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WWE TLC 2018 Results (12/16) San Jose, California

Posted By: Elio C. Jr. on Dec 16, 2018

WWE TLC 2018 Results (12/16) San Jose, California


Welcome to the WWE TLC Kick Off Show and we go to the panel made up of Johnathan Coachman, Booker T, Michael Cole, Sam Roberts and David Otunga and they run down the card for tonight.


Waistlock by Murphy reversed by Cedric. Murphy with a side headlock takedown and Cedric with one of his own. Even match at the outset as Murphy goes for a kick. Alexander grabs the leg but gets hit with an elbow. Alexander sends Murphy to the outside. Buddy back in and a dropkick by Cedric finds its mark.

Chop to Murphy. Alexander sent over the ropes onto the apron. Forearm by Cedric and Murphy connects with a knee sending Cedric crashing to the floor


We're back. Murphy and Alexander are back in the ring. Chinlock on Cedric and it's broken. Murphy sitting on the turnbuckle as he pulls Alexander up with an elbow under the chin. Alexander falls to the mat as Murphy looks down and a dropkick to Murphy in mid air. Flatliner by Alexander. Murphy to the outside. Dropkick and Cedric sends Murphy back into the ring. Lumbar Check is countered by Murphy. Murphy looking for Murphy's Law but it's countered by Alexander

Alexander delivers a Michinoku Driver for a nearfall. Right hand by Alexander. Murphy fires back with his own right hand and kicks. Alexander misses with an enziguri. Elbow to Murphy. Alexander with a superkick. Murphy picks Alexander up and delivers a powerbomb out of the corner.

Murphy and Alexander on the apron. Alexander picks Murphy up and drops him across the apron. Nearfall by Cedric and he delivers the Lumbar Check but Murphy gets a foot on the bottom rope.

Alexander and Murphy on the outside and Cedric picks him up sending him back into the ring. Murphy sends Alexander face first into the turnbuckle. Running knee and Buddy looking for Murphy's Law as he plants Alexander for the three count to retain the Cruiserweight Championship

The winner of the match and still Cruiserweight Champion: Buddy Murphy


Elias is in the ring and says tonight is TLC and now you can add guitars to that and when he climbs up the ladder and retrieves his guitar he's going to play a tune on Lashley's head. Elias is set to play 'Do You Know The Way To San Jose' but is interrupted by Lashley

Lio Rush tells Elias that everyone came here to see

Side headlock by Lashley and Lashley returns with a shoulderblock. Lashley drops Elias and exits the ring. He goes to bring a ladder into the ring but Elias connects with a dropkick driving the ladder into Lashley. Elias brings another ladder into the ring. He goes to set the ladder up while Lio checks on Lashley. Elias scales the ladder and Rush goes to block Elias but Elias grabs hold of him but Rush escapes.

Lashley back in and gets dropped with a knee. Ladder is propped up in the corner and Elias unloading with punches on Lashley. Irish whip reversed as Elias is sent crashing into the ladder

Lashley with a vertical suplex to Elias. Lashley holds up a ladder and brings it crashing down on Elias


Back from break, Lashley is still in control as he sets the ladder up and begins scaling the ladder but Elias is back to his feet as he delivers a powerbomb through the ladder. Lio Rush scales up one side and is met by Elias who sends Lio crashing to the mat. Elias unhooks the guitar and pulls it down.

The winner of the match: Elias

Post Match: Elias is ready to deliver a guitar shot to Lashley but Lio stops him. Lashley attacks Elias and Lio with a frogsplash. Lashley picks up the guitar and brings it across Elias' back


TLC 2018

Welcome to the final pay per view of 2018. TLC is live from the SAP Center in San Jose, California and we kick things off with mixed tag team action


Truth and Mahal start things off. Side headlock takedown by Jinder. Irish whip by Truth and a shoulderblock my Mahal. Turth sent into the ropes returns with a crossbody. Backslide by Truth. Mahal tags Alicia and Carmella tags in

Double hip toss by Carmella and Truth. We get a 7 second dance break. Alicia with a neckbreaker to Carmella and now a chinlock applied by Alicia. Carmella gets to her feet. Flying headscissors and Carmella unloads with punches but Alicia puts a stop to that.

