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WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 Live Coverage

Posted By: Michael Pappas on Feb 25, 2018

WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 Live Coverage

Welcome to our live coverage of WWE Elimination Chamber 2018!


Kickoff Show

Renee Young opens the kickoff show with the panel of Booker T, Peter Rosenberg and David Otunga. They hype up the main show for tonight.

Charly Caruso tells everyone that Paul Heyman is here tonight and questions if he is scouting during the Men's Elimination Chamber match. She shows Ronda coming into the building earlier tonight.

A promo for the Women's Elimination Chamber match is shown. They show the rules for the Women's Chamber match. Paige joins the panel and says either Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville will walk out the champion. Paige welcomes Ronda Rousey to WWE after asked about her by Renee.

Bayley and Sasha Banks are interviewed and Bayley says it might be every woman for herself but she will team with Sasha and become champion. Sasha says she'll win. Mickie James says their friendship will quickly end.

The Miz talks about being in the #1 position in the chamber but says he will prove that he is #1 by winning the chamber match and putting the Intercontinental title in the main event of Wrestlemania.

Woken Matt Hardy is on the titantron and says Bray Wyatt will be deleted.

Renee and the panel are confused of Matt Hardy's promo and make their predictions. Rosenberg says he is going with Matt Hardy tonight.

A promo for the Asuka vs. Nia Jax match is shown.

The panel make their predictions for the match. Majority of them vote for Nia while Rosenberg votes for Nia. They show a recap of the gauntlet match from Raw last monday.

Charly interviews Seth Rollins and he says he was in the fight of his life on monday, but none of that matters. Seth says what matters is winning the Elimination Chamber match tonight and going on to Wrestlemania to face Brock.

The panel make their predictions as Rosenberg shows the Monday Night Rollins shirt he has on.

They do their predictions for the Raw Tag Team Championship and they interview Kurt Angle. Booker asks about Jason and says Jason is doing fine after his surgery but will miss Wrestlemania. Kurt says Cena can possibly be champion again and says Alexa has a good shot of retaining the title. Kurt says Braun would have a good shot against Brock and so does Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. Kurt says he is happy to have Ronda Rousey on Raw and excited for her to join the roster.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows vs. Miztourage

Anderson and Axel start off. They lock up and Axel takes him down and gets him in a headlock. Anderson throws him to the ropes but Axel shoulder tackles Karl down. Axel attacks Karl from behind and pounds away at him. Karl catches Axel with a dropkick. Gallows gets tagged in and pounds on Axel in the corner. Gallows chants "nerd" at Axel and gives him a right hand. Karl gets tagged in again but Axel fights back. Dallas and Axel continue to work on Karl. Karl comes back with clotheslines to Axel. Axel goes off the top but Dallas pushes him off and Karl lands on the outside. Dallas continues to punish Karl with a knee to the face followed by Axel connecting with a neck breaker. Axel connects with a dropkick on Karl. Axel tags in Dallas and Dallas stomps on Karl in the corner. Karl fights both men but Dallas kicks him in the gut. Dallas lands elbows to Karl's face. Dallas goes for one more but Karl gets him in a back suplex. Karl tries to make a tag, Dallas stops him but Karl fights him off to make a tag to Luke. Luke is all over Axel. They go for the Magic Killer but Axel saves Dallas. Karl fights off both guys and Dallas gets super kicked off the apron. They nail the Magic Killer on Axel for the win.

Winners: Gallows and Anderson. The Revival are interviewed as they watch backstage and say Anderson and Gallows tag wrestling is not their wrestling.

The panel talk about Ronda Rousey signing her Raw contract tonight. They show the ESPN coverage of her debut. Booker T says "Shucky Ducky Quack Quack" to that.

A promo for the Men's Elimination Chamber match is shown.

They are about to introduce the rules of the Men's chamber match until Paul Heyman shows up on the panel. Heyman says whoever wins the Men's chamber match will be face to face with Brock Lesnar tomorrow night on Raw. The Elimination Chamber is lowering down as the kickoff show ends.

Kickoff Show Ends.


