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WWE Survivor Series 2018 (11/18) Los Angeles, CA

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Nov 18, 2018

WWE Survivor Series 2018 (11/18) Los Angeles, CA

Welcome to the live coverage for WWE Survivor Series 2018!  The show starts at 7 pm EST, but here is the line-up for the show.

  • WWE Champion Daniel Bryan vs. WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar
  • Raw Womens Champion Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair
  • Men's Survivor Series Match - Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Finn Balor, & Bobby Lashley vs. The Miz, Shane McMahan, Samoa Joe, Rey Mysterio, & Jeff Hardy
  • Women's Survivor Series Match - Sasha Banks, Mickie James, Nia Jax, Tamina Snuka, & Bayley vs. Carmella, Asuka, Naomi, Sonya Deville, & Mandy Rose
  • Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins vs. United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura
  • Raw Tag Team Champions Authors of Pain vs. SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bar
  • Tag Team Survivor Series Match - Bobby Roode & Chad Gable, The Ascension, Lucha House Party, The B-Team, & The Revival vs. The Usos, The New Day, The Good Brothers, The Colons, & SAnitY
  • WWE Cruiserweight Championship Buddy Murphy (c) vs. Mustafa Ali


Join us here at 7 pm for the results as they happen!


Survivor Series 2018


The show opens with a video package showing the various feuds and hyping Team Raw versus Team SmackDown.

The crowd is shown before Carmella's music plays.  She comes out with a microphone in her hand before R-Truth follows her out.  They sing Truth's theme song together as they make their way to the ring.  The rest of Carmella's team comes out followed by the Raw Team.  Heavy boos for Nia Jax as she makes her way out.


Team SmackDown (Carmella, Naomi, Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, & Asuka) vs. Team Raw (Nia Jax, Tamina Snuka, Bayley, Sasha Banks, & Mickie James)


Tamina Snuka and Naomi are starting this one off.  Naomi starts off with a side headlock before rolling up Tamina for a two count.  Naomi picks her up before Tamina knocks down a few of SmackDown's women before a huge brawl happens.  The ring is eventually cleared before it's Nia Jax and Naomi.  Naomi kicks Jax out of the ring, but Tamina hits a big boot for a three count!  Right after that, Carmella rolls up Tamina for the three count!

ELIMINATED:  Naomi & Tamina Snuka

Carmella begins a dance party, but Nia just manhandles Carmella.  The crowd is furious!  Mandy Rose tags in as Nia kicks her to the floor.  Mandy gets up and hits a big knee to floor Nia!  Nia tags out as Mickie comes in.  Mickie hits a big neckbreaker for a two count.  James lifts up Rose, but Rose applies an abdominal stretch instead.  James rolls through and applies a submission, but Rose grabs the ropes quickly.  Rose slaps James and tags in Asuka.  Asuka and James stand off for a few seconds before they tie up.  Asuka and James collide in the center of the ring before Asuka screams at her.  Asuka hits the hip attack before applying an Octopus stretch.  James rolls out and gets a roll-up for a two count!  Asuka tags out to Sonya who delivers some shots to the body.  James hits a big hurricanrana from the corner before James hits a snapmare.  She hits the ropes, but Bayley tags herself in.  Bayley hits some elbows before covering for a two count.  Sasha tags in.

Sasha sets up Sonya in the corner before dropping knees into the midsection.  James tags herself in and hits the leaping Lou Thesz from the top rope for a two count.  Sonya hits a spear before Mandy tags her in.  Sonya hits a big running knee before Rose leaps into the cover!  She gets the three count!

ELIMINATED:  Mickie James

Rose tags out to Carmella as Bayley enters the ring.  Bayley misses a big dive before Carmella hits the moonwalk DDT on Bayley.  She puts her foot on the top rope before slamming Bayley's head into it.  Carmella runs towards Bayley who hits a Bayley-to-Belly for the three count!


