and raises Maryse's hand before she leaves.

The Miz starts this one off against Jimmy Uso fresh outta jail.  Jimmy locks on a side headlock before shouldering Miz to the floor.  Miz tries for a hip toss, but Jimmy blocks.  Miz tries for the Figure-4, but he's dodged.  Jimmy tags out as they nearly connect with a double superkick.  Miz hits a knee to the gut as Jey flips.  Miz hits a big clothesline in the corner.  Shane tags in as they set up for Coast-to-Coast.  Jimmy stops him as confusion leads to Jey taking out Jimmy.  Shane hits a big back elbow before tagging out to Miz.  Miz and Shane clothesline Jey over the rope.  Jimmy climbs in and is sent out as well.  Jimmy slides back in and catches some shots from Miz before catching kicks in the corner.  Jey tags in and nails a big kick before hitting a big slap.  Jimmy distracts the referee as Jey takes a big shot.  Jimmy rips the shirt off of Miz before throwing it at Shane.  Jimmy hits The Miz's corner clothesline mocking Miz.  Miz hits a big clothesline to floor him.  Shane tags in and attacks both men!  Shane hits a pump kick to floor Jimmy.  McMahon hits a big right hand followed by two DDTs on both Usos.  Shane hits Coast-to-Coast on one Uso followed by a second one that catches a superkick!  Jey hits a leaping splash for a two count as Miz breaks it up!  Miz tags in and hits a springboard axe handle as he seems surprised himself.  Miz nails some IT kicks before getting caught with a Samoan Drop from Jey!  Jey runs towards Miz and misses a hip attack before getting caught by a spike DDT for a two count.  Miz hits a slinging dropkick to Jey before stripping the table.  Jimmy leaps through the ropes and takes out Jey!  The crowd chants table as Miz points up for Shane.  Miz knocks Jey across the table as Shane climbs up to the top rope.  Leap of Faith through Jey through the table!  Miz and Jimmy fight inside of the ring before Jimmy nails a superkick before climbing to the top rope for the splash, but he catches knees!  Miz rolls him up for a two count.  Miz nails the Skull Crushing Finale for a two count as Jimmy crucifix rolls up Miz for a three count!

Winners (and NEW WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions):  The Usos

After the match, The Miz tells Shane that he's sorry and helps Shane to his feet as they walk out of the arena together.

Backstage Lio Rush and Bobby Lashley are shown talking about their odds before an interviewer comes up and interrogates Bobby talking about how Finn could get the title by pinning Lio Rush.  Lio blows her off telling her that she's trying to stir things up.  They have this tonight.


Intercontinental Championship
Bobby Lashley (c) and Lio Rush vs. Finn Balor


Lio Rush and Finn Balor start this one off, but Lio quickly tags back out.  Lashley and Finn lock up before Bobby pounds away on Finn.  Balor begins focusing on the legs before being knocked off his feet himself.  Balor knocks Bobby out of the ring as he talks to Lio for a bit.  Lashley slides in and slams Finn to the mat.  Lashley chops the throat of Finn before driving elbows into the back of Finn.  Finn is sent over the rope onto the apron before catching Finn with a big kick.  Finn hits a sunset flip, but Bobby stops him and stomps on his chest.  Lashley lifts up Finn, but Balor punches him to get down.  Finn begins to hit the ropes, but Lio grabs his foot.  He chases Lio but Lashley catches him with a big spinebuster.  Lio tags in and begins slapping and kicking Finn Balor.  Finn catches him with a kick and Lashley is tagged back in with a thunderous clothesline!  Bobby applies a headlock.  Finn fires back with some shots before eating a reverse STO.  Bobby covers him for a two count.  Lio tags in and applies an abdominal stretch.  Finn reverses out of it with a hip toss.  Balor charges Lio and Lio reverses and tags out.  Lashley slams Balor a few times before setting up for a spear.  Lio tags himself back in and misses a frog splash!  Finn and Lio are down. Finn cuts the ring in half before knocking Lio to the floor.  He knocks Lashley off who charges back in and catches a sling blade.  Finn sends them both out of the ring before hitting a plancha onto both!  Balor rolls Lio into the ring.  Finn hits a running dropkick followed by the Coup de Grace and he gets the three count!

Winner (and NEW Intercontinental Champion):  Finn Balor

In the ring, Bobby Lashley is furious.  Lio Rush is apologizing, but Lashley isn't hearing it.  Lashley grabs Rush by the throat and releases him as he throws his hands up.  Lashley lifts up Rush and then slams him into the mat!  Lashley throws another tantrum and heads up the ramp.

