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WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results (10/23)

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Oct 23, 2018

WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results (10/23)

Welcome to the coverage for WWE Mixed Match Challenge!


Finn Balor & Bayley vs. Bobby Roode & Natalya


The battle starts with Roode and Balor switching jackets for a moment before tagging in the women.  Bayley kicks Nattie before applying an wristlock that Natalya fights out.  Nattie hits a dropkick before they tag out.  There's some confusion between Natalya and Bobby before he gets rolled up by Finn for a two count.  Finn and Bayley attempt a hug before Roode interrupts.  Roode knocks him to the floor before climbing up for a move.  However, Finn dodges out of the way and hits a dropkick.  Finn hits the Coup De Grace for the win!

Winner:  Finn Balor & Bayley

Ember Moon and Braun are shown backstage where they said their opponents, Mahalicia, are going to need more than Singh next week against them.  Jinder and Alicia say that their hands are going to shock the world.


The Miz & Asuka vs. Jimmy Uso & Naomi


Asuka and Miz bicker for a few moments before the women decide to start this one off.  Asuka and Naomi interlock for some quick chain wrestling before Naomi and Asuka hit butts in air before doing a dance together and hugging.  Miz asks them what the hell are they doing.  Miz says that there is no hugging in wrestling.  Jimmy enters and says that everyone hugs.  He hugs both of the women.  Miz yells at Asuka for hugging Jimmy.  Jimmy opens his arms for a hug for Miz who says no.  He approaches him and Miz slides out of the ring as the crowd boos.  Miz says he's done with the match and begins walking up the ramp.  Jimmy catches him and throws him into the ring.  Jimmy catches him there with a big bearhug.  Miz gets angry and fights out before hugging himself.  Jimmy hits a hip toss to Miz before Miz misses his corner clothesline.  Jimmy climbs up, but he's caught up top.  Miz pulls him down and applies a headlock.  Rusev and Lana are shown backstage where Rusev says that their nickname should be Miz-ka.  Jimmy fights out of the hold and nails a superkick as both men are down.  They slow crawl as Naomi begins hitting clotheslines followed by the side kicks.  She tries for the enzuigiri and misses.  Asuka hits the big knee strike.  She charges Naomi in the corner who kicks her in the head.  Naomi tries to leap onto Asuka, but Miz pulls her out of the way.  Jimmy attacks Miz with a big chop, but Miz nails a big boot for a two count.  Naomi flinches at Miz who flinches and turns into a chop from Jimmy.  Jimmy and Naomi hit dual-hip attacks on their enemies.  Jimmy tries for the suicide dive, but Miz catches him there with a big punch.  Naomi takes out Asuka and herself.  Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale for the three count!

Winners:  The Miz & Asuka

Rusev is shown backstage where he imitates AJ Styles' accent and says that they're going to lose to Rusev and Lana because Lana is the best... Lana number one.  AJ Styles and Charlotte are shown backstage where Charlotte is in the splits and AJ is... trying.  Charlotte says that they're going to be split ready next week as they defeat them.

The show ends with Miz and Asuka arguing slightly in the ring.

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