Mandy Rose enters the ring and begins stomping on Bayley as Corey Graves sings her praise.  Rose whips Bayley into the corner, but Bayley catches her with an elbow.  Bayley rolls out and tags out to Sasha!  Banks hits a big dropkick, but she misses the knee strike.  Sasha Banks hits the Bank Statement in the center of the ring before Mandy Rose taps out!


Sonya Deville unleashes on Sasha before tagging out to Asuka who hits some hip attacks.  She kicks Sasha to the floor before covering her for a two count.  Sonya Deville tags in and applies a body scissors before twisting her around.  Sasha stands up with her on her back before slamming Sonya into the corner.  Sasha slings her off, but she's cut off by Sonya.  She rolls through and tags out to Bayley!  Bayley hits some big offense before hitting a big knee strike followed by some shoulder charges in the corner.  Bayley nails a big knee strike in the corner for a two count.  Sonya throws Bayley onto the apron before punching her right in the midsection  Bayley rolls into the ring, but Sonya hits a big spear for a two count as Nia breaks it up.  Nia is booed heavily.  She misses a spear in the corner which allows Asuka to kick her head into the steel post.  She falls outside as Asuka struts around.  Sasha hits a big meteora from the apron to floor her.  Bayley hits a big belly-to-back suplex for a two count inside of the ring.  Both Sonya and Bayley stumble out of the ring!  They fight outside of the ring and are both counted out!

ELIMINATED:  Sonya Deville & Bayley

Sasha Banks and Asuka stand off in the center of the ring before they both hit each other with dropkicks.  Asuka hits the flapjack knee to the chin before hitting a big release German suplex!  Sasha climbs up on the apron as does Nia.  Asuka hits a hip attack to knock Nia off.  Sasha kicks Asuka back into the ring.  Asuka kicks Sasha out of the ring.  Asuka climbs out, but Sasha yanks her foot out from underneath her letting Asuka fall on the apron.  Asuka hits a hip attack before rolling Sasha back into the ring.  Asuka climbs to the top before hitting a dropkick for a two count.  Asuka lifts up Sasha before hitting some big blows.  Asuka is trying for the Asuka Lock and gets rolled up for a two count.  Sasha kicks Asuka to the corner and drives double knees into her.  Sasha Banks climbs to the top rope, but Nia pushes Sasha off into the Asuka Lock!  Sasha taps out!

ELIMINATED:  Sasha Banks

Nia Jax enters the ring and drops three leg drops on Asuka as the crowd is LIVID.  Nia Jax lifts up Asuka and hits a big Samoan Drop before cocky covering Asuka for the three count!

Winners:  TEAM RAW


Raw 1, SmackDown 0

Backstage, Baron Corbin is shown with Stephanie.  Corbin says that this is just the beginning.  Stephanie says that last week was a black mark on his career.  Stephanie threatens his job if he doesn't pull it together tonight.  Paige and Shane walk in at this point.  Paige says that they will be feeling blue by the end of the night.  Stephanie says that Shane won't be able to steal the win tonight like he did the World Cup.  Corbin talks about how the invasion didn't quite work out for them as they lost AJ and Becky.  Shane says that the crowd is going to be part to something great when Baron gets fired.


Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins vs. United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura


The bell sounds as these two stand off.  They slowly circle as the crowd is murmuring.  Rollins approaches before Shinsuke kicks him away.  They go for tie-up, but Shinsuke squirms out of it.  They go for the third attempt as they are at a stalemate.  Shinsuke backs him into the ropes as Shinsuke rests his head on his stomach before backing away.  Shinsuke tells him to COME ON.  Rollins feigns running at him before smirking as Shinsuke flinches.  Shinsuke begins applying a wristlock as the commentators talk about Rollins not being all-there for this match.  Rollins rolls up Shinsuke for a two count before telling Shinsuke to COME ON.  Shinsuke charges before Seth rolls him up for a two count.  Rollins tries for the Ripchord Knee, but Shinsuke grabs the ropes.  Nakamura slides out of the ring to recuperate.