Charlotte Flair makes her way down to the ring where an interviewer is.  Flair says that life is good when you're Charlotte!  She says that she's going to WrestleMania.  She got to do something last night that she loves... beating up the man!  Charlotte talks about Becky pandering to them and needing their approval.  Flair says that her reflection gives her all the love and approval that she needs.  Flair says that she's the very best on Raw, SmackDown... in all of WWE.  Charlotte says that she's going to sit ringside for the next match and see who is going to main event WrestleMania against The Queen.  WOOOOO!


WWE Raw Women Championship
Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Ruby Riott


The bell sounds after in-ring announcements.  Ruby tackles Ronda and begins just pounding her, but Ronda quickly gets control with some arm drags.  Ruby Riott rolls out of the ring and recuperates.  Ruby attacks Ronda, but she's nailed by Piper's Pit!  Ronda points at Wrestlemania before applying the armbar as Ruby taps out!

Winner:  Ronda Rousey

Charlotte Flair climbs into the ring as she stares off with Ronda Rousey.  Ronda looks away as Becky Lynch comes walking up on crutches!  She makes her way to ringside before climbing into the ring, but she's hobbling around.  Charlotte says 'really?'  Charlotte is looking incredulously at Becky as the crowd chants 'She's The Man.'  Becky begins attacking Charlotte with the crutch on one leg!  She bends the crutch with the attack.  Ronda picks up another crutch as they stare off.  Lynch offers Charlotte to Ronda before attacking her with the crutch!  Ronda keeps getting up and getting smashed by crutch shots!  Becky continues her assault until security makes their way to the ring with some referees.  Lynch steps out of the ring as she limps away.  Ronda is seething as Becky is just grinning as she's escorted out.  Charlotte is getting up inside of the ring with a dazed look on her face.


No Disqualification Match
Baron Corbin vs. Braun Strowman


Corbin throws his vest as the bell sounds to distract Braun before Braun clobbers him.  Corbin grabs a Kendo stick and begins bashing on Braun.  Several shots with the Kendo stick before Corbin sets the Kendo stick on the top rope and whips Strowman towards it.  But Braun reverses so Baron can slide underneath it and come back into to catch a shot.  Braun grabs the Kendo stick from Baron and snaps the Kendo stick.  He tells Baron that he doesn't need a Kendo stick to whoop his ass.  Braun Strowman crashes into Baron on the outside before making a lap.  Baron throws a chair that Braun just swats away.  Braun charges before Baron slams Strowman into the steps.  Corbin lifts up the stairs and slams them into Braun's shoulder followed by a second shot.  He gets a full head of steam before nailing him with a third shot.  He steps up onto the steps before mocking Braun.  Corbin rolls Braun into the ring and slides in himself.  Corbin nails a punch to the side of Braun's face before mocking Strowman.  Corbin nails another blow as Strowman is down again!  Baron goes for the third one, but he's just swatted away.  Corbin hits a big corner splash followed by a big boot.  Strowman climbs outside and looks underneath the ring before pulling out some lumber.  He slides the table into the ring.  He climbs in and sets it up in the corner.  Strowman slaps the table a bit before lifting up Corbin.  Corbin rakes the eyes of Strowman.  Corbin leaps, but he's caught by Strowman who hits a powerslam through the table!

Drew McIntyre's music plays.  Drew comes out with a chair as Bobby sneaks through the crowd!  They begin unloading on Braun with some heavy chair shots.  Braun begins fighting back before catching a headbutt from Drew and a spear from Lashley!  Baron begins telling his boys to set something up.  They slide the bases of the steel steps into the ring.  Braun goozles Drew and Lashley, but Baron cracks him with a chair across the back.  Baron pulls out a couple of tables and slides them in.  They begin setting them up.  Drew nails a Claymore kick to Braun.  They stack the tables in front of the bases of the steel steps before lifting up Braun Strowman.  Lashley, Baron, and Drew nail a triple powerbomb from the steel steps through the double-stacked tables!  Baron covers Braun for the three count!

Winner:  Baron Corbin

The three celebrate on the steel steps as Braun is laid out in the debris of the tables.

Lacey Evans makes her way to the ring with a smile before stopping at the end of the walkway and walking back up the ramp.


WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match
Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy vs. AJ Styles


Samoa Joe and Daniel Bryan are going to start this match off.  Daniel Bryan on his way to the ring with Rowan has a microphone and tells them to cut his music.  He asks if they know what happens when a genius tries to enlighten the masses?  He says that they get punished!  Daniel Bryan says that management has made the audience the Authority.  Bryan says he was first in the gauntlet and now first here?  FICKLE!  The referees are telling Rowan that he has to leave as Bryan protests.  Daniel crouches down as the crowd sings him out.  Bryan says that he doesn't want the people to call him a martyr.  Bryan says their mindlessness reminds him that they NEED him.  Bryan says that there is hope that he'll still be WWE Champion as a result.

Daniel enters the structure and looks around at everyone before slowly handing off his WWE Championship.  The bell sounds as Bryan leaves the ring immediately and just dodges Joe.  Joe slaps the mat and tells him to join him in the ring.  Bryan just points at him before slowly entering.  But he aborts as Joe chases after him.  Bryan is waiting for another pod to open.  He tries to enter the ring before actually doing so.  Bryan kicks Joe once as Joe laughs.  Joe kicks Bryan as he turns it over into an ankle lock.  Bryan reverses Joe into the corner after breaking the hold.  Bryan slaps Joe who just charges after him.  Bryan uses the ropes to cut him off before Joe just exits after him.  Joe begins chopping Bryan on the steel wall.  He throws Bryan back into the ring, but Bryan reverses only to get caught by a powerbomb for two turned into a Boston crab.  Joe turns the hold around into an STF before transitioning into a crossface.  Bryan rolls up Joe for a two count to break it.  Bryan dropkicks the knee of Joe!  Bryan throws Joe out of the ring onto the steel before ramming Joe into the pod that Kofi is in.  Bryan does a bit of taunting as Joe rolls back into the ring.  Bryan covers for a one count.  Bryan chops Joe before Joe responds with a bigger one that floors Bryan.  Bryan hits a drop toe hold as Joe's face smashes into the second turnbuckle.  Bryan pulls the hair out of his face before hitting the YES kicks.

The timer winds down... Kofi Kingston enters the match!

Kofi Kingston attacks Bryan and takes him down before catching Joe with a big corner kick followed by a frog splash onto Joe who is standing for a two count!  Bryan attacks him and lays him out across the top rope before leaping from the top with a knee to the back of his head for a two count.  Joe gets up and chops Bryan!  Bryan escapes to the top of the pod as he just raises his hands.  Kofi begins ramming Joe into the corner before Joe chops the chest of Kofi.  Kofi leaps to the top of the pod with Bryan before raining down punches onto his head!  Bryan begins climbing across the steel chained wall as they begin exchanging kicks!  Joe climbs up and yanks down Bryan.  He tries to grab Kofi, but Kingston kicks him away!  Kofi falls back in a huge splash that takes out both men!  Kofi rolls Bryan into the ring and covers him for a two count.  Kofi covers Joe for much of the same.  Daniel Bryan is thrown off of Kofi before Kofi nails a spinning elbow for a two count.  Joe kicks Kofi before hitting a running senton onto the side of Daniel Bryan!  Joe hits a release suplex for a two count!  Joe begins chopping Bryan in the wall!

The timer winds down... AJ Styles enters the match!

He blasts Bryan with a huge kick before targeting Joe and Kofi!  Styles nails two DDTs on Kofi and Bryan for a two count.  Styles is being heavily supported as he grabs Kofi and slams him into the corner.  Styles kicks the leg out from underneath Kofi.  He springs himself over the top rope with a huge Phenomenal Forearm to Joe.  Bryan begins climbing the wall again, but Styles springs off the top rope and connects with a Phenomenal Forearm to his back.  Kofi Kingston catches a sunset flip, but Styles tries for the Styles Clash.  Kofi catches a big fireman neckbreaker from AJ Styles for a two count!  Styles begins chopping the chest of Joe before Joe fights back with elbows.  Joe slings AJ over the rope and into the ring.  Joe nails some shots to Kofi who begins fighting back.  Samoa Joe applies the Coquina Clutch to Kofi before Kofi slips out.  Styles nails the Phenomenal Forearm to Joe for the three count!


The timer winds down... Jeff Hardy enters the match!

Jeff Hardy hits a big clothesline to take down AJ before hitting the double leg drop for a two count.  Jeff hits a jawbreaker before kicking Bryan away.  Jeff hits a forward suplex before hitting Poetry in Motion by using Kofi to hit Bryan!  Jeff does the DELETE motion before trying for the Twist of Fate.  Styles reverses it and nails a Pele kick!  Jeff is pushed into the pod from the top rope by Styles before Styles climbs up to the top rope and is knocked off by Hardy.  Hardy sets up Styles on the top rope before climbing to the top of the pod!  Jeff hits the Swanton Bomb onto Styles on the top turnbuckle!  Hardy gets to his feet as Styles slumps off the top rope.  Hardy is blasted by the Knee Plus from Daniel Bryan for the three count!


