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WWE 205 Live Results (10/24)

Posted By: Aleczander Michaels on Oct 24, 2018

WWE 205 Live Results (10/24)

Welcome to 205 Live!

Overview of the Ali/Itami feud that leads up to their match tonight.

Lince Dorado vs Mike Kanellis 

Lince and the Lucha House Party make their way to the ring and now Mike with Maria make their way to the ring.

Lince with a right hand and now a series of strikes, Dorado with a head scissors takedown and now Dorado again with the series of strikes now kicks to the midsection. Mike now bashing the head of Dorado into the corner turnbuckle and now Mike goes face first into the mat then dumped outside the ring, Mike with a straight right to the face and now the beatdown on Dorado. Mike with a clothesline and again and bashes Dorado's face into the corner turnbuckle and a splash into the corner and again, Mike with a boot for 2. Mike with a cross face hold for now and now Mike with a headbutt and a straight right again, Mike with a kick to the midsection in the corner into a suplex for 2. Mike with a knee drop to the spine and now tying up the arms behind the back of Dorado in which Dorado fights out and a hurricanrana for 2. Mike with a superkick and now a 2 count, Dorado with a spinning heel kick and now with a couple clotheslines into a chop to the chest and now a kick into a splash into the corner. Dorado with a top rope rana for 2, Dorado with an enziguri and now Mike with a spinebuster for 2. Dorado with a springboard cutter and now a suicide dive into a a shooting star press for a rope break 2 count. Dorado with a running hurricanrana on the floor and now Mike with the spinning DDT for the win.

Winner Mike Kanellis

Maverick thanks the WWE Universe for 100 episodes and the support over the last 2 years and goes over some history of the show, next week we will have a match to determine who gets a chance to face Murphy for the title.

Kendrick has a message for Gulak and Gallagher and that he will pay them back for what they did to him next week when he faces Gallagher.

Replay of last weeks fatal 5-way match with Nese gaining the win.

Rush says that since he wasn't pinned he never really lost last week and that Alexander never came close to beating him and he's still undefeated.

Murphy and Nese backstage and Murphy believes Nese should be the next person to face him for the title.

Mustafa Ali vs Hideo Itami Falls Count Anywhere Match

Ali makes his way to the ring and now Itami makes his way to the ring.

Both men vying for the upper hand with Itami hitting a spinning backfist then dumping Ali outside the ring, Ali with a hurricanrana and a 1 count off a over the top rope splash. Itami goes face first off the steps and now Ali with chops to the chest, Ali gets tossed over the ropes then gets caught with a kick faceplanting the ring apron for 2. Itami with a boot to the face then tosses Ali into the barricade back first and now back into the ring with a knee to the midsection and now a kick to the kidney for 2. Itami with a kick to the back and again for 2. Ali slammed to the mat and now a kick to the side and the head, Ali with a couple kicks to Itami both men down now. Ali with a kick and now a facebuster for 2, Itami swipes Ali's feet out from under him dumping him back into the time keepers area, now Ali comes flying over that barricade and with the beatdown then tosses Itami into the announcers desk area and now clears the table, Itami with a half crab on the table but Ali fights out. Itami with a kick sending Ali flying off and into the barricade for 2, Itami dumps Ali into the crowd and now Ali meets him with a superkick for 2. Back to ringside now with Itami hitting a kick as Ali is halfway back in and now sends him shoulder first into the steps, Ali with a club to the back and now trading shots between each other up the ramp and back down, Itami hits a clothesline and a 2 count. Now back to the ring with Ali being dragged up to the top rope but fights off Itami whos met with a flying crossbody for 2 by Ali. Ali drags out a table in turn met by a running kick and then dumped to the floor, Ali with a massive forearm but gets met with a kick which lays him out on the steps, Ali with a chop to the chest now and now a running DDT on the floor off the steps. Ali hits the 054 through a table for the win. 

Winner Mustafa Ali

Maverick backstage says that it will be Nese vs Ali next week and winner faces Murphy for the title.

-End of show-


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