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WWE Evolution Live Coverage And Results (10/28)

Posted By: Elio C. Jr. on Oct 28, 2018

WWE Evolution Live Coverage And Results (10/28)

Welcome to WWE Evolution the first ever all women's pay per view and we are live from the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York

We kick things off with a performance of "Evolution" and we go to the commentary team which is comprised of Renee Young, Michael Cole and WWE Hall Of Famer, "The Glamazon" Beth Phoenix.

We go up to the ring to kick things off with tag team action to open the show


Lita and Mickie lock up and Lita backs Mickie into the corner. Exchange of right hands and Mickie with an irish whip but Lita with a hurricanrana. Lita rolls through unloading with punches and Alicia tags in and Lita brings Alicia in the hard way.

Clothesline in the corner. Irish whip across the ring and Mickie is brough in the hardway as they're both in the corner. Trish in with a double team and Trish flips Alicia over

Snapmare by Trish. Slap to Alicia and Alicia tags Mickie. Mickie and Trish exchange right hands. Irish whip reversed by Mickie and Trish with the Thesz Press. Trish runs into a boot and Mickie sitting on the top rope. Trish and Mickie exchanging punches on the top rope and a hurricanrana by Trish. Tag by Lita and Double suicide dive but Mickie and Alicia move out of the way

They make their way up the ramp but Lita and Trish stop them and bring them back into the ring. Lita taking care of both Mickie and Alicia. Lita goes to the top rope but Alexa with the distraction. Mickie with a kick to the spine and Lita kicking Mickie away. Alicia in and double team on Lita

Mickie in control keeping Lita grounded but Lita gets to her feet creating separation. Mickie still in control with a kick to Lita and a cheap shot to Trish. Northern Lights suplex by Alicia to Lita and Alicia with a chinlock. Lita trying to fight out of it and she hits a reverse DDT as both women looking for a tag. Mickie and Trish get the tag and Trish unloads with right hands

Headlock takedowns and a spinebuster to Mickie for a nearfall. Trish with a big chop in the corner. Trish with a nearfall and Alicia breaks up the pin but Lita back in delivers a Twist Of Fate to Fox.

Lita up top with the moonsault on Alicia. Trish with the chick kick to Mickie for the three count and the win

The winners of the match: Trish Stratus and Lita

Backstage: The Bella Twins are asked about Nikki's match against Ronda and Brie says Ronda is the one who made things personal by bringing up their love life. Nikki says tonight is about celebrating and she is dedicating her match to Ronda's mother and they are going to make Ronda and honorary member of The Bella Army and tonight when she walks out of HER show it will be as the Raw Women's Champion


After all the participants are in the ring. The Iiconics make their way out and cut a promo about how tonight is the last chance in the spotlight then the women in the ring can all go back to doing whatever losers do. The other women then attack The iiconics and eliminate them. Molly Holly is out followed by Kelly. Mandy and Sonya looking to eliminate Torrie Wilson. Torrie tries to fight back but they eventually eliminate her.

Mandy then eliminates Sonya. Nia eliminates Alundra Blayze. Carmella trying to eliminate Lana but Lana is still in. Maria with a DDT to Nia Jax. Bronco Buster to Tamina. Nia picks Maria up on her shoulders and eliminates her. Zelina with a running knee to Tamina.

Tamina and Nia with a face off and they cut the ring in half going after the other women. Lana trying to play peacemaker and a slap to Tamina. Tamina and Nia with a ddouble headbutt and Lana is eliminated. Nia with a slam to Tamina. Asuka goes after Nia. A Multiwoman suplex but it's blocked by Tamina who takes them all down with a quadruple suplex

We get a 7 second dance break and Ivory joins in. Mandy Rose is eliminated. Dana BRooke with a springboard elbow to Ember Moon. Suplex by Ember Moon and Dana is eliminated.

Michelle McCool with an uppercut to Carmella. Ember eliminates Michelle. Asuka and Naomi with a double team on Tamina and Tamina elimiates Naomi. Facebuster to Asuka by Ivory. Ember with a DDT to Nia Jax. Carmella is eliminated by Ember. Tamina going after Ivory. Ivory still in this and a crossbody onto Tamina. Ivory back to the top rope. Asuka accidentally bumps into Ivory almost eliminating her. Asuka eliminates her seconds later.

Ember and Asuka in the middle of the ring. Asuka with a backhand and a knee to the face and Asuka is out. Down to three women. Tamina, Nia and Ember Moon

Forarm to Tamina. Ember off the ropes hits a side slam to Ember. Kick to Nia by Tamina. Ember with an Eclipse to Tamina and Tamina is out and it is down to Nia Jax and Ember Moon

Nia bulldozes Ember to the mat. Nia throws Ember across the ring and Ember looking to eliminate Nia. Nia holding on and Zelina Vega goes after Ember and Nia but they both land on the apron. Nia back in goes after Zelins. Dlrrprtholf on Nia but Nia picks her up and throws her over the top rope.