Shinsuke climbs up onto the apron before Seth perches on the top rope and tells him to bring it.  Shinsuke comes in and tries for the test of strength before kicking Rollins in the gut.  Shinsuke delivers a few more knees before Rollins hits a big clothesline to stop him.  Rollins rushes towards Shinsuke and is thrown to the apron.  Shinsuke tries for some kicks that miss before trying for a ram.  Rollins leaps up and delivers a leg drop across Shinsuke across the second rope!  Rollins rolls him outside and tries for the suicide dive, but Shinsuke kicks him in the head!  Shinsuke hits the running kneelift on the apron as Rollins is leaning out!

Shinsuke rolls Rollins into the ring and applies some Bad Vibrations.  Shinsuke hits a suplex for a two count.  He begins choking out Rollins with his boot in the ropes as the referee is yelling at him to stop. Shinsuke continues his assault in the corner before Rollins grabs his foot and hits a Black Out into the corner!  Rollins staggers to his feet before catching Shinsuke with a chop.  Rollins begins getting heavy shots in before Rollins hits a Slingblade!  Rollins catches Shinsuke with a big boot.  Shinsuke climbs to the top rope, but Rollins grabs him from there.  Shinsuke delivers some elbows, but Rollins just dumps him outside onto the apron!  Shinsuke gets to his feet before taking two suicide dives from Seth Rollins!  The crowd chants one more time as Rollins agrees with them as he delivers another.

Seth rolls in Shinsuke before hitting a springboard clothesline for a two count!  Shinsuke nails a spinning kick that floors Rollins.  Shinsuke begins giving some big kicks to Seth followed by a big knee to the gut.  Shinsuke hits a big running kneelift in the corner for a two count.  Nakamura sets up for the reverse Exploder, but Seth blocks it.  Shinsuke hits a one-leg lungblower before Rollins rolls him through.  Shinsuke charges and takes a huge superkick to the face as he slides into it.  Seth covers for a two count.  Seth picks up Shinsuke for a powerbomb, but Shinsuke rakes his eyes!  Shinsuke begins stomping viciously on Seth.  Seth responds back with a barrage of blows!  Shinsuke dodges a clothesline of Rollins before applying a triangle choke!

Seth Rollins powers up Shinsuke and hits a Buckle Bomb to floor both of them.  Seth Rollins begins stomping his foot before hitting a kick to the midsection.  Rollins goes for the Ripchord knee, but Shinsuke blocks it with a shoulderblock before hitting a backdrop for a two count.  Shinsuke climbs to the top rope before Rollins leaps up there to hit a Superplex followed by the roll-through Falcon Arrow for a two count!

Both men are slow to their feet before exchanging blows.  Rollins is baited by Shinsuke before Shinsuke unloads on him.  Shinsuke hits a reverse Exploder suplex, but the Kinshasa is dodged.  Rollins hits the Ripchord Knee, but Shinsuke kicks out at two!  Rollins climbs to the top rope as Nakamura is still down.  He tries for the Frog Splash, but Shinsuke dodges it and nails a KINSHASA! Shinsuke covers him, but it's only good for two!  Shinsuke sets up for another, but Seth catches him with a superkick and misses the STOMP.  Shinsuke tries for the Kinshasa, but he misses!  Seth uses his fallen state to slam his face into the mat with the STOMP for the three count!

Winner:  Seth Rollins


Raw - 2, SmackDown - 0


Drew McIntyre, Dolph, and the rest of the Raw team is shown backstage before Braun walks in.  He says that he doesn't like Dolph, Drew, and Bobby.  He says that he doesn't even know who Lio Rush is.  He says that Finn is good, but he needs to hold up his part of the team.  Drew says that Braun is a mindless meat-castle and that he better stay out of Drew's way.  Baron steps into the room and tells Braun to shut up.  Baron says that Braun can't touch him.  Braun grabs Lio and throws him into Baron.  R-Truth walks in and asks what they are doing.  He says that they need to be on the same page.  Corbin asks what the hell is he doing in their room before throwing him out.


SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bar w/ The Big Show vs. Raw Tag Team Champions The Authors of Pain w/ Drake Maverick


Sheamus starts things off before Cesaro runs in and flattens Akam.  Cesaro tags in to take out Rezar.  Cesaro hits a big uppercut before knocking Rezar to the floor.  Akam takes out Sheamus before getting caught in a Swing! Cesaro is then brutalized by Rezar.  Rezar tags out as Akam comes in to choke out Cesaro on the ropes following a big elbow drop.  Rezar tags in as the two deliver brutal knee strikes to Cesaro.  Akam tags in before hitting a big punch to the face of Cesaro followed by a snapmare and a side headlock.  Cesaro begins fighting out before hitting a European uppercut.  Akam floors him and begins pounding on his chest.  Rezar tags in as they hit a big throwing kick to the chest combination move!  Rezar is rolled up by Cesaro, but the referee is distracted by Sheamus accidentally!  Akam tags in once more, but Cesaro breaks free with some uppercuts.  Cesaro begins to find his rhythm, but Akam floors him with a clothesline for a two count.  Akam applies a chinlock to Cesaro while driving a knee into his back.

Cesaro begins to fight up with elbows to the ribs followed by uppercuts.  Cesaro hits a springboard uppercut as they both slow crawl!  Sheamus tags in as does Rezar!  Sheamus hits some big bows followed by a pump knee strike.  Sheamus floors Akam before Rezar lifts him onto the apron.  Sheamus begins pounding on the chest of Rezar for ten times before climbing to the top with a leaping clothesline!  Sheamus covers him for a two count.

Maverick climbs up onto the apron, but Sheamus shoos him off.  Sheamus nails the Brogue Kick and he covers, but Maverick places Rezar's boot on the bottom rope.  Cesaro chases Maverick around before Show catches him.  Show holds him on the apron before Drake Maverick pisses himself.  Sheamus, Cesaro, and Show all laugh about it before the Authors of Pain knock Sheamus into Cesaro before finishing off Sheamus with their suplex into a powerbomb finish for the three count.

Winners:  The Authors of Pain


Raw - 3, SmackDown - 0


A commercial is shown for TLC before the SmackDown group is shown backstage.  Shane McMahan is hyping up the entire room hyping up everyone with Miz being his hype man.  Truth stumbles in and talks about joining the SmackDown roster.  Miz talks about getting everyone a signed copy of The Marine:  Close Quarters.  Truth says that he'd love a signed copy from Becky. 


Cruiserweight Championship
Buddy Murphy (c) vs. Mustafa Ali


The bell sounds as they perform some aerial dodges before Murphy rams Ali into the corner and begins hitting some big blows.  Murphy pushes Ali out of the corner before Ali delivers a big forearm to the chin of Murphy.  Ali is thrown into the corner, but he flips out.  Ali hits a big hurricanrana before hitting a big dropkick to knock Murphy outside.  Ali hits a leaping 360 splash onto Murphy on the outside.  Ali rolls Murphy in, but the referee doesn't even reach a one count.  Murphy rolls outside, but Ali kicks him into the barricade.  Ali climbs to the top rope, but Murphy slides underneath him and pushes him into the barricade from the top rope!  Murphy takes a breather. 

Murphy throws Ali around the outside before flinging him inside the ring.  Buddy Murphy grabs Ali to his knees before kicking him right in the back.  Murphy slaps Ali, but Ali throws a punch to catch him on the chin.  Murphy hits a big backdrop followed by a kick to the back.  Murphy covers him for a two count.  Murphy drives a knee into the back of Ali before applying a chinlock.  The crowd begins to build for Ali who punches out of the hold.  Murphy pounds him into the mat before Ali hits a big splash onto Murphy after being picked up.  Ali kicks Murphy a few times before springing Murphy into the turnbuckle.  Ali follows up with some big forearms.  Murphy charges forward, but he receives a kick for good measure.  Ali tries to spring from the top rope, but Murphy pushes him outside as he splashes down there.  Murphy leaps over the top rope with a plancha to take them both out.

