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WWE NXT Results (11/14)

Posted By: Aleczander Michaels on Nov 14, 2018

WWE NXT Results (11/14)

Welcome to NXT!

Bianca Belair vs Mia Yim

Belair makes her way to the ring and now Yim makes her way to the ring.

Yim with a quick pin attempt and now a side headlock takedown in which Belair fights out of, Belair with a shoulder tackle and now Yim with knee strikes and now a drop kick and another and another and now another. Belair working on the neck now Yim reversing into a couple 2 counts. Belair with Yim in the corner and now Belair with a couple kicks and back to the neck of Yim. Belair talking trash gets foot swiped and faceplants the mat, and now Belair back to the neck of Yim and Yim fights out. Yim drops Belair into the middle turnbuckle and now a series of kicks and now a gutwrench suplex for 2. Yim with kicks now and gets met with a spinebuster for 2. Belair with shoulders into the corner now, Yim with a series of strikes into a spike DDT for 2. Yim with a cannonball into the corner and and Belair with the KOD for the win.

Winner Belair

A look into the Gargano/Black feud.

Riddle backstage and says its been amazing for him and Ohno interrupts him and wants to face him.

Karissa Rivera vs Lacey Evans

Rivera already in the ring and now Evans makes her way to the ring.

Evans with a knee and now a drop toe hold into pushups on her back and now into the corner, Rivera with a few strikes into a drop kick for a 1 count. Evans now slamming her head into the mat repeatedly and now Women's Right.

Winner Lacey Evans

After the match Evans insults the entire women's locker room and gives her normal promo in "class" 

A look into the Ciampa/Dream match.

A look into the Sane/Baszler match/feud.

Hanson vs Kyle O'Reilly

Hanson makes his way to the ring and now O'Reilly makes his way to the ring.

Kyle with a kick and now a couple strikes and now Hanson with a shoulder tackle, Kyle doing what he can to take down Hanson and now Hanson with a shoulder tackle again and splash into the corner and now an Irish Whip and the chest strikes. Kyle with strikes to the left knee and now swipes the feet out from under Hanson, Kyle working on the knee again and a 2 count. Hanson with a slam and misses a splash but is caught with a kick, Kyle with an outside dragon screw on the left leg and now a kneebar Hanson with a boot to the face to break the hold and now into a back body drop to Kyle. Hanson with rights and lefts into a sidewalk slam now the splash, Hanson with a slam for a 2 count. Kyle to the knee and a knee to the face, Hanson with a straight right and now a suicide dive, Cole comes down the ramp for the distraction and now misses and Kyle with a knee and 2 count. Kyle now with an ankle lock and a rope break, Cole with a kick and now Kyle with a right and then a kick for 2. Roe takes out Cole and now Kyle with a series of strikes and now Hanson with a clothesline. Roe takes out Cole but the rest of Undisputed Era come out now and so does Dunne and all hell breaks lose on the outside of the ring. Kyle slams the title into the head of Hanson and the win.

Winner Kyle O'Reilly

-End of show- 


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