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Chris Jericho On Pitched Roman Reigns Feud

Posted By: Thomas Lowson on Apr 22, 2018

Chris Jericho On Pitched Roman Reigns Feud

Chris Jericho has spoken on an idea that he pitched for a potential feud with Roman Reigns. 

Speaking to WVSN-TV, Jericho said how Vince thought about putting the two in a feud together from an idea of Y2J's.

He said: "I wanted to throw a fireball in Roman's eyes and blind him, like an old-school Memphis idea."

"Vince said he'd think about it. We were going to have a program and then it changed. If we had a long program, I probably could have got it done."

The Fozzy frontman also spoke on why he thinks Reigns struggles to get over with fans. 

"He's a modern-day John Cena. For years fans just booed Cena because they think it's the cool thing to do" he told WVSN-TV.

"They just see Roman and they just start booing because it's the in thing rather than just shutting up and watching this guy for what he is which is a great performer."

"Obviously, if he turned heel he'd get over, but if he turned heel all the people that booed him would start cheering him"

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