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WWE 205 Live Results (10/17)

Posted By: Aleczander Michaels on Oct 17, 2018

WWE 205 Live Results (10/17)

Welcome to 205 Live!

We open with Maverick going over recent events in the last 2 weeks and tonight's show.

Drew Gulak vs Akira Tozawa

Gulak and Gallagher make their way to the ring and now Tozawa makes his way to the ring.

Gulak with a side headlock into a 1 count, Gulak with a back elbow and Tozawa with a hurricanrana and now a kick into a senton for 1. Tozawa with the stomps in the corner and now Gulak with a right to the midsection and now a trade off of chops with Tozawa getting in a few extra and then a jab. Tozawa caught and slammed into the knee and then into a fall away slam for 2. Gulak with a modified surfboard and now a club to the back for 2. Tozawa with a boot to the face and now Gulak with a powerbomb for 2. Gulak with a rear chin lock also biting the ear and Tozawa fights out and now hits a kick to Gulak, Tozawa with a missile drop kick into a shining wizard and now a suicide dive onto both Gallagher and Gulak. Gallagher swipes out the feet of Tozawa on the top rope and now ensue the beatdown on Tozawa.

Winner Akira Tozawa 

Kendrick comes to make the save for Tozawa and now with Captains Hook on Gallagher. 

Murphy and Nese backstage with Maverick who congratulates Murphy on his win.

Mike Kanellis vs Lince Dorado next week.

Backstage with Itami who starts off in Japanese in which it means Ali should've walked away and shown him respect and now he will end Ali's career. Ali responds with this whole road map ideology and it ends with a falls count anywhere match.

TJP vs Gran Metalik vs Lio Rush vs Tony Nese vs Cedric Alexander Fatal 5-Way Match

TJP makes his way to the ring, Metalik makes his way to the ring, Rush makes his way to the ring, Nese makes his way to the ring and last but not least Alexander makes his way to the ring.

TJP takes Metalik out of the ring and now Alexander dumps Nese and in comes Rush after running away. Rush and Alexander going at it now with Rush hitting a hurricanrana and Rush baits Alexander out of the ring and gets blasted by Nese. Metalik working on Rush now with a missile drop kick and now Nese dumps him, Rush with a elbow to Nese and Nese pays him with a back elbow and kick and now Rush returns the favor. Rush with a drop kick to Alexander and now Metalik dragged in, TJP tying both Rush and Metalik in the ring and now Nese with a quick roll up and a suplex double pin for 2. Nese taking out everyone and now showboating, Nese with a couple stomps to Metalik and kicks out Rush and now back to Metalik, Nese with a side slam for 2 on Metalik and Nese takes out an incoming Alexander. Nese with a leg drop on Metalik and now hanging him up in the corner and now stomps into the bicycle kicks, Alexander from behind for a 2 count and a clothesline from hell to Alexander for 2. Metalik hits a vertical suplex on Nese and the save by Alexander, Metalik with a chop to Alexander and now a springboard clothesline and now Alexander with an uppercut to Nese and a kick to TJP, Alexander with a springboard flatliner for a broken pin by Rush. Rush now with TJP on the top rope but gets dumped outside, Alexander and Metalik for a moment now Nese in and Rush with the Final Hour for everyone breaking the pin all men down now. Metalik with a drop kick and is met by TJP with a kick of his own and so is TJP by Rush with a roundhouse kick who is met by Nese with a strike and now Nese met by Alexander with the neuralyzer for 2. Metalik with a superkick to Alexander and now Alexander with a suicide dive and TJP takes down Alexander and now trying to pry the mask off, Metalik with a suicide dive to Alexander and now Rush met him and dumps him and now Nese chunks Rush onto everyone outside the ring, Metalik with a reverse slingblade to Nese and now gets dumped by TJP and the kneebar on Nese and now on Alexander, Metalik with a moonsault taking out TJP and now a superkick by Rush to Nese and now a right to Alexander and Rush with Lumbar Check and Nese with a quick roll up for the win.

Winner Tony Nese

-End of show-


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