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Impact Wrestling Homecoming Results (1/6)

Posted By: Elio C. Jr. on Jan 06, 2019

Impact Wrestling Homecoming Results (1/6)

Welcome to Impact Wrestling Homecoming and we are back to where it all began. The Asylum in Nashville, Tennessee and we kick things off with Ultimate X


All four each grab part of the cable and soon the ring is clear with Ethan Page standing in the ring. Page on the top rope has Trey Miguel slamming him down onto Jake Crist and Rich Swann. Page and Crist take out Miguel

Crist takes out Swann and all four men are down. We get an "Impact Wrestling" chant and Trey Miguel climbs the top rope but is stopped by Page. Page now on the top rope and Miguel is there.

Miguel and Swann on the apron as they both fight to scale the structure. Miguel and Swann send Crist crashing to the mat and they continue battling to climb the structure. Crist back to his feet pulls Swann down.

Crist on the top rope delivers a Double Cutter to Swann and Miguel. Ethan Page making his way across the cable but let's go and drops down taking out Crist. Swann with a kick to Page. Miguel reverses a waistlock and flips over Swann landing on his back

Swann is back to his feet taking everyone else out. He climbs the structure once more but is joined by Miguel, Crist and Page. Now it's Trey all alone scaling the structure and he takes down all three men with a moonsault. A "This Is Impact" chant breaks out.

trey goes to the top rope and is met with a forearm from Page. Page hooks Miguesl up but Crist and Swann are back in Miguel with a double knee to Page from the top rope.

Crist with a piledriver to Swann on the outside and he brings Swann all the way to the top of the rampway and runs back down making his way across getting close to the title. Page from the top rope spears Crist to the mat.

Rich Swann is back in and a hurricanrana takes Miguel to the mat as Swann goes back to the top. Back fist from Trey and Swann flips over Miguel to the other end of the ring and scales across pulling the championship down

The winner of the match and NEW X Division Champion: Rich Swann

Backstage: Brian Cage says tonight's been a long time coming. No one wanted to give him an opportunity so he made an opportunity for himself and tonight he's walking out of his match with Johnny Impact as the new World Champion


Jordynne and Allie start out and Jordynne blocks right hand then a left hand. Snapmare by Jordynne and a nearfall on Allie. Kiera tags as Allie tags Su Yung. Kiera on the offense as she unloads on Su Yung. Nearfall broken up by Allie. Allie and Kiera in. Kiera misses with a clothesline as Allie slides out of the ring

Kiera goes to the top rope but Su pulls her down. Allie and Su double team Kiera. Allie with a boot on the throat of Kiera. Su places Kiera in the tree of woe delivering rapid fire kicks to the back. Su Yung with a neckbreaker out of the corner and gets a nearfall. Kiera misses with a kick to Su Yung. Su gets nailed with a back fist as both women are down. Jordynne in now taking the fight to Allie. Allie slides to the outside and Su from behind gets caught with a right hand. Su misses with a clothesline as Kiera takes out Allie on the outside. Back in the ring double team on Kiera.

Jordynne and Kiera deliver a powerslam/powerbomb combination. Allie with and Su back in control though as Allie with a codebreaker to Kiera. Allie grabs the bloody glove and applies the Mandible Claw

The winners of the match: Su Yung and Allie

Post Match: Su and Allie are standing over Kiera as a casket is brought out to the ring. Kiera is placed in the casket. Rosemary makes her return as she enters the ring staring at Allie. Rosemary brings her hand up slowly bringing it down on Allie's head but Allie frightened slides out of the ring and retreats up the rampway


Moose had the most ridiculous golden ring gear ever, and I mean that in a good way. It was perfect for pro wrestling.

Edwards attacked Moose as he made his way to the ring and they brawled around the ringside area. Edwards unloaded with chops but was drilled into the guard rail. Moose bridged a piece of the rail off the apron. Edwards made a comeback and tossed Moose into the crowd. They brawled all over the place and just like the old Wednesday night PPVs, it was too dark to see some of it. They battled into the bleachers Jeff Jarrett always ended up fighting in. Moose left Edwards down and returned to the floor but Edwards dove off, which got the biggest pop thus far tonight and a "holy sh**" chant.

They battled back to the ring. Moose low blowed Edwards as they returned to the ring and knocked him off the apron into the ringside barricade. Moose sent him into the ring post and tossed chairs into the ring. He dumped Edwards back into the ring. Edwards was bleeding. Moose worked over the cut with punches and bit his forehead. Moose began tossing chairs atop of Edwards and went to the top. Edwards tossed a chair at his head, then nailed him with another.

Edwards set up the chairs in a pile and nailed a superplex into the pile. Moose battled back and they exchanged chops in the center of the ring. Moose nailed a pump kick. Moose charged Edwards but was backdropped over the top onto the bridged guard rail, which broke. Edwards tossed him back into the ring and grabbed a kendo stick from under the ring. He began beating him with the stick but Edwards' wife Alisha came out and took the stick from him, only to cane Moose herself. That got a pop. Edwards nailed Moose and scored the pin.