Alicia with a Northern Lights suplex for a nearfall. Fox back to the chinlock and Carmella again back to her feet. Carmella breaks the hold and Alicia again with a neckbreaker and Carmella tags Truth in. Truth takes down Mahal and unloads with clotheslines. Kick to the face. Mahal misses with a clothesline and Alicia tags herself in

Alicia yells at Truth saying she's the captain. Truth takes her hat and puts it on. Alicia with a kick and she goes for a scissors kick but Carmella puts a stop to it. Mahal goes after Truth as Carmella locks The Code Of Silence in on Alicia for the submission

The winners of the match: The Fabulous Truth

Carmella and R Truth will now enter their respective Royal Rumbles at #30


Waistlock on Sheamus and Sheamus backs Kofi into the corner. Side headlock takedown by Sheamus. Irish whip by Kofi and Sheamus with a shoulderblock. Sheamus back to the side headlock. Kingston with a dropkick. Kick to the face and Woods with a clothesline. Big splash by Kofi and an elbow drop by Xavier

New Day and The Usos start throwing punches. Jey Uso off the ropes gets caught with an uppercut by Cesaro. Sheamus with the Irish Curse backbreaker to Woods and The Bar with the double team to Xavier.

Double clothesline by The Bar. Sheamus stomps on Woods and a vise like heasdlock on Xavier. Cesaro in with an elbow. Cesaro with a chinlock slowing Woods down. Xavier gets to his feet. Woods with an elbow to Sheamus and The Honor Roll to Cesaro. Sheamus tags in and takes out The Usos. Sheamus in the corner with Woods

Woods trying to fight out of the corner. Sheamus gets caught up on the top rope and a dropkick to Sheamus. Kingston and Cesaro in. Kingston with a dropkick.

Boom Drop on Cesaro. Trouble In Paradise countered by Cesaro and one of the The Usos tags in. Cesaro picks Kofi up and Jimmy with a crossbody. off the top rope. Jey superkicking everything in his path. Pop up Samoan Drop for a nearfall.

Splash by Jimmy and Cesaro sends Jimmy into the ring post. Cesaro with the Cesaro Swing to Kingston. Sharpshooter locked in by Cesaro. Sheamus makes the tag and clears the corner. Sheamus calls for The Brogue Kick but Kingston counters. Kofi with the double knees and a tag to Woods as Kingston delivers Trouble In Paradise. Woods with an elbow drop but the pinfall is broken up. Upper cut by Cesaro to Jey

Jimmy is nailed with an uppercut. Kingston takes Cesaro out and goes to the top rope. Kingston flies taking everyone out. Sheamus and Woods are alone in the ring and Sheamus connects with a Brogue Kick to Woods for the three count

The winners of the match and still WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions: The Bar


The bell rings and Slater begins counting Strowman out but Braun walks out at the count of seven and tells Corbin that in a TLC match there are no rules and if someone wanted to help him it would be perfectly legal. Apollo Crews appears followed by the new tag team champions, Finn Balor and then Heath Slater joins in.

Corbin si surrounded and attacked with steel chairs as he falls out of the ring. Corbin begins walking up the ramp but we hear familiar music and Kurt Angle makes his return walking out to a loud "You Suck" chant.

Angle takes a chair and drills Corbin with it. Corbin slides back into the ring and the attack continues. Angle Slam to Corbin. Balor with a Coup De Grace. Slater puts the referee shirt back on. Strowman puts a boot on Corbin as Slater counts three.

