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WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results (4/3) Nashville, TN

Posted By: Rhett Davis on Apr 03, 2018

WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results (4/3) Nashville, TN

Welcome to the live results for the WWE Mixed Match Challenge airing on Facebook Watch directly after SmackDown!  Advertised tonight is the finals of the Mixed Match Challenge with Team Aweska (The Miz & Asuka) against The Robe Warriors (Bobby Roode & Charlotte Flair).  The show starts at 10 pm EST.


We're welcomed by Beth Phoenix, Michael Cole, and Corey Graves as they announce Rusev, Lana, Carmella, and Big E are in the Social Lounge answering questions.


Mixed Match Challenge Finals

The Robe Warriors (Charlotte Flair & Bobby Roode) vs. Team Aweska (Asuka & The Miz)


The two teams debate on who should start, and Miz begs to start for his team.  The bell sounds as the men start this off.  Roode asks Miz if he knows what is awesome and then does his taunt.  Miz raises his hand as if to silence the fans.  Roode looks perplexed and does a Glorious Taunt followed by Miz's Awesome taunt.  Roode Woos and Asuka tells Miz something to say, but Miz doesn't seem to understand.  Roode begins chopping Miz and Charlotte gets one in.  He scoots away from the Glorious DDT into his corner and teases a tag out to Asuka.  He polls the audience and they cheer.  So he tags out.  Asuka and Charlotte step into the ring.  Charlotte hits the ropes and gives a WOO.  The crowd begins chanting "Asuka!"  They lock up and Charlotte takes down Asuka momentarily only for Asuka to pin down Charlotte in the tie up.  They tie up all the way to the floor before screaming at each other.  They roll back in and Miz blind tags himself in.  Roode charges Miz from behind and rolls him up for two.  Another pinfall for two.  Roode shoulder tackles Miz to the ground.  He gets back up only to be flipped back down for a two count.  Roode begins working the arm of Miz.  The Miz sends Roode over the top rope before sliding below and taking out Roode's legs with a chop.  Miz rolls him back in and begins driving knees into the side of Roode's to set up the Figure-4-Leglock.  He continues working over the knee before taunting at Charlotte.  He takes too much time as Roode reaches out to grab onto the rope.  Miz does the Flair strut before being flattened by a clothesline from Roode.

They slow crawl to their corners and tag in.  Asuka hits some big strikes before hitting the ropes for a running hip attack.  Charlotte catches her as he tries for another, but Asuka rolls through for a pin for a two count.  Charlotte hits a big belly-to-back suplex before climbing to the top rope.  Moonsault hits as she gets a CLOSE two count.  Charlotte tries for a Figure-8 that Asuka kicks her away from.  Asuka hits a big roundhouse before Charlotte hits a big boot to flatten Asuka.  They tag out as Roode begins hitting some big clotheslines and axe handles.  Roode goes for a neckbreaker before climbing to the top rope.  Diving clothesline hits as Roode goes for the Glorious DDT.  Miz reverses into a Skull Crushing Finale that is rolled up by Roode!  For a two count.  Miz begins his "IT" kicks, but he misses the last one as Roode hits a Rock Bottom for a two count.  Roode tries for a suplex only to be reversed.  Miz hits a spike DDT for a two count.  Charlotte is reaching out for a tag.  Miz gloats at Charlotte as he gives her the Four Horseman taunt.  Roode rolls up Miz for a rollup for two.  Miz goes for the figure-4 again, but Charlotte spears Miz!  She locks in a Figure-4-Leglock.  Asuka runs in and blasts Charlotte with a kick.  Both men struggle to their feet as Roode hits a spinebuster for a two count!  Roode is frustrated.  He goes for the Glorious DDT, but Asuka kicks him in the back of the head!  The Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale for the three count!

WINNERS:  The Miz and Asuka

Renee Young gives the microphone to The Miz and Asuka, and they talk about the different charities as well as the $100,000 that they earned for their charity, Rescue Dogs Rock.  They hype their matches as Miz declares that he will successfully defend his title as Asuka says she'll be the new SmackDown Women's Champion.  They say that they're AWESKA as it closes.

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