The winner of the match: Eddie Edwards

Backstage, Sami Callihan said he figured by now, people would have figured out not to step into his business. He said Willie Mack is going to be wishing and praying and begging he had listened to Rich Swann who knows what OVE is all about. He said he was Impact Wrestling.


Mack went right after Callihan and OVE’s Dave Crist. He nailed Callihan on the floor and brought him back into the ring. Callihan went for a clothesline but Mack kept control. They continued until he went to the floor to confront Crist, only to be clotheslined by Callihan as he rebounded the corner in pursuit of Crist.

Callihan drilled him into the apron over the over and pulled the ring skirt over Mack before nailing a pump kick to the head. Callihan pulled him into the ring and drilled Mack with another kick. He brought Mack into the corner and chopped him hard across the chest, snapmared him down and locked in a chinlock. Mack fought his way to his feet but Callihan gored his eyes.

Mack made a comeback and hit a big cannonball in the corner. He went for a stunner but was shoved off. Callihan caught him out of the corner with a powerbomb then followed up with a V-Trigger knee for a two count. Callihan tried to nail Mack who evaded a move and nailed a stunner for a two count. Mack went to the top, but Dave Crist grabbed him. Mack fought him off but was nailed by Callihan.

Callihan nailed a Death Valley Driver off the top rope for a two count.They went back and forth until Callihan nailed a piledriver for the pin.

The winner of the match: Sami Callihan

Backstage: McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Eli Drake, who was wearing a blindfold a la Birdbox. He was standing in the place where Abyss first appeared in Impact two decades ago, saying he stepped out of the garbage heap. Drake said that he's never going to let Abyss have a chance to grab his previous Janice. He scoffed at the idea he was afraid of Abyss. He said that before Abyss can grab a weapon, he's going to be Gravy Trained.


Drake attacked Abyss from behind, hitting him with a staple gun. Drake tried to whip him into the ropes but couldn’t budge him and was nailed with a right. Abyss nailed a clothesline and hit an Avalanche in the corner. Abyss brandished the staple gun, but Drake blocked it and kicked him. He went for a sunset flip, but Abyss bent down and stapled him in the chest.

Abyss set up several tables at ringside and tossed a trash can into the ring. He grabbed Drake for a chokeslam through the table but was kicked. Drake went to nail him, but Abyss sidestepped him, and Drake ended up in the crowd. Drake nailed Abyss and charged at him with a production case on wheels. Drake argued with the referee, but Abyss charged with the case, nailing him from behind.

Abyss brought him back into the ring and set up a trash can in between two buckles. He went to grab Drake, who nailed him with several trash can shots to the head. Drake followed up with cookie sheet shots. Drake charged at Abyss, who was against the ropes but was caught and suplexed over the top to the tables on the floor. He cleared the first table and crashed through the second, farther table. The momentum sent Abyss to the floor as well. He came up limping.

Abyss dumped thumb tacks into the ring and he called for the chokeslam. Drake kicked Abyss and grabbed some tacks. He tossed them at Abyss who moved, and they hit the referee in the face. The ref went down. Abyss nailed the chokeslam and went for the pin. The crowd counted the pinfall but there was no referee.

Drake drilled Abyss into the trash can in the corner and covered him for a two count. Abyss made a comeback and went to the floor for Janice. Drake was scared and grabbed a chair, nailing Abyss in the mid-section. He went to use Janice, but Abyss nailed him and chokeslammed Drake on the tacks. There were a TON on Young’s back.

Young made a comeback and went to the floor. He grabbed several zip ties and tied Abyss’ wrists. Abyss broke free but was beaten over and over with chairshots to the back. He covered Abyss who still kicked up. Drake grabbed a paddle. He worked over Abyss, breaking the paddle over his back with a stiff shot and scored the pin.

The winner of the match: Eli Drake

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Killer Kross. He isn't wrestling tonight but said he made his intentions crystal clear from day one. He said he and Johnny Impact are different sides of the same coin. He said everyone's talking about Option C but they are going to talk about Option X tonight, meaning him. He said Johnny has to do whatever he has to do, but in the end, everyone pays the toll.

They showed several cast members of Survivor, including this year's winner, sitting ringside to support Johnny Impact.


It was all insane action right out of the gate with the Lucha Brothers going insane with tag team maneuvers and Fenix hitting a big date to the outside on Ortiz. They were going to double-team Santana, but he sent them into each other in the corner. LAX began trashing them and Ortiz hit a tope con hilo to the outside on Fenix. Santana hit a big Asai moonsault to the outside on Santana.

LAX worked over Pentagon, scoring a two count. The match was back and forth action at hyper-speed. Fenix and Pentagon each hit big dives on LAX. The crowd chanted “This is awesome.” If you like fast paced Highspots and moves, this was your jam. Fenix hit a big double stomp on Santana as he was held by Pentagon.

Seriously, I am apologizing right now because there’s no way I can even process what’s happening. Pentagon hit this ridiculously awesome Canadian piledriver. Pentagon and Ortiz began superkicking each other. All four brawled in the center of the ring, chopping and punching each other. They began laying each other out with kicks and it ended with all four laid out in the middle of the ring.

