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Chris Jericho Seemingly Finished With NJPW

Posted By: Thomas Lowson on Apr 30, 2018

Chris Jericho Seemingly Finished With NJPW

Chris Jericho is seemingly finished with New Japan Pro Wrestling, according to an interview with ESPN.

Jericho, who faced Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 12 in January, said that despite his match with Omega being praised by fans, sometimes, things change. 

He said: "Sometimes things seem like a good idea at the time, and when you look at it a little bit deeper and a little bit further, you realize it’s not gonna go the way you want it to go.”

The first-ever Undisputed Champion was speculated to make an appearance at WrestleMania 34, but said he did not appear, as it didn't feel right. 

"It just wasn't working out this year. I'm not the type of guy who's gonna fly in, do WrestleMania and leave. There has to be an angle. There has to be a buildup. There just wasn't," Y2J told reporter Michael Wonsover.

Jericho entered the wrestling business in 1990, and over 28 years, has become a six-time World Champion. 

When asked about his career drawing to a close, the Fozzy frontman said he didn't need a huge send-off.

"If I never had another match, it wouldn't bother me. It really wouldn't. I'm not one of those guys that needs that farewell match. I think when the time is right you're gonna know."



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