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WWE Smackdown Live Results and Coverage (1/16)

Posted By: Elio C. Jr. on Jan 16, 2018

WWE Smackdown Live Results and Coverage (1/16)

Welcome to WWE Smackdown Live and this week Smackdown is coming to us from Laredo, Texas and we kick things off with one of two United States Championship Tournament Matches 


Mahal with a kick to the face and unloads with punches on Woods. Snapmare to Xavier and Mahal with a knee to the back and another kneedrop. Woods runs into a back elbow. Mahal with a chinlock on Woods. Woods tries to fight back but runs into another elbow. Another shot to the chest by Mahal as we go to break


Back from break, Mahal still in control. Mahal back to the chinlock keeping Woods grounded. Woods getting to his feet trying to create separation and Woods is laid out across the top rope and Mahal with a knee to the side of the face. Woods on the outside as the referee counts but Xavier beats the count rolling back in at 9 and Xavier fighting back.

Hard irish whip by Mahal. Jinder runs into a boot and goes for the Honor Roll but Mahal with a knee and we switch to split screen as Raw goes to break


Irish whip by Woods reversed by Mahal. Jinder with a clothesline and now a series of punches. Mahal works over the arm as The Singh Brothers look on from ringside. Xavier back to his feet delivers a hip toss. Mahal with a jawbreaker in control once moreunloading with punches.

Chinlock applied by Mahal and Woods trying to fight back but Mahal overpowers him. Woods gets to his feet. Mahal hooks him and places him on the stop turnbuckle. Woods fighting back with punches and headbutts as Mahal crashes to the mat. Woods off the top rope with a missile dropkick. Woods turns the tables as he has Mahal staggering. DDT countered by Woods who connects with the enziguri. Shining Wizard by Woods and New Day chase The Singh Brothers from ringside.

Back in the ring, belly to back suplex by Woods. Xavier goes to the top rope. Elbow drop misses its mark and Mahal sends Woods throat first into the bottom rope. Mahal picks Woods up and delivers the Koloss for the three count

The winner of the match: Jinder Mahal


Backstage: AJ Styles says at Royal Rumble it's 3 vs 1 because he counts Kevin Owens as 2 people and says he and Zayn are one and the same and from now on he will refer to them as Kami and will do everything in his power to make sure this made up yep movement comes to an end. This ain't the Kami Show this is Smackdown Live. The House That AJ Styles Built



Rawley overpowers Roode. Roode pops back up to his feet. Side headlock by Roode and a waistlock takedown to Rawley. Roode back to the side headlock and Rawley powers Roode into the corner. Roode unloads with chops and Mojo shoves Roode but Roode back in control with a chinlock keeping Rawley down.

Front facelock back to the side headlock and Rawley gets to his feet. Back to the waistlock and Rawley catches Roode with an elbow and a tackle sends Roode crashing to the mat. Headbutt by Rawley and Roode fights back. Kneelift by Rawley and he sends Roode head first into the turnbuckle. Roode falls to the outside, Rawley slides out of the ring and tackles Roode sending him into the barricades


Back from break, Roode misses with an elbow. Big boot by Rawley. Snapmare by Rawley. Knee strike by Rawley and Mojo whips Roode into the corner and the three point stance shoulderblock into the gut. Second time, Rawley hits the ring post shoulder first as Roode moves out of the way.

Roode unloads with punches. Irish whip by Rawley and Roode ducks a clothesline and hits one of his own. Running clothesline into the corner and a neckbreaker to Rawley. Roode on the second rope and a blockbuster to Rawley. Glorious DDT countered as Rawley drops Roode face first to the mat. Mojo runs into a pair of boots and a spinebuster by Roode. Glorious DDT and the cover for the three count

The winner of the match: Bobby Roode

Post Match: The Singh Brothers attack Roode. Jinder walks out and says next week he puts an end to Roode's "glorious charade" on his way to becoming the next United States Champion. Roode says they don't have to wait until next week. He wants the match tonight but Jinder says no the match will take place on his time and wants Roode to take a week to think. Daniel Bryan walks out and says the US Championship match will take place tonight



Charlotte and Liv start things off and lock up with Charlotte sending Liv to the mat. Charlotte blocks a kick and sends Liv face first into the mat. Charlotte with a waist lock take down for a near fall. Charlotte with a front face lock and take down for a near fall. Liv with a kick and forearm but Charlotte with chops and a German suplex. Ruby tags in and Charlotte with a leg sweep and a cover. Charlotte with a kick to the head and a snap mare into a figure four head scissors. Charlotte rolls Ruby around the ring while holding on to the head scissors. Charlotte with a front face lock and Becky tags in.