\Dropkick and clotheslines to Nia. Powerbomb to Ember and Nia picks Ember up and throws her over the ropes to win the battle Royal

The winner of the match: Nia Jax


Shirai and Storm lock up and Shirai with a side headlock on Storm. Storm goes to work with a standing wristlock. Side headlock takedown by Storm. Shirai with a headscissors and Storm gets out of it. They shake hands

Lock up and Storm goes right to work on the arm but Shirai reverses it. Slaps and kicks by Storm and a dropkick to Shirai. Uppercut to Shirai. Irish whip and Shirai with a dropkick.

Knees to the midsection by Shirai. Storm goes to the top rope and Shirai meets her delivering a dropkick sending her crashing to the mat and Shirai up to the top rope goes flying through the air with a moonsault to Storm.

Storm Zero blocked by Shirai. Headbutt to the chin and german suplex on the apron. Shirai beats the count back in and unloads on Storm. Storm with a clothesline to Shirai and The Storm Zero for a nearfall

Shirai with a 619 and a sunset flip for the nearfall. Double knees to Storm and she goes to the top rope but Storm gets the knees up and delivers the Storm Zero for the three count

The winner of the match: Toni Storm


he Riott Squad came out dressed paying tribute to different horror characters. Ruby was dressed as Jigsaw. Liv was Pennywise. Logan was Leatherface.

Natalya and Morgan started out. Liv mocked her and got slapped for it. Natalya and Sasha did a Hart Attack in tribute to the Hart Foundation. Bayley worked over Logan, who went to the floor. Bayley followed her to the floor and nailed a dropkick. The Squad distracted Bayley, who went for a move through the ropes but was dropkicked into the ringpost by Logan. They worked her over with kicks in the corner.

The Riott Squad began tagging in and out, working over Bayley’s abdominal region.

Bayley was worked over for a long time but broke free, only to see her partners pulled off the apron and attacked, preventing the tag. Bayley fought back again and this time, Banks made the hot tag. Banks came off the top with a big Thesz Press on Ruby for a two count. She and Riott went back and forth with some really good action.

Banks nailed a Backstabber. Bayley hit Riott with the Bayley to Belly but Liv knocked Sasha into Bayley and broke up the pinfall. Banks fought back and went for a tope con hilo but got caught in the ropes. Riott caught her and tossed her into the guard rail. They brought her back into the ring and triple teamed her. They nailed a Doomsday Device variation for a two count, but Natalya made the save.

Natalya was dumped out of the ring by Morgan. Ruby went for a back senton splash off the top but Bayley dove on top of Banks, sacrificing herself. They tossed Bayley to the outside and covered Banks for a two count. The Riott Squad continued working her over until finally Natalya made the tag in.

Natalya nailed a suplex on Riott but Logan had blind-tagged in and nailed her. Natalya slammed Logan and then Riott atop of her. She then placed both in the Sharpshooter at the same time, but Liv Morgan attacked her from behind. Morgan charged but Natalya caught her and powerbombed her. Bayley tagged in and hit a flying elbow. Banks came off the top with a frog splash, which the announcers said was in honor of Eddie Guerrero. Bayley wiped out the other members of the Squad with a dive. Banks scored the pin.

The winners of the match: Natalya & Sasha Banks & Bayley


They showed a number of NXT talents at ringside, including Biaca Belair, Lacey Evans, Candice LaRae and of course, Four Horsewomen members Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir.

They went back and forth immediately. Sane went for a spinning backfist but was grabbed in a sleeper. Sane fought her way out and nailed a sliding clothesline, the Sliding D, then nailed a big boot to the gut. They battled to the floor, where Baszler gained control when she kicked her in the face and sent her into the stairs. Back in the ring, Baszler nailed a gutwrench face-first suplex for a two count. Baszler stomped on Sane's hand after snapping her arm in an awkward position.

Baszler locked on a Keylock, but was rolled up for a two count. Baszler took her back to the mat and worked over the arm.

Sane fought back and had some great fire. Baszler began selling her arm. Sane speared her. She set up and speared her hard in the corner, then nailed a neckbreaker for another two count. Baszler made a comeback and while standing on the corner, lifted her in the air with an armbar. That looked just EVIL.

Sane was dropped to the floor. Baszler tossed her back in and went for a suplex, but the NXT Champion turned it into a DDT. She went to the top for the insane elbow, but Baszler rolled to the outside. Sane hit a flying bodypress to the outside, wiping her out. She backdropped Baszler into the first row where the women were sitting.

Kane tossed Baszler back into the ring but was grabbed by Jessamyn Duke. Sane nailed a back fist. Sane went to top but Marina Shafir got on the apron. Sane fought her off with a backfist as well but was grabbed in a sleeper. Sane rolled over and almost scored the pin. She rolled up Shayna for a two count but when the challenger kicked up, Duke nailed Sane from outside the ring.

Sane groggily stumbled into the sleeper. She fought and fought for the ropes but was out. The official gave her a chance to fight back and respond but when she was obviously out, the ref called it.

The winner of the match and NEW NXT Women's Champion: Shayna Baszler


Charlotte and Becky go for a big boot. Becky with a slap and Charlotte shoves Becky to the mat. Slam countered by Becky who floors Charlotte with a clothesline

Double leg takedown by Charlotte. Becky back to her feet with a clothesline. Elbow drop by the champion and a legdrop across the throat. Uppercut to Charlotte. Charlotte with a neckbreaker.