LAX nailed the Street Sweeper on Pentagon. Fenix broke it up. The crowd chanted, “fight forever.” LAX finally wiped out Fenix with an inside out powerbomb and scored the pin.

The winners of the match: LAX

McKenzie Mitchell was special guest referee Gail Kim. She said she truly believed Bound for Glory was her last time in the ring but she’s here tonight because of how Tessa Blanchard abuses referees and authorities. She’s here not to play favorites but to call it down the line and make sure the right woman walks out Knockouts Champion.


Tessa was rude to Kim when Kim took the belt before the match, then shoved Taya.

Taya and Tessa went back and forth with some nice action. Taya nailed a rana, then sent Blanchard into the corner. Blanchard reversed a whip into the corner, but Taya drilled her with several kicks. She followed up with a double stomp. It was all Taya until she missed a shoulderblock and Blanchard, outside on the apron, drilled her with a DDT.

Tessa worked over Taya in the corner on the floor and brought her back into the ring, scoring several two counts. Taya was drilled in the lower back. Blanchard used the ropes to stretch Taya’s back. She continued beating her down in the corner. Taya made a comeback to nail a series of suplexes and nailed a hip attack. Taya nailed a double knee strike in the corner for a two count.

Tessa went for a Buzzsaw DDT but was caught with a Northern Lights Suplex for a two count, then nailed a double stomp. Taya went to the top for a moonsault but Tessa rolled out of the way. Tessa covered her for a two count but wasn’t happy with the count and got in Kim’s face.

Tessa nailed the DDT but Kim was out after the forearm. Blanchard was annoyed there was no one to count the pinfall. She grabbed the Knockouts title belt but before she could use it, Kim grabbed it. There was a tug-o-war with the belt and Kim accidentally nailed Allie with the title. Kim didn’t want to make the pinfall but did when Tessa covered her, only to see Taya kick out.

Tessa had enough and began shoving Kim like she was Ric Flair except Kim turned into Tommy Young and shoved her back. Taya rolled her up for a two count.

They battled into the corner, where Tessa took out her legs and nailed a Magnum Codebreaker off the ropes. Another two count. Tessa lost it and began shoving Kim against the ropes. Kim had enough and nailed Eat Defeat on the Champion. Taya nailed Valhalla and scored the pin.

The winner of the match and new Knockouts Champion, Taya Valkyrie

They plugged the debut of Impact Wrestling on The Pursuit Channel. Josh Mathews announced during the Homecoming PPV that starting this Friday, they will live stream every Impact Wrestling episode on Fridays on their Twitch.TV channel starting at 10 PM, simulcasting the episodes as they debut on their new TV home The Pursuit Channel.

Johnny Impact was interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell backstage. He's wanted to be a fighting champion since he won the title and that's what he's done. He told Cage it doesn't matter how much you can benchpress. It's about who has the biggest heart.


They faced off at the bell. It was power vs. finesse early on. Cage drilled Impact with a big backbreaker. He charged Impact in the corner and nailed BIG monkey flip. He followed up and did another, sending Impact spinning and crashing down for a two count. Cage locked in a side chinlock, bearing down on Impact and trying to force the life out of him.

Impact fought to his feet and fired away with punches and kicks. He nailed a tornado DDT, sending Cage to the floor. Impact went to the top and nailed a flip into a knee to the floor. Cage was worked over but fired back with a big clothesline. Impact fired back as well and nailed a discus forearm.

Cage nailed a superkick and a release German Suplex that sent Impact all the way across the ring. Cage was nailed with a twisting Neckbreaker, then another. Impact stiffed him with a kick and covered him for a two count. The battle continued with Impact nailing the sliding German Suplex. Cage come back to nail a big Bucklebomb. He went for Weapon X but Impact countered it into a pinfall attempt.

Cage nailed a series of big knee strikes and a massive discus clothesline, but Impact kicked up. Impact nailed a kick to the shoulder. Impact nailed a knee to the head and went to the ropes, hitting Starship Pain for a two count.

Impact nailed a Spanish Fly off the top, but Cage kicked up at one, shocking Impact. Cage powerbombed the hell out of Impact, then hit a sit-down powerbomb for another two count. Cage nailed Weapon X but Impact was able to drape his foot on the bottom rope at the last second.

Cage went to the top and went to pulled Impact up but Impact superkicked him to the floor. Cage landed in front of the guys from Survivor and one of them was shoved down. They got mad and tried to get over the rail (or at least on TMZ) which led to the referee trying to stop them. This never would have happened if Atlas Security was there.

Cage had Impact beat but there was no referee. He tried to Suplex Impact into the ring from the ropes, but Impact kept blocking and finally transitioned it into a pinfall, scoring the pin. The way it came off, it almost looked like a miscue and even the announcers questioned if he had won.

The winner and still Impact World Champion: Johnny Impact

Post Match: Cage took the belt and presented it to Impact. Taya came to the ring to join her husband as the top champions in the company. They went to pose on the stage to close the show but Killer Kross attacked Impact from behind. Taya attacked him with forearms, but he shoved her away. She charged him, but he grabbed her and powerbombed her into “fans” in the crowd, with everyone going down. Kross was the focus as they went off the air.



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