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Jim Ross Believes All Elite Wrestling Has A Television Deal In Place

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Jan 14, 2019

Jim Ross Believes All Elite Wrestling Has A Television Deal In Place

Jim Ross spoke about the possibility of a TV deal for All Elite Wrestling on the latest edition of his podcast. Below are the highlights courtesy of WrestlingInc. 

On a TV deal for AEW:

“I don’t think you go on and do a big presentation like those folks, the Khans, AEW, did on Tuesday if you’re not pretty damn set on your television outlet. So I think the television outlet is more set than people probably know and maybe they’re not ready to know or need to know right now. Maybe there’s an I not dotted, or T crossed or whatever, but getting on a basic cable channel to me is imperative.”

On his belief that AEW will be on a major network:

“The issue is television is king. That’s your heartbeat. That’s your heartbeat and I’m of the belief, maybe I’m wrong, that a television deal is, I guess the politically correct term is ‘imminent’. I think a TV deal is basically done. Why would you do all of this celebration and this thing on Tuesday and all that without having more? You’ve got your [ducks in a row]. You’re showing us that you have your ducks in order or getting there on talent. And so I’m believing they’re not going in half-cocked here. Why would you have this major announcement, this huge event, or huge company, all that’s going to happen, if you didn’t have TV pretty much locked up? So I’m sure the paperwork, the ink’s not dry, and all those good things. Could be possibilities or they’re still negotiating some finer points, whatever, but I believe, come this Fall, that AEW is going to have a very prominent television partner that’s going to give this team the opportunity to be successful. I do think that the TV’s more in place than they are ready to announce right now and I understand that too.”

On how AEW will work as a promotion:

“New Japan does a real nice job of having a small roster in number that remains special. They do a real nice job of keeping their guys separate, keeping some exclusivity to the rivalries. That is [an] athletically oriented presentation. If there is anything I would suggest and I don’t know because I have not discussed it with anybody. Probably New Japan is going to be the closest analogy to what I perceive AEW might be, and I stress ‘might be’ because I don’t know. You can do more things, develop more talent, and do it in a reality based manner that people don’t roll their eyes every 30 seconds because they’re watching that damn wrasslin’ again. There’s credibility to it and at least the presentation bell-to-bell is going to feel like you’re watching kind of a perverse legitimate sporting event.”

On meeting Tony Khan for drinks:

“Alex [Marvez] and I have been friends for years, since the WCW days. And he introduced me to Tony and we had a [pro] wrestling fan chat and had a few drinks. But I said, ‘if somebody was ever going to do a pro wrestling company, the foundation is not a mystery. It’s all about television and talent.” Ross explained, “you can’t have one without the other.”

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