Buddy climbs to the top rope after rolling Ali in.  Murphy misses before catching three superkicks from Ali.  Mustafa Ali hits a reverse hurricanrana for a two count!  Murphy begins hitting some big kicks, but Ali hits a kick to stop him.  Murphy is caught between the ropes as Ali hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT for a two count!  Ali pulls Murphy into position before climbing to the top rope!  Murphy is able to push the leg outside as Ali crash lands.  Buddy Murphy strips the German announce table before pulling Mustafa Ali onto it.  Ali hits a kick to stop him before taking a few steps back.  Ali leaps onto the announce table and hits a Spanish Fly to the floor!  The crowd chants 2-0-5!

Mustafa Ali rolls in Murphy before climbing up.  Murphy stops him there by grabbing his hair, trapping his head for a superkick, and hits a double powerbomb for a two count!  The crowd chants that this is awesome before Murphy tries for Murphy's Law, but Ali rolls him up for a two count.  Ali springs from the corner before Buddy hits a leaping knee to the chin followed by Murphy's Law for the three count and the win!

Winner:  Buddy Murphy


Daniel Bryan is shown walking backstage where an interviewer stops him.  Bryan laughs at her, but he doesn't give an answer.

A promo for Lars Sullivan is shown with quotes playing to hype him up as he's COMING SOON.


Team Raw (Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler, Braun Strowman, & Finn Balor) w/Constable Baron Corbin & Lio Rush vs. Team SmackDown (The Miz, Shane McMahon, Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy, & Rey Mysterio)


The match starts off with both sides standing off.  Finally, Samoa Joe is going to start for his team against Drew McIntyre who tags himself in.  Samoa Joe applies the Coquina Clutch, but Drew rolls out of it.  Joe applies it again, but Drew rolls out and nails the Claymore Kick to Samoa Joe for the three count!


Jeff Hardy enters the ring as Drew begins roughing him up in the corner.  Jeff begins doing the DELETE chant before Drew nails some big right hands to stop that.  Jeff kicks Drew before he gets caught by a massive clothesline.  Dolph tags in and tries for a superkick, but Jeff is tagged out by Shane.  Shane begins unleashing blows upon Dolph!  Dolph gets out and nails a big dropkick before taking some big shots from Shane.  Shane hits some big shots.  Shane tries for the DDT, but Dolph rolls him up for a two count.  Dolph hits the Fameasser for the two count.  Shane catches a kick from Dolph before delivering a wicked elbow shot.  Dolph hits a big Zig Zag, but Miz stops the pin at two!  Miz tags in, but there are a series of roll-ups followed by a dropkick from Dolph.  Braun tags himself in.  McIntyre tags himself in as soon as he does.  Strowman unloads on Drew as the team begins trying to stop Strowman!  SmackDown enters the ring and begins getting dismantled by Braun as well!  SmackDown beats down Strowman who throws them all off.  Rey hits the 619 on Braun as the rest throw him out of the ring.  Miz slams Drew's head off the steel post.

Shane begins dismantling the announce table as Team SmackDown is standing tall for the moment.  Shane climbs to the top rope as Strowman is on the announce table.  Shane leaps and takes them both out with the Leap of Faith!  Baron Corbin is furious!  Back into the ring and it's Miz trying to pin Drew.  Miz nails a big boot to Drew on his knees.  The Miz takes a big headbutt from Drew before Drew feigns tagging out to Balor before deciding against it.  Miz tries for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Drew shakes him off.  Finn kicks Drew right in the head after tagging in!  Finn Balor hits a big kick to Miz before hitting a moon stomp on him!  Finn rolls up Miz for a two count.  Balor kicks Miz in the side of the head before climbing up.  Miz rolls out of the ring as Balor hits some big kicks to him and nails a Slingblade to Jeff.  Rey tags in!