Opening Promo

Women's Elimination Chamber Match for the Raw Women's Championship

Bayley and Sonya Deville start off the match. Bayley avoids Sonya but then Sonya takes Bayley down. Bayley takes her down and tries a cover but Sonya gets out. Bayley nails Sonya and hits a running bulldog on Sonya. Bayley runs Sonya's head to each corner but then Sonya counters the last one and rams her head to the turnbuckle. Bayley goes off the ropes and gets struck in the gut. Sonya throws Bayley into the chains but Bayley catches herself on the chains. Both women go back and forth on the outside and Bayley slams Sonya face first onto the padding. Bayley is in control as she bounces Sonya off the turnbuckle and lands a back suplex. Bayley lands a elbow off the top rope onto the outside on Sonya. A pod opens up and Mandy Rose enters. Bayley fights off both women and attacks both of them in the corner. Mandy gets a shot in on Bayley and Sonya spears her on the outside. Both Mandy and Sonya ram Bayley back first into the chains. Sonya and Mandy cover but Bayley kicks out. Sonya and Mandy continue the beat down. Bayley tries to fight off both of them but Mandy lands a knee off the middle rope on Bayley. Both of them trap Bayley on the chains and beat her down. The clock counts down for a pod to open. Sasha Banks comes out and viciously attacks Sonya and Rose. Banks sends Mandy to the pod. Sonya fights back and sends Banks back first into the chains. Sasha fights back, brings her back in the ring for a double knee strike. Sasha takes out both of them sending Rose face first to the post with her legs and takes out Sonya with double knees to the gut. Sonya gets the upper hand and starts kicking Banks. Bayley sends Sonya back first to the post. Both Bayley and Banks send Sonya to the chains over and over and hip toss her into them as well. Rose comes back and attacks both Banks and Bayley. Rose plants Banks face first to the mat. Banks counters Rose and gets the Bank Statement on Rose to make her tap out.

Mandy Rose is eliminated.

The clock counts down and Mickie James enters. Mickie takes out both Bayley and Banks with a double clothesline. James nails Bayley with a neck breaker. Sonya attacks James but Mickie sends her face first to the chains. Sonya rams her back first to the chains over and over. James lands a head scissors on Sonya. Bayley and James fight as they both climb the chamber. James knocks Bayley off the chamber and James is on the top of the pod. James jumps off and lands on Sonya. James covers and eliminates Sonya.

Sonya is eliminated.

James and Bayley fight and Bayley nails the Bayley to Belly on James to eliminate her.

Mickie James is eliminated.

Both Banks and Bayley wait for Alexa to enter. The clock runs out and Alexa tries to run. Bliss climbs the chamber and the two women go after Bliss. Bayley and Banks trap Bliss as she comes down and Bliss goes back up and on top of the pod. Both Bayley and Banks attack Bliss on top of the pod. Banks helps Bayley but then kicks her off the pod. Banks goes for Bliss but Bayley attacks Banks. Bliss nails Bayley with an elbow. Bliss covers but Bayley kicks out. Bliss goes in on the attack on Bayley. Bayley catches Bliss with a back suplex. Bayley rams her shoulders into Bliss. Banks out of no where attacks Bayley in the corner. Bayley hangs Banks up side down and stomps on her. Bayley goes on the top rope, Bliss meets her up there and nails a superplex on Bayley. Banks is on the top rope and nails a frog splash on Bayley. Banks covers but Bayley kicks out at 2. Banks tries the double knees, Bayley counters but she gets rammed into the turnbuckle. Banks goes on the top rope but Bayley catches her and lands the Bayley to Belly off the top. Bliss out of no where rolls up Bayley to eliminate her.

Bayley is eliminated.

Bliss attacks Banks. Bliss goes for Twisted Bliss but Banks gets her knees up nailing Bliss in the face. Banks rams her knees into Bliss with her head bouncing off the chains. Banks gets her knee caught in the chain and Bliss nails a back breaker. Bliss climbs the chamber and on top of the pod. Bliss jumps and nails Twisted Bliss off of it but Banks catches her in the Bank Statement. Bliss gets out of it back in the ring and rams Banks back first to the buckle. Banks goes to the top rope but Bliss rams her face first into the pod and lands a DDT off the top rope. Bliss covers for the 1.. 2.. 3.

Winner: And Still Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss.

Renee interviews Alexa in the ring and Alexa says this victory means everything to her as tears go down her face. Alexa says her victory was for all the little girls who dream big. Alexa then says to all the little girls that they will never accomplish their dreams. Alexa says the odds were against her and still won. She says no one believed she could win and says there is only one true goddess in WWE.

Kurt Angle enters Ronda Rousey's locker room.

Braun Strowman says all of the chamber participants are going to catch these hands. He says he will go to Wrestlemania and make Brock his little beasty pet.

