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WWE Royal Rumble 2018 Results (1/28), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Posted By: Elio C. Jr. on Jan 28, 2018

WWE Royal Rumble 2018 Results (1/28), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Welcome to the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and we are set for Royal Rumble 2018 and kick things off with Championship action as AJ Styles defends his championship against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in a 2 on 1 handicap match


Irish whip by Styles but Owens holds onto the ropes. Zayn back in and he locks up with AJ. Owens back in gets taken down with a flying headscissors and Sami is back in. Side headlock on Styles. Irish whip and leap frog by Styles and Zayn gets caught with a dropkick

Styles with chops to Zayn. Zayn reverses an irish whip and delivers a back body drop. Owens back in sends AJ across the ring. Stomp on Styles. Styles is sent crashing into the barricades. Styles back in the ring fighting off both Owens and Zayn. Styles gets whipped into the corner and OWens runs into a pair of boots. Owens plants Styles face first with a wheelbarrow for the nearfall

Styles tries to fight back but OWens in control and he misses with the cannonball. Owens tags Zayn and goes to the top rope pulling Styles up with him. Styles fires back with right hands. Headbutt by Styles and a hurricanrana off the top rope by Styles. Owens in misses with a right hand and AJ connects with a pele kick. Helluva Kick blocked and Styls with a moonsault turning it into an inverted DDT.

Zayn runs into an elbow. Monkeyflip out of the corner by Owens and Styles locks the calf crusher in. Zayn back in for the save. AJ unloads with punches and kicks sending Zayn to the outside. Roll up by Owens for 2 count and Owens is sent shoulder first into the ring post.

Blue Thunder Bomb blocked. Elbow by Styles. Owens with a cheap shot from the apron and Zayn hits the Blue Thunder Bomb. Zayn with a slap to Styles. Sami looking for a superplex but AJ sidesteps. Phenomenal Forearm from the apron by Styles and Owens breaks up

Sami and Zayn continue to double team Styles. Styles fights back with right hands and Styles preventing the tag and he disposes Zayn over the top rope. Pop up powerbomb countered as Styles rolls Owens up for the three count

The winner of the match: AJ Styles


Usos started out in control so the challengers took a powder to the floor to regroup. Chad made a blind tag to Shelton. Chad takes Jey's leg out to give American Alpha 2.0 the advantage. Chad came in and he worked over the leg as well. Chad joins Shelton in working on the leg

Benjamin and Gable knocked the other Jimmy off of the apron and Shelton mugged for the crowd, getting boos. Jimmy came back with an enziguiri and tagged in Jey. Jey threw both challengers to the floor, one on each side. He did big splashes on both guys. He went up top and get a two with a splash. After a backsplash to the face of Gable he went for a splash but Chad moved. Chad did a Tiger Suplex for a two.

Benjamin got a two with Paydirt. Chad didn't know which Uso was legal which allowed the other get a two after a big splash from the top. The Usos then finally got the first fall with Womb To The Tomb. Shelton immediately came in and attacked. Jey is alone in the ring and Shelton goes for a slam but Jey rolls him up for the three count

The winners of the match: The Usos

30 Man Royal Rumble

The first entrant makes his way out and it is one half of Rusev Day accompanied by Aiden English, Alexander Rusev and now the entrant who drew number 2, The leader of the Balor Club, Finn Balor

Balor and Rusev trading punches and Balor catches Rusev with a dropkick and the clock counts down to number 3 and it is the Man-Beast Rhyno who goes after Balor. Clothesline by Rhyno and Rhyno looking for the elimination but Rusev goes after Rhyno and they trade punches. Shoulder tackle in the corner by Rhyno and a belly to belly suplex to Rusev. Belly to belly suplex to Balor and a clothesline

Number 4 on his way out and it is the Lone Wolf Baron Corbin. Rusev whips him into the corner and Corbin slides under the bottom rope returning with a clothesline to Rusev. Deep Six to Rhyno. and Rhyno is the first elimination. Balor eliminates Corbin and Corbin pulls him out of the ring and delivers an End Of Days on the floor

Entry number 5 and it's the other half of Beauty and the Man Beast as Heath Slater makes his way out and Corbin attacks Slater. Entry number 6 and Elias makes his way out playing his guitar while kicking at Slater. Elias steps into the ring and says the clock will not start until he gives the performance of the year. Entry number 7 and it is NXT Champion Andrade 'Cien' Almas accompanied by Zelina Vega and he goes after Elias. Irish whip by Elias and Almas hits a back elbow and the running knee in the corner. DDT countered by Elias and Elias hits a clothesline.