Bryan sets up Styles in a Tree of Woe before setting up Kofi on the top turnbuckle.  He tries for a superplex, but Styles sits up and hits a German suplex as he does that!  Everyone is down!

The timer winds down... Randy Orton enters the match!

Bryan gets to his feet and catches a clothesline from Orton.  Orton stomps on Styles who is still in the tree of woe!  Orton kicks Kofi away.  Kofi is thrown into Styles who finally falls from the tree of woe!  Bryan rolls up Orton for a two count.  Orton suplexes him out of the ring.  Kofi nails a big dropkick to Orton.  Styles hits a huge backbreaker to Kofi Kingston as everyone is down.  Styles lifts up Kofi Kingston and whips him into the corner.  Styles rushes towards him and nails a forearm smash.  Styles tries for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Orton catches him with an RKO!  He covers AJ Styles for the three count!


Kofi rolls up Orton for a two count.  Kofi kicks Orton in the face before climbing to the top rope.  Orton hooks his head and nails a draped DDT!  Orton taunts a bit before turning and humping the mat.  Bryan rushes him and catches a scoop slam.  Kofi kicks Orton with a huge Trouble in Paradise!  He covers Orton for the three count!

ELIMINATED:  Randy Orton

Kofi Kingston begins firing up as the crowd is into it!  Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston stare at one another across the ring.  They begin trading blows in the center of the ring.  Kofi gets the better with some big kicks.  Kofi is asking for some kicks.  Bryan kicks the leg which Kofi was favoring.  Bryan begins his YES kicks as the crowd chants NO loudly!  Bryan goes for the final one, misses, and Kofi hits SOS for a two count!  The crowd came unglued!  Kofi misses a Stinger Splash as he nails the ring post.  Daniel Bryan stalks him before punching him square in the head.  Bryan does it again as he says Kofi doesn't belong to be here with him.  Bryan is kicking Kofi in the corner before hitting a running dropkick followed by a second and a third!  Kofi hits a mule kick to the chest of Bryan to stop the fourth for a two count!  Kofi Kingston slowly gets to his feet before motioning for Bryan to get up!  Bryan gets up and rolls to the outside.  Kofi kicks Bryan in the gut before slamming Bryan's head into the mesh wall!  Kofi keeps on slamming his head!  Kofi goes for a bulldog, but Bryan sends him forward into the pod!  Bryan slowly rolls Kofi into the ring.  Bryan is slow to his feet as he's beckoning for Kofi to get up.  The running Knee plus connects.  Daniel Bryan covers but Kofi kicks out at two!  Bryan is clutching his hair in disbelief.  Bryan grabs the arm of Kofi and begins stomping on his face!  He covers Kofi again, but he kicks out at two again!  Bryan tells him to get his feet, but Kofi hits the Trouble in Paradise for two!  Bryan rolls him up for a two count!  Bryan applies the crossface, but Kofi gets to the ropes?  Bryan passes out.  He slowly gets to his feet and climbs the ropes.  Kofi nails Bryan with a big kick that stops him.  Kofi Kingston climbs up as Bryan hops up to the top of the pod.  Kofi climbs up there with him.

Kofi begins bashing the head of Bryan back into the barricade above the pod.  Kofi teases a superplex, but Bryan is stopping it.  Bryan fights back and reverses it.  Bryan smashes Kofi into the barricade now!  Bryan teases the superplex, but Kofi stops it.  Bryan falls to his knees and begins climbing down.  Kofi kicks him down to the mat!  Kofi Kingston leaps for a huge splash, but Bryan rolled out of the way.  Bryan is getting fired up.  The running Knee Plus connects again, and Kofi Kingston is down for the three count.

Winner (and STILL Champion):  Daniel Bryan

Kofi Kingston is left alone in the ring as Xavier Woods and Big E rush out to the ring and begin talking to him.  The three of them are muttering words underneath their breath.  Big E says that Kofi deserved that.  'THANK YOU KOFI' chants are heard through the arena.  Big E and Woods talk up their friend as Kofi nods.  They holds down the rope for Kofi Kingston before Kofi climbs out and takes a seat on the steps of the Chamber.  They bump fists as they all sit together.  Woods and Big E help him up as they begin walking up the ramp as the show comes to a close.

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