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Kevin Kelly Talks Working With Jim Ross

Posted By: Elio C. Jr. on Oct 12, 2018

Kevin Kelly Talks Working With Jim Ross

On the most recent edition of his podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross was joined by special guest Kevin Kelly and spoke about Fighting Spirit Unleashed event as well as NJPW commentary. Below are highlights

Kelly on Ross Recommending Him For The Fighting Spirit Unleashed Spot:

“It was [Ross’] recommendation that when Josh had the conflict with his fighter, [Ross was] asked, and rightfully so, ‘hey, who would you like to work with?’ and the story that I was told by [Ross] and by the staff at AXS was, well, [Ross] said me, so I can’t thank [Ross] enough for that.” Kelly continued, “and thank you for thinking highly of me that [Ross] and I have always thought that we are in this generation together. And for us to be able to call matches now in 2018, almost 20 years removed from our last time that we worked together in a different company, for an international brand, in the State Of California, broadcast live on the internet, and to be repurposed on a national cable television show five days later, to me, it’s pretty remarkable.”

Kelly on There Being Two English Broadcast Teams:

“The reason [Ross was] hired by AXS is because [he] is talking to a different audience, a more casual audience with the New Japan brand.” Kelly explained, “and Josh, with his MMA background, he’s there because that’s what AXS broadcasts. It’s the right team for that channel. But with these sort of blended broadcasts live on [New Japan] World and tape delayed on AXS, it was a good chance for us to sort of blend our worlds. It’s an avenue we should be exploring more because I think it’s foolish that there [are] two separate teams. It should be just one big team. We’re seeing that so much in the [pro] wrestling world now. Who cares what promotion? Everybody can work for everybody. If you want to work for New Japan, if you want to work for this company, that company, hey, let’s do it! So I think that’s kind of where we should be broadcaster-wise and I don’t think it should be us versus them. It should be all of us together with one big broadcast.”

Source: The Ross Report Tags: #jim ross #njpw #roh

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