Entry number 8 and it is Bray Wyatt and Wyatt goes after Almas and Elias. Slater is thrown into the barricade. Wyatt keeping Rusev on the outside and number 9 is on his way out and its New Day member Big E

Big E feeds Slater a banana. Belly to belly to Wyatt and Rusev and Elias double team Wyatt. Tye Dillinger is entry number 10 but doesnt make it to the ring as the camera switches to the backstage area where Owens and Zayn attack Dillinger

Sami Zayn comes out to the ring and inserts him in the number 10 spot going after Balor. Number 11 brings out Sheamus and Slater clotheslines him over the top rope before he can even step into the ring

Wyatt with a Sister Abigail to Slater and Slater is eliminated. Number 12 brings out Xavier Woods who goes after Wyatt. He then turns his attention to Elias. Apollo is out at number 13 Rusev tries to eliminate Crews. Balor counters the Sister Abigail and hits the Coup De Grace and 14 brings out Shinsuke Nakamura

Kneedrop on Bray and now Shinsuke turns his attention to Elias and Zayn is eliminated by Nakamura. Cesaro is out at 15 and he goes after Crews and Balor. Almas saves Balor from elimination. Number 16 brings out Kofi Kingston. Cesaro delivers an uppercut eliminating Crews

Number 17 brings out Jinder Mahal. Big E is eliminated by Jinder Mahal and number 18 is out next as Seth Rollins makes his entrance. Slingblade to Wyatt and Cesaro trying to eliminate Cesaro but it's Cesaro who is sent over the ropes. Woods saves Kingston from elimination. Kingston eliminates Mahal.

Number 19 brings out Matt Hardy and he goes after Almas and then stands face to face with Bray but Rusev attacks from behind. Rusev is eliminated

Matt and Bray trade punches and eliminate each other. Number 20 brings out John Cena and he takes a look around the ring as everyone gangs up on him.

Stand back because entry 21 brings out The Hurricane. Slap to Cena and Cena eliminates Hurricane. 22 brings out Aiden English. English stomps away at Balor. Out at 23 is Adam Cole and he goes after English and Balor. Orton immediately goes after Cole and delivers a powerslam

RKO to Almas and Orton sends Almas over the ropes. Titus in at 25 goes after Cena. Miz goes after Rollins deliering a neckbreaker and planting Cena face first. SCF to Cena aand number 27 brings out a surprise entry in Rey Mysterio. Cole has Mysterio on his shoulders and Mysterio holds on eliminating Cole and Miz

28 brings out Roman Reigns and we have two more entries to go. Starediwn between Reigns and Miz and Reigns delivers a clothesline. O\Neil is eliminated and The Miztourage save Miz but get double punched. Reigns with a powerbomb to the Miz over the ropes and Reigns eliminates Rollins

Goldust at 29 goes after Orton. Final entry at 30 is Dolph Ziggler. Cena goes to deliver the AA to Ziggler but Ziggler gets out of it and eliminates Goldust

Roman, Finn and Nakamura faced off with Orton, Cena and Rey. Old vs. young. Randy RKOs Nakamura. Old guys are standing tall. Randy went for the RKO on Cena but Cena blocked it.

Roman eliminates Orton and Finn elimiates Mysterio. It's down to Finn, Cena, Roman and Nakamura.

Roman faces off with Finn, taking him down. Cena does the same to Nakamura. Cena vs. Roman. They face off. Two hated men. The fans chant YOU BOTH SUCK. Just then Balor and Nakamura come in and attack them.

Now, they are facing off. Now, they are fighting. Then Cena and Roman came back and faced off. The fans chanted You Both Suck.
Cena was about to Five Knuckle Roman when Finn came in and took him out, then he took out Roman. Finn was working on Nakamura when Cena came in and tossed Balor to the floor. Cena eliminates Balor.

Roman and Cena went to work on Shinsuke, together. Then, they faced off with each other. Cena points at the sign and hits five knuckle. Roman comes back and hits a Superman. He kicked Shinsuke out of the way so that he could do the Spear.But he ran into the FU. Nakamura tried to attack but John blocked him. They fought on the apron andNakamura eliminates Cena.

It's down to Reigns and Nakamura. Nakamura says bring it. They throw big blows to the face. Nakamura runs into a Superman punch. Roman tosses him but Nakamura doesn't hit the floor. Roman comes over mad but eats a kick. Nakamura grabs the arm and locks on a Triangle submission. Roman powers out, but damage has been done.

