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WWE NXT Results (10/10)

Posted By: Aleczander Michaels on Oct 10, 2018

WWE NXT Results (10/10)

Welcome to NXT!

Ciampa makes his way to the ring and calls himself the greatest sports entertainer of all time and takes shots at Dream who of course makes his way out and of course mocks Ciampa's claim of him being the best ever. Dream doesn't take kind to Ciampa's threats and takes shots of his own to Ciampa in which Ciampa takes it and turns those insults back at Dream. Ciampa weirdly gets a message from his title and repeats it back to Dream in which Dream shoots back at the low insult from Ciampa and wants a title match, Nikki Cross apparently has something to say and makes her way out and rushes the ring and does her usual crazy antics. Nikki with her mind games with Ciampa and Dream telling both of them she knows what they did.

Keith Lee vs Kona Reeves 

Lee makes his way to the ring and now Kona makes his way to the ring.

Kone with a cheap shot and Lee with body shots now and the raking chop to the chest, Lee with a dropkick and then sends Kona out of the ring. Kona uses the apron and hits a cheap shot and now the beatdown in the middle of the ring, Kona with a diving back elbow drop and now Kona with a right and another but that angers Lee who literally blasts Kona and now the Supernova for the win.

Winner Keith Lee

A look into Shayna Baszler. 

Regal again asked for an update on Aleister and if he knows yet and Ohno approaches him and wants an answer and then Cross appears yet again and then walks away laughing sinisterly.

Ricochet v Adam Cole vs Pete Dunne North American Championship Match

Cole makes his way to the ring and now Dunne makes his way to the ring and last but not least Ricochet makes his way to the ring.

Dunne and Ricochet go after Cole and now trading off who gets shots on Cole in which Cole sends Ricochet into Dunner, Cole with a kick and now Ricochet with a drop kick, Dunne and Ricochet now with Dunne and his usual targeting body parts. Dunne with a drop toe hold take down on a incoming Cole and now a surfboard like submission which lets Ricochet hit a drop kick on him and now Dunne back to the body manipulation on Ricochet and then a stomp to Ricochet's arm. Cole with kicks to Dunne and now also Ricochet then the showboating, Cole dumps Ricochet and now the beatdown on Dunne, Cole with a neckbreaker for  2. Cole with a knee drop and again, Ricochet with a right then gets hung up on the top rope, Dunne with thigh kicks but is met with a kick to the face by Cole for 2. Dunne with a series of strikes into a step up inziguiri and Ricochet back in now takes out everyone, Ricochet with a springboard for 2 on Cole. Dunne with a right to Ricochet then a forearm for Cole, Dunne with a kick to Cole and now a single leg Crab on both Cole and Ricochet at the same time, Ricochet rolls out and is now with the octopus hold on Dunne, Cole with the backstabber on Ricochet for 2. Now a trade off of shots between the 3 with Cole hitting a inziguiri on Dunne, Ricochet with a massive forearm and Cole meets one of his own by Dunne, Ricochet is met with a double superkick by Cole and Dunne at the same time all men down now. Dunne and Cole trading shots now, Dunne with a double stomp to the hands of Cole and now Cole with a DDT to the apron on Dunne. Cole misses Dunne with a superkick and hits the steps and now Dunne stomps on the hand of Cole on the steps, Ricochet met with a superkick. Dunne met with a right by Cole on the top rope and now Cole is as well with all 3 men up on the ropes with Ricochet hitting a hurricanrana off the top and now Ricochet with a flatliner for 2 on Dunne. Dunne hits the pumphandle slam and then catches Ricochet in an arm bar off the top rope and now a mounted triangle, Cole with the Last Shot to Ricochet then planting Dunne head first into his knee for 2. Dunne with a murderous clothesline and now the pumphandle slam for 2 and Ricochet with the 450 for the win on Dunne.

Winner Ricochet

-End of show-


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