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Lio Rush Talks About Tenille "Emma" Dashwood Twitter Controversy from Last Year

Posted By: Caylon Knox on May 26, 2018

Lio Rush Talks About Tenille "Emma" Dashwood Twitter Controversy from Last Year

WWE NXT Superstar Lio Rush recently spoke to ESPN.com.

Advice he received from NXT General Manager William Regal before being offered a WWE contract:

"He just told me to keep working hard. Keeping pushing. 'Good things happen to people who wait.' He definitely noticed my hard work and the passion that I had to be a professional wrestler and be one of those top-tier athletes and top-tier wrestlers in the sports entertainment industry. That was my first interaction with anybody from WWE."

The backlash he received from the controversial Tweet he sent out shortly after Tenille "Emma" Dashwood was released from WWE last year:

"It was definitely a difficult situation," Rush said. "I've worked so hard and spent years trying to brand myself and to show the world that Lio Rush is a top prospect in the professional wrestling world. So it was a bit rough to see so many people turn on me for that, but I've owned up to my mistakes.

"I have said my apologies. What else can you do? You live, you make mistakes and you learn," Rush continued. "I know a big thing that I tweeted out shortly after that -- 'a mistake shouldn't be your attacker, it should be your teacher.' I've definitely learned from that situation. I definitely have not let that situation change the pacing of me succeeding in anything."

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