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WWE Raw Live Results (2/4) Portland, Oregon

Posted By: Michael Pappas on Feb 04, 2019

WWE Raw Live Results (2/4) Portland, Oregon

Welcome to our live coverage of Monday Night Raw!

We kick off with Stephanie McMahon in the ring welcoming everyone to the show. She is about to introduce Becky until Becky's music hits and she makes her way to the ring. Stephanie says no one wants to see Becky beat Ronda more than her. Stephanie asks Becky if her knee is okay. Becky says she is fine. Stephanie reminds her of how she injured it at the Rumble. Steph says Becky has refused medical attention. Steph says she can't let Becky compete if she is not medically cleared. Becky says she has fought her entire life to get to this point and struggled to get to it. Becky calls her a daddy's girl that's trying to stop her. She says she has earned it and she will not be stopped. Steph says Ronda and Becky is probably the biggest match in Wrestlemania history and if she wants it to happen she should see the doctor. Becky says she doesn'tt want her moment be taken away. Steph says she will be forced to suspend Becky. Becky refuses and Steph suspends her. Becky knocks her down with a right hand. She tries the Disarmer on Steph but referees and officials try to restrain her. Becky fights them off and continues to attack Steph. Referees separate Becky from Stephanie and Becky heads to the back.

Back from commercial, Becky is walking with officials backstage. Ronda confronts her and scolds her for being unprofessional out there and possibly robbing her of their Wrestlemania match.

Liv Morgan vs. Ronda Rousey

Liv immediately runs out of the ring, avoiding Ronda. Ronda goes after her again but Liv runs out again. Ronda shoves Liv down. The Riott Squad try to distract Ronda but Ronda takes Liv down. Ronda lands shots to the stomach and locks in the arm bar to make Liv tap out.

Winner: Ronda Rousey.

Ronda goes on the mic and yells at everyone for being booed and challenges Sarah Logan. Sarah Logan accepts.

Sarah Logan vs. Ronda Rousey

Logan charges at Ronda and rams her into the corner. Ronda flips Logan over and tries to get her into the arm bar but Logan escapes, rolling out of the ring. Back from commercial, Ronda tries to get Logan in the arm bar but Logan throws her hard into the corner. ROnda recovers and takes Logan down. Ronda gets the arm bar locked in and Logan taps.

Winner: Ronda Rousey.

Ruby Riot climbs up the apron as if to challenge Ronda. Both women stare at each other but then Ruby backs down and they leave.

Ruby is interviewed backstage and she says she will beat Ronda one day and it will be for the Raw Women's Championship. She says but she has to tend to her Riott Squad friends tonight.

Bayley and Sasha Banks are interviewed  about their losses to Ronda and their tag title qualifying match and Bayley say it will be an honor to win the titles. Banks says they will make history again until Nikki and Fox interrupt and say they will be the ones to win the tag titles.

Heavy Machinery vs. Lucha House Party vs. The B Team vs. The Revival - #1 Contender's Match

Metalik dominates Axel in the early going of the match. Lince Dorado continues his momentum as Wilder comes in. Tucker Knight is tagged in and slams Wilder chest first to the mat over and over. Knight continues to wrestle Wilder down. Otis gets tagged in and they double team Wilder. Otis picks Wilder up and body slams him. Knight is tagged in and they double team Wilder again. Knight lands a drop kick to Wilder. Heavy Machinery slam The B Team over the top rope. Lucha House Party get tossed on the apron but spring board dive onto Wilder and The B Team. Heavy Machinery double team Dawson and toss him out on everyone outside. Back from commercial, Dawson is dominating on Metalik with elbows to the chest. Wilder comes in and they double team Metalik. Metalik fights back with a chop to the chest but Wilder beats him down. The Revival double team Metalik after Wilder makes a tag to Dawson. Metalik lands on his feet from a flip and tags Lince. Lince lands a cross body on Dawson. Dorado lands a drop kick on Wilder into a moonsault on Dawson. Otis tags himself in and Dorado lands a suicide dive onto Wilder. The B Team land a back suplex into a neck breaker on Metalik. Otis takes down both B Team members. Otis lands the worm on Bo Dallas. Otis covers but Axel breaks up the count. Knight gets tossed over the top rope by Dawson. Otis gets blind tagged by Wilder. Bo gets a roll up on Dawson but Dawson kicks out. Wilder gets tagged in and they catch Bo with Shattered Machine for the win.

Winners: The Revival.

Zack Ryder motivates Hawkins backstage about Hawkins' losing streak and says they are both losers. Zack promises he will help Hawkins break his streak.

Kurt Angle greets Superstars backstage as he makes his way into the arena.

