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John Cena: I Don't Care About The Reputation I Have

Posted By: Thomas Lowson on Oct 11, 2018

John Cena: I Don't Care About The Reputation I Have

Former WWE Champion John Cena has said he doesn't care about his reputation, in an interview with Jimmy Traini.

Speaking on the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast, the Cenation leader said how what matters to him is the performance he gives, and spoke about those who have criticized him for his part-time schedule.

He said: "Here’s the crazy thing, all the people that have chastised me for staying around too long, are now chastising me for not being around.

"[It’s] also a great exercise to know that you will never be able to please these people because they always need something to be cynical about."

In recent years, Cena has changed to being a part-time Superstar, and has started a promising acting career, which includes a major role in the upcoming Transformers prequel, Bumblebee.

Addressing his new career, Cena said his part-time schedule is due to his age, and not acting.

"I just… as a 41-year old, I can’t do it. If you look at anybody in my shoes… Chris Jericho had taken a break, Hulk Hogan had certainly taken a break. I think the only guy that may fall into that category of not taking a break is Flair," he said. 

Source: SI Media Podcast Tags: #wwe #john cena

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