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WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results (12/4) Austin, TX

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Dec 04, 2018

WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results (12/4) Austin, TX

Welcome to the live results for WWE Mixed Match Challenge!

The show opens with news about AJ Styles being attacked by The New Daniel Bryan from SmackDown!  We're starting things off with the SmackDown Live Division Mixed Match Challenge match!


Charlotte Flair & Jeff Hardy vs. R-Truth & Carmella


R-Truth and Jeff Hardy are starting this match off.  Truth asks What is up, and the crowd responds what is up indeed.  Truth applies a wristlock to Jeff as he wrenches on the hold before Jeff reverses.  Hardy drives some elbows into the back of Truth.  Hardy and Truth do some dancing back and forth before Carmella tags herself in.  Charlotte has to come in as a result.  Charlotte catches a kick from Carmella before whipping her around.  She tries for a chop, but Carmella screams to stop her.  Carmella hits a tilt-a-whirl hurricanrana.  Jeff and Charlotte miss double baseball slides.  Truth and Carmella slide into the ring and perform a Dance Break.

Charlotte blindsides Carmella and hits the headscissors head slam onto the mat.  Backstage, Jimmy and Naomi are shown backstage.  Back to the ring, and Charlotte has a head scissor applied on the ground before rolling through.  Flair kips up to her feet before setting up for the moonsault.  Carmella tries to stop her, but she's kicked away.  Carmella hits the hurricanrana bringing Charlotte from the top.  Jeff tags in before Truth nails a clothesline.  Truth nails an axe kick, but Charlotte breaks up the pin!

Hardy nails the Twist of Fate on Truth, but Carmella leaps on Truth to protect him.  Charlotte pulls her away, but Hardy misses the Swanton Bomb!  Truth rolls up Hardy for the three count!

Winnners:  R-Truth & Carmella

Backstage, Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox discuss their beach vacation as well as beating Bayley and Finn Balor next week.  They call it 2 Sweet!

Bayley and Balor say that they're going to win next week and it's going to be SHAAANTTIII!  They shake their head before saying it's going to be 2 Sweet!

Backstage, Carmella and Truth say that it feels Fabulous.  Truth says that he'd want to go to Memphis.  Memphis, Egypt.  Carmella says whatever keeps them on the track to win.  Jimmy Uso steps up and says that he's going to welcome them to the Uso penitentiary.  Truth says that he didn't know Carmella was in one of those!


Jimmy Uso & Naomi vs. The Miz & Asuka


Asuka and Naomi start this match off as they circle around.  They lock-up before Naomi gets the better of it with a headlock takedown.  Asuka hooks the head as Naomi kips up out of it.  Asuka nails a running shoulderblock.  Naomi tries for the Rear View, but Asuka hooks her waist for a German suplex.  Naomi tries for the enzuigiri, but Asuka catches her with an ankle lock.  Asuka and Naomi shake hands as Miz yells at them.  Asuka catches her with a dropkick before tagging out.  Miz steps into the ring, and Uso catches him with a headlock.  They change out a few times before Miz shoulders Uso to the floor before Uso hits a hip toss.  Uso hits a few arm drags before eating a dropkick from Miz.  The Miz taunts Naomi for a second before stomping away on Jimmy Uso.  Miz bows to Asuka before hitting a running dropkick to the bottom corner where Uso is.  Miz continues to gloat after this, but Uso catches him with a clothesline!

Uso nails a superkick to the gut before nailing an uppercut followed by a Samoan Drop!  Uso runs and hits a running hip attack in the corner.  He climbs to the top rope, but Miz crotches him on the top rope.  Naomi says that Miz can't do that.  He says that he sure can.  Vic Joseph on commentary confirms that he can.  Miz applies a chinlock.  Uso begins fighting out, but Miz kicks his knee out from underneath him before hitting the kneeling DDT for a two count.  Asuka asks for a tag, but Miz says that he has this.  Miz goes for a tag, but he doesn't.  Miz says that Asuka lost for them.  They begin arguing back and forth as Miz has a headlock applied.  Uso hits a discus roundhouse before leaping towards his partner and tags out!

Naomi nails some big clotheslines.  Naomi misses a splash in the corner, but she nails knees to Asuka as she rushes towards her.  The two trade roll-ups before Asuka hits the lifting knee strike.  Naomi nails a springboard kick for a two count.  Miz broke up the count.  Miz and Jimmy take each other out!  Naomi nails the Rear View, but she only gets a two count!  Asuka applies an Asuka Lock for as Naomi taps out!

Winners:  The Miz & Asuka

Next week, it's The Miz and Asuka vs. Carmella and R-Truth.  On the Raw side, it's Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox vs. Bayley and Finn Balor.

The Miz and Asuka argue in their victory as the show comes to a close.

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