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Jay White Discusses Wrestling At Wrestle Kingdom 13

Posted By: Ben Pearce on Feb 09, 2019

Jay White Discusses Wrestling At Wrestle Kingdom 13

On a recently released episode of Talk Is Jericho, "Switchblade" Jay White joined Y2J to discuss the signifigance of working NJPW's WK13, his match and more. 

His Match Against Okada Being His Best Showing In NJPW:

“I think it could’ve been. It helps being in there with a guy like [Kazuchika] Okada of course, which usually has to go without being said. It was fun and I think what adds to that as well, is with such a long buildup for it. Almost a year, I guess, and a bit more intensely over the last couple of months. So that helps make it that much better without doing as much.”

Storytelling In NJPW:

“I think he does. I also think he has an idea for it and then he also reacts to stuff. If something changes and it may be against what he originally thought, he would just play it by ear and change it. I think that’s one of the differences. The long-form storytelling. Stuff lasts a bit longer down here and they normally pay off. Obviously you guys [Chris Jericho and Tetsuya Naito], and me and Okada as well. Kenny [Omega] and [Hiroshi] Tanahashi even. That goes back to the start of 2016 at least. When [Shinsuke] Nakamura was leaving and that was when Kenny, Kenny was the guy that came up and kind of replaced him as that main top guy. He had that first big match which was against Tanahashi for the [Intercontinental] title at the time. So it all comes back around and it all just makes it better for the show, the story and the fans as well.”

Wrestling In The Tokyo Dome:

“It is awesome. Especially like you said, you’ve done [WrestleManias] and stuff, you’ve done a lot of those bigger arenas, but for us over here it’s starting to get bigger. But the difference between the [Tokyo] Dome and other arenas, it’s huge. It’s three times as big as the other big shows we do. So when it finally comes around once a year, and I think they’re planning on doing two next year so that’ll be interesting, but by the time it comes around it’s very special. Everyone works towards it.”

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