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WWE SmackDown Live Coverage & Results (11/20) Los Angeles, CA

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Nov 20, 2018

WWE SmackDown Live Coverage & Results (11/20) Los Angeles, CA

Welcome to the live coverage for WWE SmackDown Live!  Join us live at 8 pm EST with updates.

The show opens with the Then, Now, Forever intro before we're welcomed to a video package from the Charlotte and Ronda Rousey match from Survivor Series.

We open to the arena before Charlotte Flair's music hits as she makes her way down the ramp.

Charlotte gets a microphone and says that she put the baddest beating on the so-called baddest woman on the planet.  She says that she's proud of it.  Charlotte asks Ronda if she's looking for an apology.  Charlotte says that she's not sorry, and that she enjoyed every second of beating Ronda's ass.  Charlotte says that Sunday was for SmackDown, and it was for The Champ.  Charlotte says that she's spent half of her career fighting Becky Lynch and this Sunday was for Becky Lynch.  Charlotte says that she made it her mission to beat down Ronda.  She says that Sunday was Mission Accomplished.  She says that Ronda bowed down to the Queen.

Paige's music plays at this point as she comes out with a microphone.  Paige says that she doesn't have to apologize for what she did to Ronda.  She says that she enjoyed the beating as well as the SmackDown audience.  Charlotte says that she'd do it again.  Paige said that Charlotte snapped and that she put her hands on five referees.  Paige says that you never put your hands on officials.  Paige says that Charlotte leaves her no other choice but to fine Charlotte $100,000 for that.  Charlotte looks at her curiously.  The IIconics make their way out now.

Peyton Royce comes out in a trance as Billie calls her Frankenstein or Charlotte on Sunday.  Kay says that they know that they're Charlotte's favorites.  They say that they want to do a favor and take those $100,000.  Charlotte says that they just need to figure out which one is going to be the next Ronda Rousey.  She begins taking off her robe as we go to...



Charlotte Flair vs. Billie Kay


The bell sounds as we come back from the break.  Charlotte quickly whips Kay into the corner and chops her a few times.  Charlotte slams Kay to the mat in a headlock before Kay begins fighting out.  Charlotte slaps her back down to the ground.  Flair rolls down her kneepad and drives some knees into the jaw of Kay.  Charlotte grabs the leg of Kay before trying for the Figure-8, but Kay gets away to the outside.  Flair follows and nails a slap.  She rolls Kay back into the ring, but she rolls back out.  Royce gets into the way as Charlotte climbs back out allowing a big boot from Kay.  Kay rolls up Charlotte in the ring for a two count.

Charlotte gets a roll-up next, but Kay gets out and sends Flair into the second turnbuckle.  Royce gets some cheapshots in on Charlotte as Kay distracts the referee.  Kay grabs Charlotte, but she fights out and hits a release exploder suplex followed by the Natural Selection for the three count!

Winner:  Charlotte Flair

Flair grabs a microphone.  She says that Peyton is out here... how about a fight?  The crowd chants for her to do it.  Kay is telling her to do it.  Royce, hesitantly steps in as Flair says that she's going to play Flair and Square.  Royce debates on the outside of the ring as we head to...



Charlotte Flair vs. Peyton Royce


We come back from commercials and Royce is slapping the taste out of Flair's mouth.  Royce hits a big boot before covering for a two count.  Royce covers her again for a two count.  Royce misses a kick and gets rolled up by Flair for a two count.  Royce applies a headlock before releasing to drag Charlotte's neck back across the top rope.  Charlotte reverses with a kick before Kay jumps into the ring to stop the beatdown that was about to happen.

Winner (by DQ):  Charlotte Flair

They beat down Flair before throwing her out of the ring.  The IIconics try to grab a chair, but the time keeper won't give it to them.  They question him before turning around into a double spear from Charlotte!  Flair slams both Royce's and Kay's head into the top of the announce table.  Flair smirks at her work before sending Billie Kay into the barricade followed by a knee to the face.  Charlotte rams Royce into the steel steps before throwing Kay over the announce table.  She gives Peyton the same treatment before stripping the announce table and standing on it.  Her music begins to play as she looks deranged.

We show Rey's eyes closed up.  He says that he's seen good and bad from the past and the present.  He says that he's never seen anything like Randy Orton.  Rey says look at what he did to Jeff Hardy.  Rey says that Randy may be at the top of his game, but so is he. 

Tonight it's Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton.

They show a highlight from last week highlighting Bryan kick AJ with a low blow before pinning him for the title with a post-match beatdown to boot. 

Daniel Bryan is going to be LIVE tonight.

The Miz is shown backstage signing an autograph of Marine 6 before heading towards the ring for a new edition of Miz TV with Shane McMahon as his guest.


The Miz is announced as we come back from the break.  He looks around at the audience as they say that Miz is Awesome!  The Miz says it's good to be home.  He says welcome to the most talked about show in WWE, MIZ TV.  He says that it was an honor to stand beside his guest at Survivor Series before introducing Shane McMahon.  The Miz does the Shane Shuffle as Shane is too hurt to.

