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Taz Responds to Corey Graves Calling Him "Insecure"

Posted By: Caylon Knox on Mar 21, 2018

Taz Responds to Corey Graves Calling Him "Insecure"

WWE Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live commentator Corey Graves posted the following on Twitter, which he has since deleted:

"Insecurity is a bad color on you @OfficialTAZ, shoulda stuck to orange and black."

The former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Taz responded with the following:

There is some speculation that Graves could be referring to some comments that Taz made on a recent edition of Chris Jericho's Talk Is Jericho podcast:

"The first thing, if you are a color commentator, not play-by-play, so if you are a former pro wrestler, and I learned this from Vince McMahon; you have to take your ego and what you did because it is not about you, it is a humbling job. I put over more guys as a commentator than as a worker, but you have to take your ego, and put it behind the curtain as Vince McMahon told me. You have to be able to, the key is you have to put your agenda and ego aside and keep it in the Gorilla position. You can't bring it to the announce desk. I am someone that believes that as a former world champion and as a color commentator. That is not a knock on any current color commentator, but I believe in the guys that have been to the dance, drawn some money and know what it takes to have a title. It is a big deal to have that responsibility, as you know, and it is a big deal."

"I believe, and I know that it is going to sound negative on those that weren't world champions; Corey Graves was a former Tag Team Champion in NXT. Byron Saxton barely worked, so that to me jumps out. I believe in that. You can't tell me as a fan, if I have never been a wrestler, you can't tell me what it is like to be a World Champion if you have never done it; I'm sorry. I hope for the best of those guys, and no disrespect to those guys. I met Corey Graves, and he seems like a great guy, but that is my opinion. You need some legitimate sea legs under you as a professional wrestler, I really believe that. I think putting your ego and checking it, and having the chops to talk obviously."

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