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Impact Wrestling Results (4/24) Taping SPOILERS

Posted By: Ben Jordan Kerin on Apr 25, 2018

Impact Wrestling Results (4/24) Taping SPOILERS

Full credit to The Rogue Fan on Twitter for the following results: 

- Aries v Pentagon opens the show. Match ends via double count out. Aries wants the match restarted and Pentagon agreed. Match is back on. We have another double count out. Pentagon wants the match to continue. Aries agrees and the match is back on. Aries with a low blow while the ref has his back turned. Aries is new champ. 

- Drago v Aerostar v Ishimori v Fantasma under Lucha rules. Fantasma pins Aerostar to get the win. 

- Z&E (DJZ and Andrew Everett) v LAX (still no sign of Konnan). Z&E over LAX. Ortiz and Santa are frustrated after the loss and seem to be having a minor argument. 

- Taya Valkyrie v Kiera Hogan. Tessa Blanchard comes out and attack Kiera Hogan. Tessa stands tall. I guess the match is a no contest? 

- Kong beats Grado. Winter goes straight to the back and leaves Grado to be destroyed by Kong. Kong is going to ram Grado into the steps, but Moose makes the save. 

- The Undead Brides bring out a casket for a Last Rites Match for the KO Championship. It’s Su Yung v Allie. Allie comes out to Rosemary’s theme and is wearing her face paint. Su Yung puts Allie in the casket and closed the lid to become the new KO Champ. 

- OVE w/Sami Callihan v Drago/Aerostar. Match is thrown out when Eddie Edwards comes out and attacks OVE/Sami. Alisha stands at ringside and yells for Eddie to stop. Security separates Eddie from Sami. Refs throw up the X signal a dozen times for Sami...lol Eddie lays out security with a kendo stick. 

- Cult of Lee over LAX. Ortiz and Santana continue to express frustration. 

- Z&E win the tag titles after Steiner hits Drake with a chair on accident. 

- Grado pins Rohit Raju. 

- They are taping at the announce desk and Madison Rayne joins Josh and Don. Kiera Hogan v Tessa Blanchard is up now. Blanchard pins Hogan... A sentence you never would have seen in the 80’s. 😉 Blanchard continues to beat down Hogan, but Madison Rayne comes down to save Kiera. 

- Main Event time! Fantasma/Pentagon Jr. (Announced as world champ and has belt) vs. Matt Sydal/Austin Aries (Aries is only wearing the Grand Title) 

Fantasma pins Sydal to get the win for his team. 

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