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C.M. Punk Discusses the Possibility of Another MMA Fight, Says He's Still Training

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Sep 07, 2018

C.M. Punk Discusses the Possibility of Another MMA Fight, Says He's Still Training

Former WWE World Champion and UFC Fighter C.M. Punk recently spoke to 411Mania.com's Jeffrey Harris and discussed the possibility of taking another mixed martial arts (MMA) fight:

Jeffrey Harris: "Regarding MMA, are you still training at the moment or open to things?"

C.M. Punk: "Yeah, of course. From January until my fight, I was inundated with offers to do all kinds of other stuff, but focus had to be on the fight and the camp and all that stuff. So, what I’m doing now since my fight is I’m finishing all these other projects that I’ve been doing. Today’s my first day off from a four-week movie shoot. It’s week three, and this is like the first day that I’m off. Prior to that, I was up in Toronto working on a Soska Sisters remake of the legendary [David] Cronenberg film, Rabid. It’s a film I’m working on now. They’re kind of futzing with the title, but I think they’ve settled on Girl on the Third Floor. And there’s a whole bunch of other stuff in the queue I’m kinda just working on and working my way through. As soon as I wrap here, I’ll be right back in the gym."

Jeffrey Harris: "It looks like you’re keeping busy, and it’s a very exciting life for C.M. Punk right now."

C.M. Punk: "I’m trying. I’m trying to keep busy. I think the main difference about how life used to be and how I am now is instead of worrying about what’s next while the current project is going on, I’m more in the moment. I’m enjoying what I’m doing. I think that’s why I love MMA training so much just because you’re there, and you’re not worried about what’s behind. I’m worried about what’s in front of me right now. The experience I’m currently having on this movie project is amazing. It’s heavy lifting. It’s long hours, and it’s hard work. And that’s perfect for me."

Jeffrey Harris: "But do you think you will fight in an MMA fight again?"

C.M. Punk: "I don’t know. I’m focused on this movie right now. You’ll have to ask me when we wrap, which is in a couple weeks."

Source: 411Mania.com Tags: #wwe #ufc #mma #cm punk

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