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Becky Lynch Makes Appearance During Opening Segment Of SmackDown Live

Posted By: Dustin Frisch on Feb 05, 2019

Becky Lynch Makes Appearance During Opening Segment Of SmackDown Live

Becky Lynch was supposed to not be allowed in the building as she had to become medically cleared to fight Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania. To no one's surprise, out came Lynch! 

The context of the opening segment is Charlotte Flair was doing her usual antics and talking crap about Becky. After she did this, this had been when Becky came out from the crowd "stealing Roman Reigns entrance" according to Flair. 

Her and Charlotte get into an argument with a series of referees and security in between them. Triple H comes out, and tells Becky to her face that she is suspended and that she needs to go home and see the doctor. With Charlotte taunting in the background, Triple H tells Charlotte to get out of the ring. "See the doctor, get cleared," he told Becky. After HHH and Lynch spoke a bit, and he was about to leave the ring Becky asked how Stephanie was doing. Becky punched her in the face during a segment on RAW for those who are wondering. This caused HHH to stay in the ring as he was gonna leave it. 

Becky slaps Triple H across the face. The two share an epic staredown, with Triple H's anger boiling, but Becky was smiling. She eventually leaves through the crowd, the same way she came into the arena.

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