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Don Callis Says To Expect A "Sexier And Edgier" Impact In 2019

Posted By: Dustin Frisch on Dec 28, 2018

Don Callis Says To Expect A "Sexier And Edgier" Impact In 2019

With the new television deal being done, Don Callis revealed that the product will become sexier and edgier as we ring into 2019. 

It was revealed that they made a deal with Pursuit Channel to air their show in the United States starting on January 11th. It also means a new night for the show as it’s moving from Thursday’s to Friday’s.

“This week we announced our move from Pop TV which was a great partner for us. A lot of fans thought, ‘Wow, you guys should be on a different network with a different demographic’ so we announced this week we’re moving to Pursuit which is an exciting thing for me. When you talk about how you deal with your content as a company because our parent company Anthem owns not only the Fight Network and Game TV, they also own a significant stake in Pursuit. It’s a great strategic move for us, and I think people are going to love to see a sexier, edgier, maybe even a little more hardcore Impact Wrestling. I’m really, really pumped about that.”

Editor note: Don Callis said this, not Dixie Carter. Correction made.

Source: Killing The Town podcast Tags: #impact wrestling #don callis

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