Shane says he's too banged up for the Shuffle, but he would if he could.  Miz offers him a seat and says that his performance was amazing.  Miz calls himself a Shane-stan after seeing that performance.  Miz talks about them both putting everything on the line at the Crown Jewel and Survivor Series.  The Miz talks about WE jumping coast-to-coast and giving the leap of faith.  Shane corrects him before Miz tells him that he was living vicariously through him.  Shane asks what he needs to ask him.  Miz says that he's nervous.  Miz says that he just has one question for him.  Miz leans forward and asks him to be his tag team partner.  Miz tells him to think about it as they could be the Best Tag Team in the World.  Miz says that he saw a champion at Survivor Series.  Shane says that with their prior obligations with Miz TV and Shane's position... Miz interrupts him to say that he wasn't expecting this reaction.  Miz continues selling them before two guys come out.


The Miz & Shane McMahon vs. Wayne & Dave Bryant


The Miz laughs before locking it up with one and driving knees into his midsection.  Miz nails a big boot as he's just playing with his opponent.  Miz nails another big boot before doing the Shane Shuffle.  Miz does the kneeling DDT.  He offers to tag in Shane, but Miz turns around to get rolled up for a three count!

Winners:  Wayne and Dave Bryant

Starrcade is airing this Sunday on WWE Network for a special Hour-long special.

Backstage, The New Day is shown dressing like pilgrims before they're joined by the Gobbledy Gooker who reveals himself as R-Truth.


We're back as The New Day are in the ring with a feast at ringside and in the ring.  Kofi says well, well, well before talking about the bountiful spread in front of them.  Kofi says that they are approaching their favorite holiday:  Turkey Day.  The crowd chants along.  Xavier says that The New Day will be participating in a Feast Fight.  Big E says that they are proud of what they accomplished at Survivor Series being 6-1.  Kofi talks about their victory not counting.  Big E calls it disgusting.  Woods talks about how he's proud of his hard drive size so he didn't have to delete Spiderman to play Red Dead 2.  BIg E says that he's thankful for the two enormous breasts.  Kofi questions him before Big E says that he's talking about the turkey.  Big E licks the turkey before The Bar makes their way out here.

The Big Show is coming along for the ride as well as they make their way down the ramp. Cesaro says are you freaking kidding me with this feast?  Cesaro says that this was The New Day's stupid idea not Paige or Shane.  New Day says that Paige telling people to step their game up was about THEM.  New Day claims that they won their match, unlike The Bar.  Sheamus asks if Kofi is taking the piss.  Sheamus asks how does anyone prepare for spontaneous urination?  Sheamus says that they're coming down their to kick their arse because they're ARE The Bar.



Thanksgiving Feast Fight
The Big Show & The Bar vs. The New Day


The bell sounds as we come back for the Thanksgiving Feast Fight.  Big Show knocks down Woods before chopping him a few times. Cesaro enters, hits some uppercuts, and then tags out to Sheamus for his ten chest poundings.  He stops at five and headbutts Woods.  Cesaro tags back in and locks in a headlock.  Woods fights up, but Sheamus tags in and kicks Woods back down.  Sheamus and Cesaro celebrate for a moment before Sheamus applies an armlock.  Woods punches out before kicking Sheamus in the gut.  Sheamus nails him with a big kick before tagging out to Cesaro.  The Swiss Superman stomps on him before hitting a running basement dropkick.  Cesaro covers him for a two count.  Cesaro applies another side headlock.  The crowd chants 6 and 1 to get them back into it.  Woods lifts up Cesaro and moves him back.  Woods hits an innovative slam before tagging out to Kofi!  Kofi hits an axe handle from the top before chopping down Sheamus.  Kofi hits the Boom Boom Drop.  Kofi begins clapping his hands.  He misses Trouble in Paradise, but he nails a big crossbody for a two count. 

Big E clears everyone and knocks Big Show off the apron and through the nearby table full of food.  Sheamus nails a Brogue Kick to Big E.  Sheamus grabs a turkey before trying to hit Kofi with it.  Woods kicks Sheamus leading into Kofi nailing a Trouble in Paradise sending him outside.  Kofi climbs up and nails an Alley-Oop with a Turkey onto Sheamus outside who falls through the table.  Sheamus is rolled into the ring where Big E tags in.  He stuffs the turkey with his hand and nails Sheamus with a big punch to get the three count.

Winners:  The New Day

After the match, Cesaro gets into the ring and is nailed by The New Day with mashed potatoes, gravy, and a host of other Thanksgiving foods as the crowd cheers on.

A mask of Rey is shown as Randy lifts it up.  Orton says that mask doesn't deserve anything but to be destroyed.  Orton says that Rey came back to SmackDown and people were excited.  Orton says that they will only be feeling disgust and disappointment after he experiences three letters:  R-K-O.

Asuka and Naomi are shown talking backstage before they head into a...



Asuka & Naomi vs. Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville


The bell sounds as Mandy and Naomi are starting this off.  They tie-up before Mandy gets a side headlock.  Naomi sends her into the ropes before hitting a big hurricanrana.  Asuka tags in as they both hit running hip attacks to knock Sonya and Mandy off the apron and straight into a...