Apollo and Titus O'Neil vs. The Bar - WWE Raw Tag Team Championship

The Bar attack them right away. Titus and Apollo fight back and send both of them over the top. Apollo dives onto both of them off the top rope. The bell rings. Apollo splashes onto Cesaro, covers but Sheamus breaks it up. Apollo gets Sheamus out of the ring but then Cesaro trips him over the top and Sheamus attacks Apollo on the outside. The Bar double team on Apollo. Apollo tries to fight back but Cesaro lands a upper cut. Cesaro gets a head lock on Apollo. Apollo gets out of it but Sheamus gets tagged in and The Bar land a double clothesline on Apollo. Sheamus goes to work on Apollo and works the shoulder. Apollo fights back but Sheamus gets Apollo back in their corner. Apolo fights Cesaro but Cesaro keeps him from making the tag. Apollo back drops Cesaro but Sheamus prevents him from making the tag. Sheamus works on the shoulder again of Apollo. Apollo fights back again but The Bar double team again. Cesaro has a head lock applied. Apollo fights out and sends Cesaro through the second rope. Sheamus prevents Apollo from making a tag. Apollo reaches for a tag but Sheamus knocks Titus down off the apron. Apollo fights Sheamus and sends Sheamus into the steel post. Titus gets tagged in and goes after both men. Titus throws Cesaro across the ring. Titus lands a big boot to Cesaro after nailing Sheamus off the apron. Cesaro tags in Sheamus after leap frogging over Titus. Sheamus goes off the top but gets caught with Clash Of The Titus. Titus covers but Cesaro breaks it up. Apollo gets tagged in and dives onto The Bar. Apollo lands a kick to Sheamus as Titus gets taken out on the outside with the ring post. The Bar fight back and land a double team White Noise on Apollo for the win.

Winners: And Still Raw Tag Team Champions The Bar.

A recap of last week is shown with Nia Jax attacking Asuka on Raw.

Asuka's mask is shown and a boot crushes the mask. It's Nia Jax. Nia heads to the ring for her match with Asuka.

Asuka vs. Nia Jax

Nia throws Asuka down and Asuka tries to fight her. Nia grabs her and nails a head butt. Asuka tries kicks and punches but Nia fights her off by colliding into her. Asuka trips Nia over the top rope. Asuka tries to knock her off the apron but Nia grabs her and throws her down. Nia stomps the back of Asuka's head and Asuka's face lands on the mat. Nia dominates, beating down Asuka with an elbow drop. Asuka fights back and tries to get a knee bar on Asuka but gets picked up and thrown chest first to the buckle. Nia has Asuka in a torture rack. Asuka frees herself and has a head lock but Nia lands a vertical suplex on Asuka. Asuka lands a jaw breaker on Nia. Asuka kicks Nia's chest. Asuka goes for another kick but gets caught with a samoan drop. Nia goes for a leg drop but Asuka counters and kicks Nia in the face. Asuka loads a series of kicks and lands a big one to the face. Asuka covers but gets a 2. Asuka goes to the top, Nia meets her there and goes for a samoan drop but Asuka counters. Nia fights her off and goes for a splash but Asuka moved out of the way. Nia attacks Asuka's knee. Asuka counters Nia and she goes shoulder first to the ring post. Asuka has an arm bar on Nia but Nia over powers Asuka and sends her back first to the ring post. Nia has Asuka in a powerbomb position but Asuka rolls through and gets Nia in a roll up for the 1.. 2.. 3.

Winner: Asuka. Nia attacks her from behind and throws her out of the ring. Nia sends her back first to the post. Nia collides onto Asuka sending her through the barricade. 

Renee interviews Alexa backstage who is happy about what happened. Alexa says right now no one is ready for Alexa.

Referee's help Asuka up and go backstage.

Charly interviews Roman Reigns and says he doesn't care what Paul Heyman says. He says he will win the Elimination Chamber and will beat Brock Lesnar to win the Universal title.

"Woken" Matt Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt

Matt Hardy enters the ring first. Bray Wyatt appears in the ring but Matt Hardy is gone. Matt Hardy is singing his Obsolete saying. Bray is trying to find Hardy. Hardy appears out of no where and attacks Bray. The bell rings. Matt Hardy gets in control and takes down Bray. Bray tries to collide on Bray in the corner but Matt moves and Bray looks at him up side down. Hardy applauds him and Matt gets back in control. Matt goes off the ropes and Bray collides onto him. Bray starts beating down Matt. Matt fights back but Bray lands a shot and a DDT. Bray covers but Matt kicks out. Bray has Matt in a head lock. Matt fights out but Bray knocks him with a head butt to the corner. Matt tries to fight back on the apron but Bray lands a DDT on the apron. Bray attacks Matt on the outside and is about to throw Hardy on the steps but Hardy counters. Matt charges but Bray clotheslines him. Bray brings him back in the ring, covers but gets a 2. Bray hangs Hardy on the ropes and lands a clothesline. Bray puts Matt in the corner and charges but Matt gives him a boot followed by a tornado DDT. Matt rams Bray's head to the buckle over and over. Matt lands the side effect, covers but Bray kicks out. Matt is on the middle rope and lands a elbow to the back of Bray. Matt goes for the Twist Of Fate but Bray throws him down followed by a Senton splash. Bray covers but gets a 2. Bray beats him down. Bray is on the middle rope and tries a senton off of it but Matt moves out of the way. Bray gets Matt in Sister Abigail but Matt gets out of it. Matt catches Bray and hits the Twist Of Fate for the win.