Roman charges but runs into a kick. Then another one. Roman runs into a big knee. Shinsuke runs in to finish but eats a Spear. Shinsuke off the ropes with a knee to face and Nakamura eliminates Reigns to win the rumble

The winner of the match: Shinsuke Nakamura

Post Match: Shinsuke is asked which championship he will challenge for and Shinsuke says AJ Styles


Rollins and Cesaro spent a lot of time in the Rumble so of course they started out! Seth was in control so Sheamus tagged in. Seth got in trouble and again got in the way when Seth wanted to tag and now the challengers are beating down Seth. Cesaro then drove Jordan face first into the ring post. Seth took out the challengers with a tope, but when he went to check on Jordan, they attacked Seth. It's 2 on 1 as Jordan is selling the post shot on the floor and is being attended to by medics.

The story was that Seth kept fighting back but it's hard when it's 2 on 1. He kept fighting out of near falls while Jordan laid outside on the floor. They went to destroy him with a double clothesline from the top but he got out and then Sheamus speared the post. Now it's even, the two guys that worked a lot in the Rumble are facing off. Seth had the upper hand when Sheamus came back in and made the tag. They are working hard but after the Rumble, the crowd is quiet. We are two and a half hours into the main show. It's a lot.

They worked over Seth but he somehow came back and hit a Frog Splash on both men. Seth craweled to the corner and Jordan came up on the apron and tagged his back. Jordan walked in and was selling his head, so he tagged right back to Seth, who had been getting destroyed. Seth went back in and fought. Sheamus nailed a nasty Brougue. Cesaro went up they did the double clothesline, dropping Seth to the mat and getting the pin.

The winners of the match and new Raw Tag Team Champions: The Bar


Lesnar went after Kane at first but that Braun attacked. Kane got a chokeslam. This is bedlam! They are really pounding each other. Braun hit Brock with a NASTY knee. Brock seemed to give a receipt with a punch to the head. Brock went to use a chair and Braun punched it. Stiff. Down on the floor Braun threw Brock into the barricade. Then he used the steps on Kane. Then he went under the ring and got a table

He set it up in the corner but before he could use it Kane broke it up, so Braun got a two count on him after a chokeslam. Brock hit three Germans but Braun got right up and did a power slam on Brock through the table. Kane broke up the pin.

Kane kind of pushed Braun through a table in the corner. He did a chokeslam but Brock broke it up at two. Brock did an F5 on Lesnar but Braun broke it up by doing a low German on Brock and threw him out of the ring, to the floor. STRONG. Braun then tossed Brock into the barricade again. Braun eyed up the German announce table and went to work on it. He dragged Brock over but the champ did an F5 on Braun, through the table! I could watch Brock and Braun all day. Brock then pushed the American announce table onto Braun

Kane got up and went for the chokeslam but Brock did an F5 on another announce table, and it didn't break.

Braun got up and they faced off. Brock went down. Braun threw him in the ring. Brock is staggering. The ring is plunder. Braun hit the big powerslam but got right up and did it again. Before he could hit a third, Kane we to work on Braun with a chair. Kane went for a powerslam on the chair but Brock powered out. He threw Kane into Braun, who was on the apron. He knocked Braun off, and it allowed him to F5 Kane for the pin. Braun got up and screamed that Brock didn't beat him,

The winner of the match: Brock Lesnar


Jojo announced the Women’s Royal Rumble. She brought out Maria Menounos to bring out Stephanie McMahon, who will be commentating. The fans in Philly booed but you know what, Michael Cole is right. A lot of the Women’s movement is due to her. She deserves respect. Maria then announced Alexa Bliss and Charlotte, who came out to watch. Steph sounded legit choked up when she said she was just happy to be there for this. Good for her. I am also happy Maria is there after her medical issues. The stage is yours ladies, take it home.

Maria announced the first two women.

Number 1: Sasha Banks. Cole said that it’s apropos since Steph brought Sasha up to start the Women’s Revolution.

Number 2: Becky Lynch.

I called those two at the top of the match. They earned the spot. They started the Revolution. I am psyched for this. Here we go. You can hear the pride in Steph's voice. It's legit.

With Mike at the show I am doing more play by play than commentary. I will do a hotline tomorrow with more thoughts. Suffice to say, this is really cool. History is being made.

Number 3: Sarah Logan.

Number 4: Mandy Rose.

Number 5: Lita! She was working us this this week. Good one WWE!

She came in and Sash and Becky went right after her, but she came back on them. Well, until Mandy Rose attacked her. Wow, as they were talking about women that couldn't be here (written on Lita's arm) Steph mentioned Chyna. Damn!

Lita eliminates Mandy Rose.