Rey hits a seated senton before hitting a springboard crossbody!  Finn catches Rey's next move before hitting an Eye of the Hurricane on him.  Rey sets up Finn for the 619!  He misses it though as Finn nails a Slingblade!  Finn hits the running dropkick to put Rey in the corner.  He climbs up to the top and misses the move before Rey sets him up again!  619 connects as Rey covers Finn for the three count!


McIntyre floors Rey before lifting up Balor and tossing him out of the ring.  Drew tags out as he's attacked by Rey.  Bobby slides into the ring and nails Rey.  Bobby hoists up Rey for a gorilla press.  Rey tries to slide underneath his legs only for Bobby to lift him up and throw him into the corner.  Lashley hoists up Rey for the delayed vertical suplex before Rey fights out of the Lashley Dilemma with a suplex of his own!  Rey kicks Lashley in the side of the head with the enzuigiri.  Dolph tags in as he receives a kick to his head for it.  Jeff tags in and begins unloading on Dolph.  Hardy floors Dolph before hitting a big leg drop to the groin.  Jeff motions for Dolph to be deleted.  He tries for the Twist of Fate, but Dolph pushes him away.  Jeff floors Drew on the apron before hitting the tornado DDT to the floor!  Jeff slides back in and catches a big spike DDT from Dolph for a two count!

Dolph misses the superkick and takes a Twist of Fate before Jeff strips the shirt and climbs up to the top for the Swanton Bomb onto the knees of Dolph Ziggler!  Both men are down.  Ziggler crawls to the wrong corner before Miz tags in.  Miz hits the seated corner clothesline.  Shane climbs up onto the apron as Miz points to the opposite corner.  Shane climbs up as he's limping around.  Shane goes Coast-to-Coast before covering Dolph for the three count.

ELIMINATED:  Dolph Ziggler

Lashley rushes into the ring and hits some belly-to-belly suplexes to take out Shane.  Lashley is unloading on Shane with rights and lefts.The Miz tags in and dodges a spear from Lashley.  Shane is barely able to stand, but Miz is urging Shane to nail another Coast-to-Coast, but Braun SWATS him out of the air.  Lashley rolls into a cover, but Rey stops it!  Rey drags Shane to his corner and tags in Jeff.  Jeff is unleashing on Braun who also tags in.  Braun nails a powerslam on Jeff Hardy and goodnight!


Rey Mysterio is fighting now against Braun Strowman.  He sets up for the 619, but Braun catches him.  Huge powerslam from Braun and see ya later, Rey!

ELIMINATED:  Rey Mysterio

Braun chases Miz around the ring before throwing him back into the ring nails another powerslam that is good for a three count.


Shane McMahon cannot even stand as he pulls himself up into the ring.  Shane is not even able to stand.  The other three are laughing as Braun taunts Shane.  Shane walks over and tells Braun to bring it.  Strowman hits a big dropkick to Shane before ramming him into the corner and lifts him up for the running powerslam for the three count!

Winners:  TEAM RAW (Survivors being Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre, & Braun Strowman)


After the match, Corbin clotheslines Strowman from behind as he escapes with Lashley and McIntyre.  Strowman stews in the ring as he glares at him.


Raw - 4, SmackDown - 0


Seth Rollins is interviewed backstage where he says that he had to focus on Shinsuke or else be kicked in the head.  He says that he's going to take an ice bath now.  The interviewer tells Seth that he has a match with Dean at TLC for the Intercontinental Championship.  Seth says that he won't have anything to hide behind come TLC.