We come back as Mandy Rose tags her self in as she hits a pump knee strike to the back of Naomi's head for a two count.  Mandy pounds on Naomi in her own corner before tagging in Sonya.  Deville drives some knees into Naomi before lifting her up.  Naomi flips out of it and nails an enzuigiri.  Both women are down before Asuka and Rose tag in.  Rose is unleashed upon by Asuka.  Asuka nails a dropkick before picking up Rose.  Rose nails an elbow, but Asuka nails a knee into her head.  Asuka begins getting fired up and nails a shining wizard for a two count.  Asuka catches a kick from Rose as Sonya tags herself in.  Mandy almost hits Sonya before Asuka nails a big kick to Deville followed by the Asuka Lock which brings the tap out from Deville!

Winners:  Naomi & Asuka

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville begin making their way up the ramp as Naomi and Asuka celebrate in the ring. 

They show a highlight from Crown Jewel where Rey defeated Randy and took an RKO for it.

Daniel Bryan speaks... next.


A video package is shown for Lars Sullivan.  It's the same one from Survivor Series.  And he is Coming Soon.

Daniel Bryan's music hits as he makes his way out wearing street clothes.  He climbs into the ring acting strangely before asking for a microphone.  It's announced that AJ Styles will take on Daniel Bryan at TLC.

Bryan takes a moment embracing the hate before telling them to listen.  Bryan says that he doesn't expect these people to understand this.  He says that Daniel Bryan was an act of betrayal was nearly three years ago when he announced his retirement.  He says that that betrayal was when he gave up on his dreams.  Bryan says that the difference between himself and these people is that he doesn't accept his failure.  He says that Daniel Bryan decided to fight and see all of these doctors.  Bryan says that he spent three hours inside of a hyperbolic chamber every day that would speed up the healing process.  Bryan says that that chamber gave him time to come up with his new mantra.  Fight for your dreams and they will fight for you.  Bryan says that that worked!  He says how else do you explain the miracle of him returning to the ring?  Bryan says that he received the loudest YES chants of all time.

Bryan says for these people it was just a moment.  Bryan says that they weren't there for his fights and his obsession.  They weren't there when his doctors told him to move on.  Bryan says that they moved on when they chanted AJ Styles.  The crowd doesn't really chant along with that though.  Bryan calls them fickle, fickle, fickle... fickle, fickle, fickle.  Daniel says that he stopped fighting.  Bryan says that when the referee was down, his dreams took over.  Bryan says that Bryan's Dreams kicked AJ Styles in the balls.  Daniel Bryan's dreams made him realize that he didn't need these people for anything.  Daniel Bryan's Dreams he didn't need to beat Brock Lesnar to win.  He says that Daniel Bryan's Dreams won when he allowed Brock to beat the weakness out of him.  He says that there was a new emergence after that match.  Bryan says that the old Daniel Bryan that these people loved is Dead.  He says the Yes movement is Dead.  Daniel Bryan says that all that is left is you, the new Daniel Bryan.  The WWE Champion Daniel Bryan.  Bryan says that the only thing that matters is that you ever give up on your dreams ever, ever again.

Daniel Bryan leaves the ring and grabs the announcer.  He announces him again as the WWE Champion, The NEW Daniel Bryan.  He sits on the announce table and stares at the announcers strangely.

Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton is next.



Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio


The match starts with Orton delivering an elbow to the face of Rey.  Rey sets up Randy for the 619, but Randy rolls out of the ring.  Rey catches himself on the apron and leaps off for a seated senton.  Rey rolls Randy into the ring and climbs to the top rope.  Randy catches him up there and begins ripping at the mask as the crowd is not pleased.  Randy puts him in the tree of woe as we head into a...


We come back as Rey is punching Orton in the midsection.  Rey runs into the ropes and gets caught with a scoop slam for a two count.  Orton lifts Rey to the top rope, and he begins yanking and ripping on the mask some more.  Randy has ripped it up pretty bad before Rey elbows him down.  Randy runs back and catches a boot before Rey leaps for a missile dropkick.  Orton isn't knocked off his feet as he stands over Rey.  He lifts him up and takes a kick for it.  Rey nails a dropkick to the face.  Rey begins clapping to get the crowd into it.  Rey hits a springboard seated senton into a wheelbarrow bulldog followed by a springboard leg drop for a two count!  Rey kicks Randy onto the second rope.  Randy catches the 619 and tries for the DDT to no avail.  Rey counters him into the ropes and nails the 619, but Randy rolls out of the ring.  Rey hits a baseball slide to knock Orton down.

Rey hits the sliding splash underneath the bottom rope to the outside, but Randy nails an RKO on the outside of the ring.  Randy lifts the dead weight of Rey up before rolling him into the ring.  Randy climbs in and lifts Rey by his mask before nailing another RKO for the three count!

Winner:  Randy Orton

Randy Orton grabs a steel chair and wraps it around the neck of Rey before sending him into the steel post.  Randy Orton takes off the mask of Rey as referees throw towels on his head to hide his anonymity. Randy holds the mask up as he smirks down at Rey to close the show.

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