The winner of the match: Braun Strowman

Baron Corbin is no longer General Manager of Monday Night Raw per the pre-match stipulations


Natalya with a double leg takedown unloads on Natalya. Drop toehold as Natalya falls against the ropes. Cheap shot by Sarah Logan and Natalya is now fighting a three on one match with Ruby on the inside and The Riott Squad on the outside. Riott in control. Ruby misses with a clothesline and Natalya sends her to the outside

Natalya slams Ruby's head off the table. Ruby on the apron and Natalya holding with a waistlock. Slap to Ruby. Natalya off the ropes and Ruby misses as Liv Morgan is sent crashing off the apron through the table

Ruby back in, picks Natalya up and Natalya fires off with a punch. Ruby is sent back to the outside meanwhile on the other side a table is driven into Sarah Logan's midsection.

Natalya on the outside with a slap to Riott. Ruby pushes Natalya away. Kick to Ruby and Natalya sets a table up. Natalya picks Ruby up but Ruby fights out of it and Natalya sends Ruby into the barricade. Natalya side steps Sarah as she hits the barricade. Natalya picks Sarah up and slams her through the table

Ruby back in control with a right hand. Ruby has Natalya pinned against the table with Jim Neidhart's picture on it. Natalya is sent into the ring steps and Ruby folds the table up sliding it into the ring.

Ruby props the table up in the corner. Ruby back to the outside picks Natalya up and sends her back into the ring. Ruby picks Natalya up looking to send her into the table. Natalya stops and looks to put Ruby through the table.

Sharpshooter locked in on Ruby as she crawls towards the table and the table falls on Natalya as Ruby rolls out of the ring. Ruby back in setting the table up again

Ruby goes for a kick but Natalya with an electric chair drop. Natalya stalks Ruby on the outside and sends her back into the ring. Natalya goes under the ring and pulls out another table with Ruby's picture on it

She slides the table into the ring. Natalya puts The Anvil's jacket on and re-enters the ring. Kick to Ruby's face. Natalya sets up the table

Natalya blocks a Riott Kick. Ruby connects with a second kick. Natalya is placed on the table as Ruby goes to the top rope. Natalya gets off the table and places Ruby on the table. Natalya goes to the top rope but Riott stops her.

Ruby on the top rope with Natalya. Looking for a frankensteiner but can't bring Natalya down as Natalya lifts her up and powerbombs Ruby through the table

The winner of the match: Natalya


hey went back and forth with solid action early on, trading kicks and strikes. McIntyre stomped away on Balor and drilled him across the chest with chops in the corner. Balor came back with a hard kick near the knees. Balor placed him on the buckles and told him he could have just walked away. Balor slipped out from underneath and nailed McIntyre.

McIntyre cut him off, grabbing him by the throat and nailed a big belly to bell Suplex, although his knee showed signs of injury from Balor’s attacks. McIntyre worked over Balor and mocked him, daring him to fight back. Balor nailed several shoulderblocks but before he could really capitalize, Drew cut him off and sent Balor flying across the ring.

Balor and McIntyre fired back and forth with kicks and strikes. Balor was drilled with another Suplex for a two count. Balor tried to fire back with leaping forearms. McIntyre clubbed him across the back, but Balor was eventually able to take him down, nailing a double stomp. Balor followed up with a twisting DDT. Drew went to the floor, where Balor nailed him with a flip to the outside.

McIntyre came back with a tiltowhirl backbreaker for a near fall. He nailed a Kryptonite Krunch off the ropes for a close near fall. Balor was dumped to the floor. McIntyre went to follow but Balor trapped him behind the ring apron and began beating him. Balor went for a kick on the apron, but Drew caught him and swept the leg, slamming him face-first into the apron. McIntyre drilled him with a headbutt.

Dolph Ziggler showed up at ringside and superkicked Drew while the referee was checking on Balor. Ziggler grabbed a chair but Drew kicked it into his face and brought him into the ring. Drew went to use the chair on Ziggler, but Balor dropkicked him with Drew landed on the chair. Balor came off the top with the Coup de Grace on the chair for the pin.

