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WWE 205 Live Results (4/3) Nashville, TN

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Apr 03, 2018

WWE 205 Live Results (4/3) Nashville, TN

Welcome to the live results for 205 Live!

A video package opens the show talking of the matches for the show including Hideo Itami & Akira Tozawa vs. Gran Metallik & Lince Dorado and Kalisto vs. Buddy Murphy.

Akira Tozawa & Hideo Itami vs. Gran Metallik & Lince Dorado

The two teams bicker a bit at the beginning before Hideo and Gran Metallik are going to start this off.  Itami takes down Metallik quickly and begins trying some mat wrestling before slapping the head of Gran Metallik a little.  Hideo hits some big kicks right to the chest of Metallik.  He wanders over to Lince and pushes him.  Gran gets control with a kick before tagging in Hideo.  They team up for a double flapjack before Lince hits a standing moonsault for two.  Lince tags out as does Hideo.  Akira hits some big kicks before hitting a standing senton for two.  Metallik hits the ropes and is caught with a big dropkick.  Tozawa tags out to Hideo.  Itami and Tozawa hit a running knee and enzuigiri shot in the corner for two.  Itami pulls on the mask of Gran Metallik before tagging in to Akira who hits some chops before feigning one and nailing a punch for two.  Itami tags in and hits a big knee.  Itami whips him into the ropes before hitting a running knee to the midsection.  Hideo is nailed by a chop and some strikes by Metallik before Hideo hits some heavy kicks.  He hits the ropes and is granted a dropkick for the mistake.  Lince tags in and some big chops are nailed.  Lince hits the second rope for a springboard moonsault before hitting some right hands!  Hideo gets out of it and hits some more big chops.  He sends Lince into the ropes who hits a handspring off the ropes for a stunner!  Hideo rolls out and takes out him with a leap over the top rope.  Akira hits the ropes for a missile topei to take out Lince.  Gran Metallik hits a corkscrew plancha to take them out before rolling in Hideo.  Lince climbs back in and goes for a cover for two.  Lince moves to his corner and tags out before Metallik tries for his finisher!  Gran Metallik's mask is nearly off as Hideo tries to rip it off!  Lince knocks him to the mat with some shots before Akira knocks him down.  These two teams begin to brawl as the referee throws out the match.  Akira Tozawa and Hideo Itami stand tall at the end of the brawl.

WINNER:  No Contest.

Drew Gulak explains that his match with Mark Andrews will be postponed to next week.  Drew says that he wants no excuses when he utterly annihilates Mark Andrews.  Gulak says that he COULD put Andrews in his Gulock and if someone steps to him then they will tap out. 

Mark Andrews is shown in a package where he says that this isn't about high flying versus submission.  He says that this is about Andrews and Gulak and that Gulak will never disrespect him again.

Tony Nese comes down to the ring as a video is shown with GM Drake Maverick giving a pep talk to Tony Nese. 

Tony Nese vs. Jonathan Pierce

Pierce says that he's way better as he begins yelling at the top of his lungs.  Nese throws Pierce into the ropes and gives him a flex.  Pierce pushes him back and hits a stiff chop.  Pierce whips Nese into the corner who catches himself and hits a back elbow to Pierce.  Nese hits some big kicks and a leg sweep to take out Pierce's legs.  Tony Nese whips Pierce into the ropes who catches himself and scrambles outside.  Nese hits a stiff elbow to the jaw on the outside before rolling Pierce back in.  He hits a springboard moonsault onto him there.  Nese walks towards Pierce and gets caugh in the ropes.  Pierce climbs up and is nailed by an uppercut.  Tony Nese kicks him onto his shoulders before hitting a gubuster followed by a running knee strike for the three count for his first win in a long time.

WINNER:  Tony Nese

Kalisto is shown backstage talking to his teammates before he's interrupted by Buddy Murphy.  Murphy says tonight isn't personal and that this is just because he's stepped into his way.  He says to not worry as he'll make it quick.  Murphy pats him on the shoulder before walking away.

Buddy Murphy vs. Kalisto

The bell sounds as they tie up.  Murphy powers him into a side headlock before flooring him with it.  A couple of quick covers as they come up to a stalemate.  They lock hands before Murphy kicks it away and takes down Kalisto with a wrist lock.  He begins to manipulate the fingers of Kalisto as he groans in pain.  Kalisto fights out only for Murphy to hit the ropes and get caught by Kalisto's hurricanrana to which Murphy rolls to his feet to another stalemate.  He sends Kalisto below the rope and chases before Kalisto catches him back in the ring with a headscissors into a kick.  Kalisto climbs up for a corkscrew armdrag that sends him out of the ring.  Kalisto feigns going over the top and flips back as Buddy slides in for ANOTHER stalemate.  Murphy begins powering Kalisto into the corner before nailing a stiff shot to the ribs.  Kalisto falls down and Murphy stomps a mudhole in him.  Kalisto gets up and tries to kick him only for Murphy to catch it and kick out the leg holding him up.  Murphy works him up into an abdominal stretch as Kalisto cries out in pain.  He drives the elbow into the ribs in the hold.  Kalisto fights out with assist of the ropes and comes out on top in a sleeper hold!  Murphy fades for a second before backing up into the corner and just kicks the face of Kalisto as he falls to his knees.  Kalisto kicks Murphy on the aprong before springing over for a seated senton.  He hits a big DDT for a two count.  Kalisto says that that should have been it.  They move to the apron and Kalisto tries for a DDT only Murphy hits a nasty running suplex with Kalisto's right side hitting the apron!  Murphy throws him back into the ring and tries for a cover only for two.

Murphy hits a direct couple of forearms before Irish whipping Kalisto forcefully into the corner turnbuckle!  Kalisto is thrown into another as he's staggered.  Murphy runs towards him before Kalisto hits a lightning quick heel kick that floors both of them.  Kalisto hits some strikes before springboards over Murphy.  He springs onto the shoulders of Murphy but Murphy leaps back to block the move into an electric chair!  Murphy rolls to the outside and Kalisto hits a plancha over the top to take out Murphy.  They move back into the ring and Kalisto hits a basementrana for a two count.  They slide back outside by the announce table.  Kalisto charges Murphy who monkey flips him on top of the announce table.  The referee begins his count.  Murphy rolls in at 7.  Kalisto gets some energy and barely beats ten.  Murphy hits some more stiff forearm strikes.  They begin trading blows.  Murphy hits a combination ending with a stiff back elbow.  He rushes towards Kalisto who goes for a hurricanrana!  Only Murphy catches him and hits a powerbomb for two.  He pulls him through for a stiff knee strike to the face for a two count!  They move to the top rope and Kalisto begins fighting back.  Kalisto goes for a flip powerbomb that isn't working.  He pulls out the leg of Murphy as he collides into the top rope.  Kalisto hits a rolling kick into a sunset flip bomb for a two count!  Kalisto tries for his finish only Murphy turns into Murphy's Law for the three count!

WINNER:  Buddy Murphy

Murphy celebrates as he motions for the title.  Drake Maverick is shown backstage who gives him a congratulations.  He takes a few moments to reflect on everything about the tournament.  He thanks the athletes and the fans.  He urges fan to check out the Cruiserweight Championship match that is on the Pre-Show.  He runs through the matches and urges everyone to get there early to see the match.

A video package is shown that highlights the revamped 205 Live starting back in January with the announcement of GM Drake Maverick.  The video package highlights all of the matches that Mustafa Ali and Cedric Alexander had to go through. They hype the match as the Heart vs. the Soul.  Mustafa tells Cedric to be ready for a fight. Cedric says that he's going to the man with that title as the credits roll.

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