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WWE Mixed Match Challenge Live Coverage and Results (1/30)

Posted By: Michael Pappas on Jan 30, 2018

WWE Mixed Match Challenge Live Coverage and Results (1/30)

Be sure to check out our live coverage of the Mixed Match Challenge right after Smackdown Live.

Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss vs. Sami Zayn and Becky Lynch

Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Beth Phoenix welcome everyone. Alexa and Becky start off. Becky gets Alexa in a waist lock. Alexa gets out and puts her in a headlock. Becky gives a head lock of her own. They re group and Alexa go back and forth. Alexa kicks out of numerous pins by Becky. Becky spins Alexa around in a leg scissors. Both women are dizzy and Becky knocks her down. Becky gives Alexa arm drags and dominates until Alexa sends her into the middle turnbuckle. Alexa makes the tag to Braun. Sami comes in as well. Sami goes outside of the ring and taunts him. Braun chases Sami. Sami kicks Braun but doesn't affect him. Sami tags in Becky but Alexa tags Braun back in and Braun tosses Sami around. Sami tags Becky bringing Alexa in. Alexa gains the upper hand by bringing Becky's head into the mat. Alexa puts her in a head lock. Alexa continues to dominate on Becky. After beating her down, Alexa puts her back into a head lock. Becky fights out of it and hits a Enziguri. Alexa makes the tag to Strowman and grabs Sami and tosses him into the ring. Braun continues to dominate Sami even after Sami sends Braun over the top. Alexa sends Becky into the post. Braun tosses Sami over the barricade. Braun tags in Alexa and hits the Twisted Bliss on Becky for the win.

Winners: Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss.

 They announce next week will be Goldust and Mandy Rose vs. Naomi and Jimmy Uso.

Renee interviews Alexa and Braun. They say they work well together. Braun says she is cute and Alexa says he's cute too. She says they are going all the way. Fans are chanting "Yes". She says all the way to victory. Braun gives his roar.

End Of Show.

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