The winner of the match: Finn Balor


Orton and Mysterio quickly exit the ring and the chairs come into play early on in the match as Mysterio wields the chair hitting Orton in the midsection and bringing the chair down across Orton's back

Mysterio brings another in and sets it up. Mysterio scales the turnbuckle but Orton side steps cracking Mysterio in the back. Orton looking for a suplex but Mysterio blocks it and dropkicks Orton to the outside. Mysterio off the ropes with chair in hand slides through the bottom rope landing on Orton

Another chair shot across the back. Mysterio bounces Orton's head off the apron. Orton sitting in the chair and Mysterio goes for a seated senton but Orton moves out of the way as Mysterio crashes

Now it's Orton's turn to bring a chair down across Mysterio's back and Orton clears the announce table laying the chair on the table. Orton picks Mysterio up and drops him face first onto the chair

Orton and Mysterio back in the ring. Orton sets the steel chair up in the corner. Powerslam attempt but Mysterio counters sending Orton into the chair. Powerslam by Orton. Mysterio crawls to the ropes onto the apron and Orton picks him up looking for the DDT. Mysterio counters with a kick to Orton and Mysterio goes to the top rope but Orton with a chair to Mysterio's knees

Orton throws series of chairs into the ring and sets them up for an RKO but Mysterio counters sending Orton face first into the chairs and Mysterio with a roll up for the three count

The winner of the match: Rey Mysterio

Backstage: Finn Balor says he had a huge win but doesn't know what the hell Dolph Ziggler was doing out there. Ziggle says you're welcome and if he hadnt been out there Balor wouldn't have a chance. Balor tells him to keep his nose out of Balor's business and shoves Ziggler. Ziggler then fires back and throws Balor against some cases and walks off


Ronda with left hands to Nia but Nia catches Ronda sending her into the corner momentarily but Ronda back in control with kicks. Ronda with a submission locked in but Nia lifts her up and delivers a powerbomb

Nia with a biel across the ring and delivers an elbow. Nia picks Ronda up and sends her shoulder first into the ring post. Nia wraps Ronda's shoulder around the post. Back in the ring, headbutt by Nia. Nia goes for a leg drop but Ronda rolls out of the way. Ronda with a guillotine but Nia still on her feet as Ronda transitions into a sleeperhold. Nia holds on as Ronda locks the armbar in but Nia gets to the ropes forcing the break and she throws Ronda into the barricade

Nia rolls Ronda back in. Nia picks Ronda up but Ronda counters with a flying headscissors and sends Nia to the outside. Ronda goes to the top rope and crossbody onto Nia

Ronda rolls Nia back into the ring. Nearfall on Nia. Ronda with rapid fire punches and a step up kick to the temple. Right hand by Ronda and another nearfall. Ronda with a crossbody from the top rope but Nia rolls through and delivers a Samoan Drop

Headbutt by Jax. Nia picks Ronda up. Irish whip into the corner and a clothesline. She picks Ronda up on her shoulders again but Ronda holds the ropes as Nia scales the ropes. Ronda with elbows to the jaw. Ronda looking for a sunset flip powerbomb and Nia holds on but not enough as Ronda manages to execute the powerbomb.

Ronda looks for the armbar but Tamina with a distraction and Nia from behind as she goes for the punch. Ronda blocks it and takes Nia down looking for the armbar. Ronda locks it in and Nia taps out

The winner of the match and still Raw Women's Champion: Ronda Rousey

Backstage: AJ Styles says the old Daniel Bryan and new Daniel Bryan are the same. Both evil and he's played Bryan's game long enough now Bryan's going to play Styles' game


Bryan with stall tactics as he jogs around outside the ring. Daniel re-enters now. More stall tactics as he continues to play mind games with AJ.

Back in the ring, they lock up and Styles in control as he has Bryan in the corner delivering shoulderblocks. Snapmare out of the corner and a kick to the back. Irish whip and Bryan with a kick to the face. Styles misses with a dropkick but catches him with the second one and Bryan is sent to the outside

Styles goes after him but Daniel sends AJ into the barricade. Back in the ring, Bryan has Styles in the corner delivering kicks. irish whip and Bryan with a knee to the midsection. Bryan driving his knee into Styles' back

Daniel with a headbutt. Chops in the corner by Bryan. Styles momentarily turns it around but Daniel fires a right hand into the ribs and Styles in the tree of woe now.