Raw Women's Champion Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair


The bell sounds before they tie up.  Charlotte throws off Ronda.  Charlotte tries for the head kick, but Ronda dodges it.  Charlotte hits a chop to the back of Ronda's knee before they begin tying it up.  Ronda is pulled away by the referee before Charlotte pushes Ronda to the floor!  Ronda tries for the armbar, but Charlotte gets out of it.  Charlotte tries for the Figure-8, but it's reversed.  Charlotte rolls up Ronda for a two count.  Charlotte floors Ronda into a side headlock.  Charlotte throws Ronda face-first into the bottom turnbuckle before driving kicks and knees into the back of Ronda.  Charlotte hits a big release suplex for a two count.  Charlotte begins softening up the legs of Ronda.  Charlotte applies a version of the STF by applying a forearm to the back of Ronda's head.  Ronda is bleeding from the mouth!

Ronda fights out, but she's quickly taking more elbows to the knee of Ronda.  Rousey gets out onto the apron before Charlotte tries to ram her only to catch a knee.  Ronda applies an armbar on the ropes for a five count.  Ronda climbs up to the top rope, but Charlotte kicks her leg out from underneath her.  Ronda slams down upon the top turnbuckle before Charlotte climbs up.  Ronda pushes her off before rolling into an armbar!  Charlotte rolls her up for a two count.  Charlotte is trying to get out and does into a Boston crab!  Ronda is crawling for the ropes!  Charlotte tries for the Figure-8, but Ronda kicks her away.  Ronda grabs the arm of Charlotte and begins for the armbar after dodging the Natural Selection.  Charlotte rolls out of the way.  Charlotte hits a backbreaker followed by a kick from Charlotte.

Charlotte goes for the moonsault, but Ronda hits a boot to block her!  Ronda Rousey hits a running senton before getting fired up!  SPEAR to Ronda!  Charlotte covers her for a close two count.  Charlotte rolls up Ronda into a Figure-4-Leglock!  Ronda is trying to stop her from bridging into a Figure-8.  Ronda rolls the hold over to reverse the pressure of the Figure-4-Leglock.  They both roll out of the ring and to the floor.

Ronda grabs Charlotte and throws her into the barricade.  She rolls Charlotte into the ring before hitting some armdrags.  Ronda begins delivering some big blows.  Charlotte delivers some chops and some more!  Ronda is falling to the ground.  Flair chops Ronda again, but the second is caught.  Ronda eats a big boot from Charlotte for a two count!  Both are slow to their feet, but Ronda tries for the armbar that is reversed.  Charlotte tries to escape outside, but Ronda pulls her back in and hits The Piper's Pit.  Ronda tries for the armbar, but Charlotte hooks her hands to stop it.  Charlotte rolls outside of the ring.  Flair rolls into the ring to stop the count at 8, but Ronda chases her.  Charlotte catches her with a kendo stick to the ribs!

Winner (by DQ):  Ronda Rousey

Charlotte sends Ronda into the steel steps and begins destroying Ronda with the Kendo Stick!  The stick is shattering to pieces after about the fifteenth shot!  Charlotte rolls Ronda into the ring, and begins laying into he with another stick!  Charlotte grabs a steel chair and climbs back into the ring.  The referee grabs the chair from Charlotte.  The referee gets Charlotte to leave after screaming in her face.  Charlotte finally re-enters the ring and nails a Natural Selection onto the steel chair!  More referees flood into the ring and Charlotte takes them all out!  Charlotte sets up the steel chair around the throat of Ronda!  Charlotte pushes the last referee out of the ring before STOMPING on the chair!  Agents begin sliding into the ring as Charlotte looks deranged.  The crowd is chanting "Thank You, Charlotte!" as she leaves slowly.

After Charlotte leaves, Ronda Rousey is trying to stand up and she eventually does.  Ronda mouths "I'm sorry" before leaving out of the ring as the bruises and scratches are shown all over her body.  Ronda slowly makes her way up the ramp before looking over the audience as they boo her.


