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Chris Jericho Discusses His Current NJPW Run

Posted By: Elio C. Jr. on Jun 09, 2018

Chris Jericho Discusses His Current NJPW Run

New IWGP Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho recently made an appearance on the Busted Open podcast this week to promote his Dominion match against Tetsuya Naito.

During the interview, he revealed Vince McMahon’s reaction to Jericho working in NJPW. According to Jericho, McMahon has been very supportive of him working there so far however can see it becoming an issue should Jericho continue working with the company in the future

Jericho stated the following

“Well, I mean, I know with the first match — the Omega/Jericho [match] — I called and told him [Vince] about it, and he was all for it. And then when I told him I was going to do more, nothing really negative, still very supportive. But I think now it’s maybe becoming a little bit of a slight — not issue, but it’s another company out there. I know for a fact he takes every company very seriously. Chris Jericho was a whole big part of WWE and is a big part of New Japan right now. All the subscriptions that are increasing with New Japan World and all that sort of thing. I still think everything’s cool, but I feel if my involvement with New Japan continues, I might get a call one of these days.”

Source: Busted Open Radio Tags: #chris jericho #njpw

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