Kick to Styles and an uppercut. Bryan with a series of kicks as Styles falls to the outside. Styles back in unloading with punches. Styles has Bryan in trouble with repeated stomps to the side of the face. AJ looking for the Styles Clash but Daniel rolls out of the ring.

Styles follows and runs Bryan into the ring post. Styles back in as Daniel begs off. Shoulderbreaker by Styles. Styles picks Daniel up for a suplex but Bryan with a knee. Bryan charges but runs into a right hand. Cravat locked in by Bryan with multiple knee strikes. Bryan with the No Kicks.

Styles goes after the leg on the outside. Bryan back in and Styles with a chop block. Bryan with one good leg delivers an enziguri. Body shots by Bryan to the ribs and he stomps away at AJ

AJ is seated on the top rope and Bryan up on top looking for a hurricanrana but Stylees turns it into a Styles Clash. Bryan is fighting it and Styles transitions into the Calf Killer as Bryan reaches for the ropes

Bryan turns around looking for the No Lock and he has it cinched in. Styles turns it around and Bryan with a nearfall. Kick by Daniel. AJ fires back with a pele kick.

Bryan and Styles trade right hands. Kick to the ribs by Bryan. Bryan looks for the running knee but Styles takes him out with a dropkick.

Bryan sends Styles into the corner and Styles rolls through locking in the Calf Killer but Daniel reaches the bottom rope as he rolls out of the ring

Bryan sends Styles into the timekeeper's area. Phenomenal Forearm by AJ. Styles misses with a knee and a series of nearfalls ending with Bryan rolling Styles up for the three count

The winner of the match: Daniel Bryan


They faced off at the bell. Dean was mocking him, so Rollins shoved him in the face. Rollins said that he wanted this fight, so let’s go. They locked up and Dean went to the ropes. Rollins broke free. Seth drilled Ambrose coming off the ropes and followed up with a series of right hands. Rollins peppered him with punches in the corner.

Ambrose cut off Rollins and nailed a crossface, then a Suplex for a two count. Ambrose cinches in a rear chinlock. Cory Graves was all over Renee Young and it was to the point that it was distracting from them telling a story about the match as it was all Young defending her husband. Dean continued to work over Rollins.

Rollins was nailed with a big clothesline. Ambrose drove an elbow into Rollins, scoring another two count. Rollins began to make a comeback but was taken down and locked in a Texas Cloverleaf. Rollins tried to crawl his way back to the ropes, but Dean sat down on his lower back. Rollins made it to the ropes, finally forcing the break.

Rollins went to the floor. Ambrose followed and said to Rollins that he wasn't a joke. Rollins nailed a neckbreaker on the apron. He went for a dive but was drilled as he hit the ropes. Rollins cut off Dean and nailed a Slingblade, but his knee was showing signs of damage. Dean backdropped Seth, who landed on his feet but grabbed at his "bad knee." He nailed several dives to the outside on Ambrose.

They battled to the top rope. Seth went for a sunset flip powerbomb but his knee buckled. That was the actual scenario where he injured his knee vs. Kane on that European tour years ago. He recovered and nailed a Bucklebomb on Dean. They battled back and forth until they collided in the center of the ring. Seth missed a kick, allowing Dean to catch him in a double underhook facebuster for a two count. Ambrose went to the top rope but Rollins met him there. Dean took advantage of the knee giving way, crotching Rollins and driving him into the ring for a two count. He asked Rollins if he was laughing now.

Ambrose mocked Rolins but Rollins drilled him with an enzigiuiri and a ripcord knee strike, but Dean kicked out. You can tell the audience is getting restless live. Rollins went for a top rope frog splash but Dean pulled his knees up. There are some sizable boos live. Rollins drove Dean into the corner but was kicked away. Dean went to the top but Seth met him with a superplex into a Falcon Arrow for a close two count.