Becky slams Charlotte off the top rope to the mat. Beck-sploder to Charlotte and Becky goes after the leg. Charlotte side steps a clothesline and connects with the big boot.

Becky bounces Charlotte face first off the turnbuckle and Charlotte is sent to the outside. Becky pulls a kendo stick out from under the ring and starts swinging away at Charlotte.

Charlotte blocks a kendo stick shot but Becky with a knee to Charlotte and Becky looking under the ring again and she pulls out a folding chiar.

They begin throwing chairs into the ring. Charlotte pulls a table out but Becky floors her. Fallaway slam by Charlotte. Charlotte grabs a chair and brings it down across Charlotte's back. Charlotte blocks a Beck-sploder and delivers a suplex onto the pile of chairs

Charlotte slides a table into the ring and Becky with a kick sending her to the floor. Becky sets up the table in the ring placing Charlotte on it. Becky goes to the top rope but Charlotte stops her. Becky stomps away at the challenger

Charlotte has Becky laid out on the table as she goes to the top rope and delivers a moonsault onto Becky

The table didn't break at all and turned over with Lynch falling off. Flair placed her back on the table and came off with a swanton, this time hitting the mark and smashing the table.

The referee counted both women but Flair rolled to the outside and pulled out a ladder. Lynch nailed her before she could use it. The crowd chanted, "This is awesome." Lynch slammed her on the ladder. Flair came back and tried to lock on a figure eight through the ladder it appeared. Lynch's leg was through one of the rungs, so Charlotte stomped and beat on it. She locked on the figure eight and even bridged it. Lynch grabbed a chair and beat Flair's leg with it to finally break it. A dueling back and forth chant began. They ended up on the floor, where Lynch shoved Flair into the ring steps. Flair was counted down by the referee as Lynch screamed at her to stay down.

At the five count, Lynch met a rising Flair and ran her into the ringpost. The referee began counting again. Lynch grabbed the Smackdown Women's title and walked out through the crowd as if the match was over. Flair charged her and attacked as they chopped back and forth in the crowd. They battled back into the ringside area. Flair set up one of the announcer's table to prepare to use it, then slammed Lynch's head over and over into another table.

Flair pulled out another ladder on the floor and set it up. Lynch drilled her with the title belt and placed Flair on the announcer's table. Lynch ascended the ladder Flair has set up and nailed a legdrop off the ladder through the table. Sabu would have been proud of that spot. It looked great. The referee began counting Flair down but she pulled herself up to her knees and asked Lynch if that was all she had. Lynch viciously attacked her with a stiff boot, then began throwing all the furniture atop of her, including the announcers' chairs. The referee began dramatically counting Flair down but she escaped and returned at nine.

Lynch was shocked as she stared at Flair. Flair began begging off. Flair grabbed the Singapore Cane and began teeing off on her over and over. Flair speared her on the floor. Flair grabbed a table and set it up. She slammed Lynch's head ito it and placed her atop the table. I hope she's not going for another moonsault. Oh no, she is. Lynch rose to her feet and slipped underneath, nailing a rude powerbomb off the apron to the floor. The referee began counting as Flair screamed and writhed on the floor. She fought to her feet but couldn't make the count.

The winner and still Smackdown Women's Champion: Becky Lynch


Ronda and Nikki lock up and Ronda with a takedown. Ronda has Nikki's arm lockeed and lets her go. Nikki gets to her feet. Another takedown by Ronda and the match spills to the outside. Ronda is sent into the ring post and like that the tables are urned as Nikki takes control keeping Ronda grounded

Ronda is driven into the barricade and then Nikki bounces her head off the apron. Back in the ring, headscissors by Nikki. Nikki boucnes her head off the ring post. Ronda backs away as Nikki stalks her. Ronda kicks her away but has to contend with Brie on the outside. Ronda gets to her feet.

Ronda in trouble as Nikki has a submission hold locked in. Ronda throws her off creating separation but runs into an elbow and Nikki with aspringboard kick to the face. Nikki has Ronda on the top rope, hooks her up for a superplex but Ronda blocks it. Nikki with a kick and she hooks Ronda up again. Nikki with a right hand to Nikki. Crossbody by Ronda but Nikki moves out of the way..

Ronda rolls through picking Nikki up on her shoulders. Brie on the apron and Ronda picks Brie up as well. Double Samoan Drop to the Bellas.

Nikki stumbles to her feet and fires a shot but Ronda unloads and rolls through unloading with punches. Ronda. flipping Nikki to the mat and Nikki cowers in the corner but Ronda not letting up. Suplex to Nikki as Nikki falls to the outside. Ronda follows sending Nikki back in.

Brie fires a punch at Ronda and Ronda grabs Brie and throws her over the announce table. Alabama Slam by Nikki for a nearfall. Another nearfall by Nikki.

Nikki on the second rope is caught by Ronda but Ronda shoves her to the mat. Ronda brings Nikki down the hard way and locks the armbar in for the submission

The winner of the match and still Raw Women's Champion: Ronda Rousey

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