Kurt Angle comes out and makes his way to the ring. Kurt talks about the 3 I's and all of his accomplishments. He thanks the fans for always reminding him he sucks. Kurt says he has been on a downslope ever since tapping out to Drew and losing to Corbin last week. He says there is one opponent he can't beat and that is Father Time. Corbin interrupts and mocks him. Corbin says Kurt did this to himself. Corbin hoped that Kurt's Hall Of Fame induction was the last time he would see him. Corbin calls him a broken down old man. Kurt challenges him to come into the ring and fight him. Drew McIntyre comes out and says people used to see Kurt as a warrior but that changed once he made Kurt tapped out. Drew tells everyone to shut up and get their cameras ready because him and Corbin are going to put him down tonight. They head to the ring until Braun Strowman comes out. Braun attacks Drew and sends him into the ring post. Kurt attacks Corbin in the ring and clotheslines him over the top rope. Braun tossed a chair towards Corbin and Corbin dodges it. Corbin and Drew escape through the crowd.

Sasha Banks music hits but Bayley is tossed onto the stage and beaten down by Nikki Cross and Alicia Fox. Banks is dragged onto the stage and attacked. Bayley tries to fight back but they continue to beat her down. Fox and Cross sends her face first into the LED lighting on the stage. They continue to stomp on Banks. Fox kicks Bayley in the head and officials separate the two teams. Fox and Cross head to the ring.

Bayley and Sasha Banks vs. Nikki Cross and Alicia Fox - WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match

Bayley is dominating on Cross as we come back from commercial. Fox and Nikki try to get her down with a sleeper hold but Bayley fights them off. Bayley lands a double cross body on them. Bayley kicks Fox away and lands an elbow to the face of Fox. Bayley gets Alicia and hangs her off the middle rope. Bayley attacks both of them outside and brings Fox back in the ring. Fox lands a scissors kick to Bayley. Fox is in control as she tags in Nikki. They hang Bayley upside down on the turnbuckle and kick away at her. Nikki gets Bayley in a arm and chin lock. They hang Bayley upside down again and continue to kick her. Nikki beats her down in the corner and lands a bulldog. Nikki covers but Bayley kicks out. Bayley gets knocked out of the ring and Nikki lands a cross body on Bayley off the apron. Nikki charges at Bayley but Banks pulls Bayley out of the way sending Nikki into the steel post. Fox prevents Bayley from making a tag but Fox gets rolled up by Bayley for the victory.

Winners: Bayley and Sasha Banks.

Apollo Crews is interviewed about Kurt Angle and he says he's glad he is competing. Drake Maverick and Akam confront Crews and tells him to admit Kurt doesn't have it anymore. Apollo insults him and Akam and they leave.

Road Dogg comes out and does his classic introduction. He introduces Jeff Jarrett. Jeff Jarrett makes his way down to the ring for his match. Jeff introduces himself but then Road Dogg interrupts and they begin to sing "Alone With My Baby Tonight". Elias interrupts as he comes out. Elias says that song hasn't aged well as they have. Elias insults Road Dogg about Smackdown's low ratings and says he'd rather watch Adam Levine at the Halftime Show than this. He insults the fans and says he's not doing a song tonight in Portland. He says they could perform this all they want it won't change the face that WWE stands for Walk With Elias. Jeff tells him to bring it and Road Dogg tells him to suck it. Jeff goes right after Elias outside the ring.

Elias vs. Jeff Jarrett

The bell rings and both men trade blows. Elias gets knocked out of the ring and Road Dogg scares him off. Back from commercial, Elias is sending Jeff into the barricade. Elias brings him back in the ring and dominates until Jeff lands a kick to the face. Jeff builds momentum until Elias lands a knee to Jeff's face. Elias lands an elbow to the face, covers but Jeff kicks out. Elias has a head lock applied on Jeff. Jeff tries to fight out but Elias lands a suplex. Jeff fights back but misses Elias and hits the turnbuckle. Elias continues the attack and puts Jeff in a sleeper hold. Jeff gets out of it with a jaw breaker. Elias knocks Road Dogg off the apron. Jeff fights back with right hands and a kick to the head. Elias bounces off the ropes and knocks Road Dogg off the apron. Elias catches Jeff and hits the Drift Away for the win.

Winner: Elias.

Road Dogg attacks Elias after the match and lands his right hands to him. He tells Elias to suck it as Elias gets up and Jarrett hits Elias in the back with the guitar.

Dana confronts Natalya backstage and apologizes for them losing last week. Nattie ignores her. Dana says she is going to Steph and she is going to demand a match with Nattie next week to prove to hher that she is better than Natalya. Natalya reveals she has air pods in her ear and takes them out as soon as Dana leaves the room. She doesn't realize Dana was talking to her and puts them back in her ear.

Charly is interviewing Finn Balor about his injured elbow and ribs. He says he won't be pushed around and held down by a guy like Bobby Lashley and he will take Bobby's Intercontinental title.

Finn Balor makes his way to the ring for his match. Before the match, Lio calls Finn a mummy and says Bobby can curl weights heavier than him. Bobby says he is better than Brock Lesnar and can beat Brock in anything. He says Finn needs to fight people his own size so Finn will fight Lio Rush tonight instead of Bobby. If Finn wins, he might get a match with Bobby for the title.  Bobby attacks Finn, ramming his shoulders into Finn's ribs. Bobby weakens Finn's ribs some more.