Seth told Dean this was the fight he wanted. He went for a superkick but Dean held up the Shield fistbump. Seth teased returning it but drilled Ambrose with a discus punch and a kick to the face. They battled to the outside, where Seth nailed a powerbomb into the ringside barricade. Rollins brought him back into the ring and told Dean it didn't have to be this way. He said this was for all of us, including Roman Reigns. Rollins set up for a move but was kicked and drilled with Dirty Deeds for the pin.

The winner of the match and new Intercontinental Champion: Dean Ambrose


Flair and Becky began arguing and the Champ shoved Flair. Asuka dropkicked Lynch and took the fight to Flair. Asuka nailed hip attacks on each in the corner. Lynch cut her off and shoved her into the buckles. Lynch nailed an exploder. Flair knocked her out of the ring.

Asuka and Flair each brought ladders into the ring, but Flair blasted Asuka and then kicked a table Lynch was bringing into the ring into the Champ. Flair set up the table in the corner and beat Asuka into it over and over. Behind her, Lynch set up a ladder in the center of the ring. Flair nailed her but Asuka caught her with an inverted Codebreaker.

Lynch tried to shove a ladder down on Asuka, who avoided it. They battled in the corner and Lynch was slammed off the top onto the ladder laying on the mat. Ouch. Asuka set up the ladder. She and Flair each battled the other as they tried to ascend the ladder. Asuka came underneath Flair and powerbombed her in the corner low into a table that was propped up there. Asuka started climbing but Becky hit a missile dropkick on her, knocking her off the ladder. Becky began climbing but Asuka attacked her and used a hip attack to knock her to the floor. Flair nailed Lynch with a chair on the floor.

Flair went for a moonsault to the floor on both, although the camera angle revealed she hardly hit either. Flair went for a table and set it up outside the ring. Lynch nailed her and laid waste to both challengers with the chair over and over. Flair nailed her and sent Lynch hard into the barricade, then began setting up the German announcers' table for destruction. She slammed Asuka onto the table but Lynch nailed her in the back with a chair.

Lynch placed Flair on the table next to her, climbed a ladder and came off with an Alabama Jam legdrop. Asuka rolled out of the ring but Lynch came directly down with her full weight crashing down on Flair's mid-section. Flair looked like she had been shot with a machine gun and officials began checking on her. The crowd chanted, "This is awesome." Asuka rolled into the ring and tried to climb up the ladder but Lynch gave chase and met her at the top. They battled back and forth. Asuka tried reach the belt but Lynch stopped her and vice versa. Flair returned to the ring and began beating the hell out of each of them with the Singapore Cane, swinging it with full force. Flair was holding her ribs and mid-section.

Flair began climbing the ladder but saw Asuka getting back on the apron and returned to beating her to death. Lynch caught Charlotte with an exploder that had she had no business even trying to hit due to the lack of room and drove Flair into a table propped up against the barricade. Asuka began beating the holy hell out of Lynch with the cane but Charlotte speared her through the barricade into the timekeeper's area.

Lynch returned to the ring but Flair stopped her from climbing the ladder. They went nose to nose and began slugging it out with chops and punches. Lynch sent her into the ladder face-first. Flair went to rise up to fight Lynch but was hit with a Thesz Press. They battled to the floor and began chopping and slugging each other. Flair tackled her backwards into another announcers' table. Flair placed Lynch on a table and slapped her hard. Flair climbed up on the ropes and hit a swanton onto Lynch, smashing her through the table.

Flair made it to the top of the ladder, only to be met by the returning Asuka. They battled back and forth. It was awesome. Becky set up a ladder next to them. Asuka was knocked down to the ring. Now Lynch met her at the top and they battled. As all this was going on, out came Ronda Rousey, no music, to ringside. She got in the ring and tipped the ladder over on them and walked out, getting booed for her interference. So, she got one back on Lynch and Flaiur.

Asuka recovered and climbed to the top and retrieved the title.

The winner of the match and new Smackdown Women's Champion: Asuka





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