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Chris Jericho Discusses Choosing AEW Over WWE And More

Posted By: Ben Pearce on Jan 13, 2019

Chris Jericho Discusses Choosing AEW Over WWE And More

Chris Jericho was recently interviewed by Chris Van Vilet touching on his signing with All Elite Wrestling. Check out interview highlights and video below.

Signing With AEW:

"Life changed things, I never would have guessed this. Going from Japan to the cruise and seeing how life is on the other side I realized that you can make a good living outside of WWE. When you get a billionaire involved suddenly I got the biggest offer of my career by far, I simply could not say no. Maybe in 3 years I might go back to WWE but for the next 3 years its AEW and that is where I am signed. I never expected my career to go this long and have suddenly made a difference to NJPW and now AEW. My time in the WWE is cemented and it does not matter much if I go back or not."

AEW Signing CM Punk or Kenny Omega:

"C.M. Punk is not a free agent, he is a retired wrestler, We would love to have him. Kenny is the last remaining free agent at this time. I hope he signs with AEW and we will find out very soon. People always think he will be in the Rumble, I am getting the same thing also. That is just how wrestling fans are, they are so loyal and questioning. Starting a wrestling company is not easy and there are many people not signed yet that could still go to other promotions. WWE is signing as many guys as they can and some people are finally realizing they are just signing to sign."

Bad Blood With WWE:

"Not on my end, I spoke to Vince before I signed and he knew it was coming. It wasn’t a surprise and he knows business is business. I love Vince but the business road took me this way. I would have been crazy not to do this and I think Vince would agree with it."

AEW Character:

"The makeup was more of a Japan thing. I don’t know what we will see in AEW. The lighted sparkly jacket guy is gone, and I knew if I went back to WWE they would want that. Things are never good the second time as much as they are the first time. I don’t want to drive it into the ground because it already has been seen enough."

WWE Hall of Fame:

"It would feel weird for me. I find the whole concept embarrassing but not in a bad way. I would feel embarrassed standing on stage as everyone tells me how good I am. It would be a huge honor and I would appreciate it but it would just be weird to me."


Source: Chris Van Vilet Tags: #wwe #aew #all elite wrestling

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