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WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results (11/20) Los Angeles, CA

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Nov 20, 2018

WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results (11/20) Los Angeles, CA

Welcome to the results for WWE Mixed Match Challenge!

We open the show with the first tag team match happening quickly!


Bobby Roode & Natalya vs. Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox


Jinder Mahal and Bobby Roode start this one off.  They tie it up before Jinder gets the better of it with a side headlock takedown.  Mahal is thrown off, but he shoulders Roode to the floor.  Jinder is nailed with a hip toss before Roode begins lighting up his chest with chops.  Roode kicks Jinder and tries for the Glorious DDT, but Jinder backs away.  Jinder takes some deep breaths as Roode does his Glorious taunt.  Fox tags in and gets nailed by a clothesline from Nattie.  Nattie gets caught by a bulldog before hitting the basement dropkick.  Nattie tries for the Sharpshooter, but Fox has the bottom rope hooked.  Fox pulls Nattie into the ropes and pins her down for a two count.  Fox applies a side headlock as Jinder and Bobby yell at their partners.  Nattie fights out with elbows, but Fox reverses out with a Northern Lights Suplex for a two count.  Fox is rolled up by Nattie for a two count before they collide with a double clothesline.  Fox covers Nattie for a two count.  They fight up to their feet, but Nattie hits a crossbody for a two count.  Nattie almost tags out, but she's cut off by Fox with an axe handle to the back.  Fox begins doing the techniques of Jinder before missing a kick in the corner.  Nattie tags out to Bobby!

Bobby nails some clotheslines before nailing an axe handle to the head.  Roode nails a ram into the corner.  Roode leaps from the top with a Blockbuster for a two count.  Roode begins setting up for the Glorious DDT.  One of the Singh brothers leaps up on the apron to provide distraction, but he gets caught by Roode with a kick.  Another one gets into the ring as the referee is distracted by the women on the outside.  That Singh brother eats a spinebuster before Jinder Mahal hits the Khallas for the three count!

Winners:  Jinder Mahal & Alica Fox

Backstge Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox are interviewed.  Alicia Fox says that she's been the captain the entire time.  She calls the Singh brothers dead weight.  Jinder Mahal says that he's going to enter the Royal Rumble at #30 after winning.  Alicia says that they aren't going to the beach after they win.  They're going to Kentucky for some good fried chicken.

Carmella and R-Truth walk up and say that they're going to do exactly what Fox and Mahal. They dance and sing their way to the ring.


Carmella & R-Truth vs. Rusev & Lana


The crowd is chanting Rusev Day as they enter the ring before switching to Lana Day.  They do a chant off between the two teams before Truth and Carmella do a dance break.  Rusev and Lana want no part of it.  Rusev and Lana attack them from behind just as the dancing starts.  Lana tries to cover Carmella, but she kicks out.  Lana delivers knee strikes to the back of Carmella.  Carmella knocks down Lana and heads towards her corner, but Rusev pulls Truth off.  Rusev tags in and begins beating down on Truth.  Lana runs over and throws Carmella into the announce table.  Truth rolls out and begins beating on Rusev. Carmella gets on the apron and tags in!  Lana is rolled back into the ring and pinned after Carmella kicks her on the outside.  Carmella gets the three count!

Winners:  R-Truth & Carmella

Next week the Playoffs begin.

Finn Balor and Bayley are taking on Bobby Lashley and Mickie James next week.  Also Ember Moon and a mystery partner are taking on Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox.  The show ends with Carmella and R-Truth dancing up the stage.

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