Winner: "Woken" Matt Hardy.

Ronda Rousey's promo is shown.

Kurt Angle comes out with the contract. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon make their way to the ring. The fans chant for Triple H. Triple H says they have scoured the world to look for an athlete that will take WWE to another level. Triple H says Ronda has broken every barrier for all women. He said she has earned the right to be named The Baddest Woman On The Planet. Triple H introduces Ronda Rousey. Ronda makes her way to the ring. Stephanie welcomes Ronda and gives the mic to her. Ronda says she is so privileged to be here. The fans chant for Ronda. She says she wouldn't be here if not for Rowdy Roddy Piper. She says she wants to earn everyone's respect in this ring. Triple H makes sure Ronda didn't want to be treated any differently than the others. Triple H says once she signs this contract she will be competing in a match at Wrestlemania. He says it won't be a title match. She agrees. Ronda asks Kurt if he wants to say something after catching him with a concerned look on his face. Kurt says Triple H and Stephanie want to keep her down. Triple H tells Kurt to shut up and says tonight is about Ronda Rousey. Triple H says Kurt has a relapse of the flu and helps Kurt out of the ring. Stephanie says at Wrestlemania 31 she impressed them. Stephanie encourages her to sign. Kurt says Stephanie said Ronda is a shell of herself. Ronda goes face to face with Stephanie and Triple H backs her off. Triple H gets Stephanie out of the ring. Triple H turns around and gets slammed through the table by Ronda. Stephanie comes in and slaps Ronda. Ronda looks at Stephanie and is about to attack but Stephanie gets out of the ring. Ronda signs the contract and leaves. 

The chamber lowers down for the Men's Elimination Chamber match.

Men's Elimination Chamber Match 

Elias performs inside the chamber. Elias says Vegas is use to seeing someone they love behind bars. He says he will go on to beat Brock for the title at Wrestlemania. He gets the fans to chant "Walk With Elias". He said he doesn't dedicate this song to people of sin. He says this song is dedicated to himself. He sings but the fans boo. He tells them to shut their mouths and listen. He threatens to not sing and go to his pod. The fans chant "YES". He says he's going to sing anyway and insults the competitors. Braun's music hits and he comes out. Elias quickly gets inside his pod as Braun enters. 

Everyone else makes their entrance. The match starts with Finn Balor, Seth Rollins and The Miz. Miz asks Seth to double team Balor. Seth declines. Miz asks Finn to double team Seth and puts up the 2 sweet. Finn declines. Finn and Seth agree to double team Miz and they attack him. Miz goes on the outside, Seth rolls him up for a 2. Both Seth and Finn go back and forth. Finn takes a shot at Miz who is outside. Seth goes off the ropes and punches Miz who is outside. Finn lands a drop kick to Seth. Miz lands a sunset flip on Finn but Finn rolls out and drop kicks Miz. Finn dodges Miz and attacks Rollins in the corner. Miz charges but misses Finn. Seth and Finn go back and forth. Each men tries to get a roll up. Seth lands a back breaker on Finn. Seth spring boards on Miz with a clothesline. Seth suplexes Miz and hits the Falcon Arrow but gets a 2. Seth fights off Miz and Finn and hits a double block buster. He covers both guys but they kick out. The clock counts down. Cena comes out of the pod. Cena and Rollins are face to face. Seth pushes Cena. Cena trash talks and Seth pushes him again. Cena shoulder tackles him. Seth counters a slam but Cena gets him in it. Seth counters the Five Knuckle but Seth gets slammed down again. Cena slams Miz down and lands a Double Five Knuckle. Finn attacks Cena. Finn tries the kick in the corner but gets kicked in the face by Seth. Seth attacks Finn but Cena gets both guys up on his shoulders. They both get out and Seth kicks Cena down. Miz hits a back breaker followed by a neck breaker for a 2. Miz throws Finn on the outside. Seth drives Miz into the chains onto the other side. Finn and Cena go at it. Cena and Finn are on the top rope and Seth and Miz are on top of the other corner. Cena lands a superplex on Finn and Seth lands one on Miz. The clock counts down. Roman comes out of the pod. Roman clocks everyone in the face. Seth and Roman go eye to eye. Miz pushes Reigns into Seth and boots him in the face. Miz lands a DDT on Seth for a 2 count. Miz points to each guy and asks who to kick. Miz kicks all the guys in the chest and starts kicking more on Roman. Roman clotheslines Miz and takes him down again. Finn attacks Roman and tosses Seth out. Roman drops Finn but gets a 2 count. Roman clotheslines Finn in the corner. Roman goes for a boot but Finn counters. Roman catches Finn in a powerbomb. Roman hits a samoan drop on Cena but gets a 2. Roman lands a powerbomb to Miz but Miz kicks out at 2. The clock counts down. Braun enters the chamber. Braun sends Seth into the chains. Braun takes out ROman and goes after everyone else. Miz backs away. Cena and Seth try to double team. They try a double suplex but Braun suplexes both men. Braun catches Finn and throws him onto Roman. Miz climbs the chamber and Braun goes after him. Braun grabs Miz, both men on top of the pod. Braun smashes Miz on the glass on the top and throws Miz off the pod and onto everyone. Braun looks at Elias. Braun stomps on Miz and pounds on his chest. Braun gets a shot on Roman's chest. Braun looks at Elias. Seth tries to attack Braun but Braun takes a shot to his chest. Braun throws Seth out of the ring. Braun has Miz and hits the power slam to eliminate him.