Raw - 5, SmackDown - 0


AJ Styles has a 365 Special after the PPV.  An advertisement is shown for TLC. 


WWE Champion Daniel Bryan vs. WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar


The bell sounds as Bryan attacks the knee of Brock early!  Bryan rolls out of the ring and begins moving around the ring with a jog.  Bryan climbs up onto the apron before stepping off. Brock finally gives chase as Bryan rolls in and does the mocking Yes chant.  Brock climbs into the ring, but Bryan charges him.  Bryan is mocking Brock's dance.  Bryan tries for a kick, but Brock just catches it and CLOBBERS Bryan.  Brock grabs Bryan for a release German suplex that looks nasty.  Bryan is laid out on the apron.  The referee is checking on Daniel, but Brock drags him back into the ring.  Lesnar says Suplex City that begins a chant.  Lesnar nails another that looks almost as bad as the first.  Bryan is unresponsive.  Brock hoists up Bryan and throws him across the ring.  Brock hits a belly-to-belly release suplex.  Brock hits a second one.  Brock kicks Bryan out of the ring to the floor.  Lesnar grabs his Universal Championship and hoists it up.

Brock rolls outside and sends Bryan into the barricade.  Brock rolls Bryan across the ring and to the other side.  Brock lifts up Bryan inside of the ring and applies a bearhug.  The referee is asking Bryan what he says.  Brock SLAMS Bryan down to the mat with a thud.  Brock lifts up Bryan and pushes him to the mat.  Brock mocks the crowd saying that this is their champion?  Brock hits another release German suplex.  This is very slow as Brock continues destroying Bryan.  Brock applies the bearhug once again.  Brock hits a release belly-to-belly suplex.  Lesnar yanks Bryan to the center of the ring before hitting the F-5.  Brock says Goodnight everybody as he hits it.  Brock pulls him up at two.  Brock hits another release German suplex.  Bryan kicks Brock right in the face.

Bryan hits another as Brock falls to his knees.  Brock hoists up Bryan for the F-5 and the legs of Bryan hit Chioda.  Bryan kicks Brock right in the balls before hitting the running knee for the two count.  Bryan begins attacking Brock with a flurry of blows.  Bryan holds both arms of Brock and stomps the hell out of his head!  Brock is gasping heavily as Bryan collapses for a moment.  Both are slow to their feet before Brock catches Bryan.  Bryan dodges out of the F-5 and sends Brock over the top rope!  He leaps over the top rope onto Brock who catches him.  Bryan slips out of it and sends Brock into the steel post.  Bryan hits a running dive onto Brock on the outside of the ring.  Daniel Bryan hits a suicide dive that Brock catches him in mid-air before ramming him into the steel post!

Brock Lesnar grabs Bryan and rams him into the steel post once more.  Brock grabs the steel steps and rams them into the steel post as the steps fall back on him.  Bryan managed to get out of the way.  Bryan runs across the apron and nails another running knee.  Bryan kicks Brock right in the ribs before Brock catches him with one and rolls him in.  Daniel Bryan is grinning as he nails another running knee for a two count! 

They both make it to their feet before Bryan chop-blocks Brock and wraps his leg around the post!  Bryan rolls Brock back into the ring before climbing up to the top.  Missile dropkick sends Brock back!  Daniel Bryan is pulling on his hair as he's powering up!  A dropkick in the corner followed by a second, but the third is stopped by Brock who lifts him up.  Brock's knee gives out on him.  Bryan applies the YES Lock!  Brock almost taps before pulling Bryan's hand off of it.  Bryan reapplies after nailing some big punches to the back of Brock's head.  Brock rolls Bryan up for a two count before Brock hoists up Bryan and nails an F-5!  Brock covers and it's good enough for a three count.

Winner:  Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar begins hobbling up the rampway as Daniel Bryan licks his lips with a grin in the ring.


Raw - 6, SmackDown - 0

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