Number 6: Kairi Sane. Stu Carapola is happy.

Saine came in and laid everyone out. She did her crazy flying elbow to Lita. Then went up to the top and took out Logan. Then did a flying neckbreaker to Sasha. She went up followed with her Savage elbow on Sasha. Then she did one to Becky as

Number 7: Tamina Snuka

Came out. Tamina went to work on everyone but Lita hit her with the DDT. Then she did the Twist of Fate on Sasha, then Becky. Lita went up top, at the crowd's request, moonsault on Becky and Sasha! The crowd chanted You Still got it. Tamina charged and

Lita eliminated Tamina.


Becky eliminated Lita.

Number 8: Dana Brooke.

Brooke eliminated Saine.

Number 9: Torrie Wilson. She is a fitness instructor and it shows.

The crowd is chanting her name. I am glad Jerry Lawler is not commentating, for canine reasons.

Wilson eliminates Brooke.

Number 10: Sonya Deville.

Two Absolution members are in.

Deville eliminates Torrie.

Number 11: Liv Morgan.

Two Riott Squaders are in.

Number 12: Molly Holly! Big pop!

Molly eliminates Logan.

Molly still has it. Damn.

Number 13: Lana.

Big pop for Lana! The fans are chanting Rusev Day. Liv and Sonya attacked her. They aren't fans of Rusev Day. But, the fans are as they keep attacking her. But Lana fires back with a big slap and a spear to Liv.

Number 14: Michelle McTaker, er McCool.

The fans are chanting Undertaker as his wife cleans house.

McCool eliminates DeVille.

McCool eliminates Morgan.

McCool eliminates Holly.

Wow, she married well.

McCool eliminates Lana right after I wrote that.

Number 15: Ruby Riott.

Number 16: Vickie Guerrero. I am not kidding.

Big pop for Vickie, who is screeching her way to the ring with EXCUSE ME. She got to the ring and kept saying it. She told the women that when she speaks they will listen. She then realized they were all coming after her so tried to run.

Sasha, Becky, Michelle and Ruby eliminated Vickie.

Number 17: Carmella.

They remembered she has MITB on commentary. She did too since she brought it with her. She got in Vickie's case and she took the briefcase and beat Carmella with it. She is down outside the ring.

Number 18: Natalya.

Carmellla went right after Natalya when she came in.

Number 19: Kelly Kelly.

She went after McCool.

McCool eliminated by Natalya.

Number 20: Naomi.

Riott eliminates Becky.

Crowd boos.

Number 21: Jacqueline!

Jackie came in and cleaned house. She's tough, always has been.

Number 22: Nia Jax.

Time for some ring cleaning?

Nia tosses Jackie.

Nia tosses Kelly.

Nia tosses Ruby.

Nia tosses Naomi, onto all of the women on the floor. She isn't out since she made it to the barricade.

Number 23: Ember Moon!

Stu Carapola couldn't be happier, his favorite is here. Fans are popping. Her arm is useless from last night. She is the only one in the ring with Nia. It won't end well. Naomi is walking the barricade. She made Maria leave her chair. She is walking on her hands with her feet on the chair. She made the steps. She jumped on Nia and Nia caught her and tossed her to the floor. Perfect. You can reward the Kofi move.

Number 24: Beth Phoenix.

Nia is the only one in the ring, and they are facing off. The fans are chanting it's awesome. It's cool as hell. Beth went for the Fireman's Carry but she ain't THAT strong! She dropped her. Then, she showed she was. She went to eliminate Nia but she grabbed the ropes. Natty came in to help her best friend and they knocked Nia through the second rope. Natty and Beth hugged. Beth cried. And then

Natty eliminated Beth.

Number 25: Asuka.

Asuka cleaned house and then faced off with Ember Moon, and you know that story. Asuka laughed at Asuka's arm. Ember hit a one armed eclipse. And then.

Asuka eliminated Ember Moon.

Number 26: Mickie James.

Number 27: Nikki Bella.

Bella eliminates Carmella

Number 28: Brie Bella.

Number 29: Bayley.

Number 30: Trish Stratus!

It came down to Asuka and both Bellas. Nikki turned on her sister. Asuka beat Nikki. Then, after Charlotte and Alexa came to the ring to see who got chosen, Ronda Rousey came out and pointed to the Mania sign. She tried to shake Asuka's hand, but Asuka slapped it away. She went to ringside and shook Steph's hand. Steph was wary. Ronda left, to a big pop.

The winner of the match: Asuka

Post-Match: Ronda Rousey Appears At WWE Royal Rumble, Has Signed A Full-Time Contract With The Company


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