Miz is eliminated.

The clock counts down. Elias closes the pod door. Everyone gets back up and attack Braun. They pummel Braun down. Roman directs traffic and they lift up Braun for Roman to powerbomb him. They all cover but Braun kicks out. Cena hits the AA on Braun but kicks out at 1. Roman hits the spear but Braun kicks out at 2. Seth hits the curb stomp but Braun rolls out of the ring. Finn hits the Coup De Grace on the outside. Everyone knocks each other out. Elias tries to pin all of them but they all kick out. Elias attacks Finn then attacks Roman in the corner. Elias knees Seth then Cena. Elias knocks down Seth with a move off the top but Seth kicks out. Elias gets Seth in a electric chair but Seth gets out. Roman fights him but Elias lifts him on his shoulders and gets him in a powerbomb. Roman kicks out at 2. Braun gets sent shoulder first to the post. Elias tries to get Braun up but Braun gets him in the power slam to eliminate him.

Elias is eliminated.

Braun has Roman. Braun has him for the power slam but Seth flies and lands a knee on Braun. Braun is down to a knee. Cena dives off the top and onto Braun but gets caught into a power slam to eliminate him.

Cena is eliminated.

Braun takes out Seth and Roman. Finn tries to fight Braun but Braun throws him to the corner. Balor fights and kicks him on the apron. Finn gets caught and is about to be power slammed but Finn sends him to the buckle. Finn hits the Coup De Grace to the back of the head but Braun kicks out. Finn fights off Seth and Roman. Finn hits the Sling Blade on Roman and the Coup De Grace on Roman. Braun catches Finn and hits the power slam to eliminate him.

Finn is eliminated.

Seth and Roman attack Braun. Braun lands on the outside and they continue to attack Braun. They both send Braun face first to the chains. Seth sends Roman to the chains. Seth attacks Roman and kicks Roman in the gut as Roman goes for a Superman Punch. Seth buckle bombs him but Roman bounces back and Superman Punches him. Braun has Seth but Seth gets out and climbs the chamber. Braun goes after him but Seth kicks him away. Roman has Braun on his shoulders for a samoan drop outside. Braun rolls into the ring. Seth is on the top of the pod and frog splashes on him off of it. Seth covers but Braun kicks out at 2. Braun fights both of them and Braun drop kicks Roman out of the ring. Seth kicks Braun in the head and the knee. Seth goes for the Curb Stomp but Braun catches him in the power slam to eliminate Seth.

Seth Rollins is eliminated.

Braun dares Roman to come in. Roman comes in and nails a right hand. Braun fights back and gets Roman outside. Braun tries the power slam but Roman gets out. Roman lands in the ring and dives onto Braun outside. Braun charges at Roman but Braun runs into the pod. Roman hits the Superman Punch in the ring. Roman charges at Braun but Braun has him in the power slam. Roman gets out and nails a Superman Punch again and again. Roman spears Braun. Braun gets back up and Roman hits another spear to get the 1.. 2.. 3.

Winner: And #1 contender for the Universal Title at Wrestlemania 34 Roman Reigns.

Braun attacks Roman with a power slam. Braun picks Roman up and slams him again. Braun brings Roman to the outside and throws him into the pod.

End Of The Show.



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