Charlotte with a chop and Becky with a European uppercut. Charlotte with another chop and Becky with a flying forearm. Naomi with a sliding clothesline and Becky tags in and takes Ruby down from the apron.

Ruby with punches to Becky but Becky sends Ruby back into the ring. Becky with a waist lock and Ruby with an elbow. Becky sends Ruby to the floor. Sarah is Irish whipped into the corner and she sends Becky to the apron. Becky knocks Liv off the apron. Sarah with kicks to Becky followed by a running knee to the head and she gets a near fall. Ruby tags in and Sarah picks up Ruby and drops her onto Becky. Ruby gets a near fall. Ruby with a reverse chin lock.

Ruby send Becky to the mat and tags in Liv. Liv goes to the turnbuckles and Ruby sends Becky into the knees. Liv gets a near fall. Liv gets down on her knees and taunts Becky. Liv grabs Becky by the hair to keep her from making the tag. Sarah tags in and she kicks Becky and applies a half Japanese Stranglehold into a Cobra Clutch. Sarah with a running shoulder tackle. Becky sends Sarah over the top rope to the floor but Sarah knocks Charlotte off the apron and then keeps Becky from making the tag.

Becky with a clothesline and she tags in Naomi. Liv tags in and Naomi with a flying forearm and a springboard round kick. Naomi with speedball kicks and a drop kick. Naomi is sent to the apron and she connects with a round kick. Naomi with a springboard cross body for a near fall. Charlotte spears Sarah and they go to the floor. Liv goes for an O'Connor Roll but Naomi holds on to the ropes. Ruby with a round kick and Liv with a Codebreaker for the three count.

The winners of the match: The Riott Squad

Backstage: The Usos are in the interview area and they are asked about their match at Royal Rumble. Jimmy asks how do Shelton and Chad become a tag team in the first place since Chad is playing rebound after Jason Jordan went to Raw and became champion. Jimmy says that Shelton and Chad cannot tell them apart but at the Royal Rumble they will find out.

Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin attack Jimmy and Jey from behind. Chad says they know who they are. Former Champions.



Mahal and Roode lock up and Jinder powers Roode into the corner. Roode with a right hand and chops to Mahal. Mahal with a kick of his own and Jinder puts the boots to Roode. Roode blocks a head smash to the turnbuckle and delivers one of his own to Mahal. Punches in the corner by Roode as the crowd counts along.

Irish whip by Roode and Mahal with a kick to the face. Roode pulls the top rope down sending Mahal spilling to the outside. Roode goes to the outside but Mahal drives Roode into the apron then sends him crashing into the ring steps. Mahal hooks Roode up and lays him out over the barricade as we go to


Back from break and Mahal is in control. Mahal off the ropes sends Roode crashing from the apron into the barricade and Mahal stomps on Roode. Roode is rolled back into the ring and Mahal applies an abdominal stretch. Roode fights back, Roode off the ropes and Mahal with a kneelift. Series of kneedrops on Mahal

Roode fires off with a series of punches but Mahal hits a knee to Roode. Surfboard applied by Mahal. Roode breaks the hold and gets the knee up. Running clothesline into Mahal and a pair of boots connects with Mahal. Blockbuster by Roode for a nearfall. Glorious DDT countered and a nearfall and mid-ring collision as both Mahal and Roode connect with clotheslines. Spinebuster by Roode

Mahal goes for the Koloss but Roode counters and hits the Glorious DDT for the three count

The winner of the match and new United States Champion: Bobby Roode



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