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Bully Ray On Hypocrisy With Fans Getting Offended

Posted By: Dustin Frisch on Dec 24, 2018

Bully Ray On Hypocrisy With Fans Getting Offended

Bully Ray spoke with Wrestling Inc about his feud with Flip Gordon, and had also stated hypocrisy with fans getting offended. 

On fans being offended

“I’m just curious. Did you call Charlotte and tell her she was too violent with the kendo stick a couple of weeks ago with Ronda? Were you offended? Oh, so you were on the hook with that but you weren’t on the hook when I caned Flip in the ECW Arena. You can’t be offended by one but not be offended by the other. You can’t say one was gross physicality. It’s a kendo stick. It’s a legitimate weapon. She was bruised, black and blued and blood came to the surface of her skin. It’s the same thing whether she had three welts and Flip had nine – it’s the same thing. We can’t pick and choose what we’re offended by.”

Source: Wrestling Inc Tags: #ring of honor #bully ray

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