Lio Rush vs. Finn Balor

Lio takes advantage and attacks Finn's ribs. Finn fights back and stomps Lio out of the ring. Finn lands a baseball slide to Lio. Bobby pulls Finn out of the ring. The referee sees it and throws Bobby out. Bobby leaves and Lio out of no where lands a suicide dive on Finn. Back from commercial, Lio has an abdominal stretch on Finn. Lio continues to attack the ribs. Finn kicks him away in the corner. Finn kicks Lio on the apron. Finn heads to the top but Lio knocks him on there. Lio meets him up there and lands a hurricurana off the top. Lio covers but Finn kicks out. Lio tries to get an abdominal stretch on Finn but Finn reverses and puts him in the hold. Finn lands a double stomp to Lio's chest. Finn hits the Sling Blade. Finn tries to lift Lio up but his ribs give out. Lio rolls him up but gets a 2. Lio lands a springboard face planter. Lio heads to the top and tries a frog splash but Finn rolls out of the way. Finn drop kicks Lio into the corner. Finn goes up the top and hits the Coup De Grace for the win. Finn escapes from Bobby after the match.

Winner: Finn Balor.

Paige's music hits and she comes out to the stage. She asks everyone if they miss her. She promotes her movie, "Fighting With My Family". 

Alexa Bliss is on the stage with the Moment Of Bliss set up. She introduces everyone to the show and introduces EC3 as her guest. Bliss asks him if he's going to Raw or Smackdown. Nia Jax interrupts and says no one cares. Nia says she wants to talk about her amazing week by entering the Men's Rumble match and how they are in the Women's Tag Title Elimination Chamber match. Nia says she wants to fill in for Becky at Wrestlemania. Dean Ambrose comes out and interrupts. Dean tells Nia to stay away from him. He tells Alexa that he is taking over the interview and asks him why does he just stand around like a Chippendale dancer and doesn't just get in the ring. EC3 lands a right hand to him and walks to the ring.

EC3 vs. Dean Ambrose

EC3 dominates Dean and lands a clothesline. Dean stops his momentum and sends EC3 shoulder first into the ring post. Dean stomps him in the corner. Dean lands a clothesline, covers but EC3 kicks out. Dean gets a head lock on EC3. EC3 gets out and battles back on Dean. EC3 misses Dean in the corner. Dean gets EC3 in a front face lock but EC3 rolls him up for the 1.. 2.. 3.

Winner: EC3.

Kurt Angle is interviewed and says he wasn't expecting to compete tonight but something told him he had to pack his gear. Kurt is glad he's not fighting alone. Braun says he will make sure Drew and Corbin Get These Hands.

Mojo Rawley talks to himself in the mirror, starts laughing and says it's now all about him.

Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin vs. Kurt Angle and Braun Strowman

Corbin goes for a right hand to Angle but Angle catches him with a German suplex. Drew pulls him out of the ring before Kurt gets the Ankle Lock on him. Braun knocks down Drew outside. Kurt gets Corbin in the Ankle Lock but Corbin gets out of it. Drew lands a head butt to Kurt. Back from commercial, Corbin is in control of Angle. Corbin tags Drew and Drew continues the attack with a chop to the chest. Kurt starts to fight back with right hands but Drew pushes him and attacks him in the corner. Corbin comes in and continues the attack. Kurt fights back but Corbin makes a blind tag to Drew and Corbin knocks down Braun off the apron. Drew is in control until Kurt tries an Angle Slam but Drew counters into an Angle Slam of his own. Drew gets the Ankle Lock on Angle in the middle of the ring. Angle gets out and tags Braun. Braun tackels down Drew and collides into him in the corner. Braun lands a blow to Drew's chest. Braun goes for the Powerslam but Drew pushes him and Corbin trips him over the top. Corbin attacks Braun outside and sends him to the post twice. Drew comes in and lands a neck breaker, covers but Braun kicks out. Drew and Corbin land a double back suplex to Braun. They both stomp on him and try a double suplex but Braun suplexes them both. Kurt gets tagged in and German suplexes Drew and Corbin. Kurt clotheslines Drew over the top. Angle kicks Corbin away and nails the Angle Slam to Corbin. Angle covers but Drew breaks up the count. Braun knocks down Drew and attacks Corbin. The referee rings the bell for a DQ for Braun attacking Corbin who was the legal man. Braun sends Corbin into the steel post and runs him down outside. Braun misses Drew and Drew lands a Claymore Kick to Braun knocking him over the barricade. Drew sends Kurt into the steel steps and continues to attack him. Drew and Corbin bring the steel steps in and try to double chokeslam Kurt on there but Braun saves him. Braun chokeslams Corbin and Drew on the steps.

Winners: Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre by DQ.

End Of The Show.


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